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  1. Don Savage’s son is straight. He’s gay. Using the arguments from Perkins,
    you can either conclude that Don Savage’s parenting was just better, so
    this would contradict his idea that heterosexual parents are better, sexual
    preference has nothing to do with morality, or you could say that parenting
    has nothing to do with the environment or at the very least the parenting. 

  2. 12:03, these are stupid stats. There’s nothing to conclude by them.
    Heterosexuals don’t have a signature style to parenting nor to homosexuals.

  3. Being gay is a choice a temptation and you can choose the temptation or
    choose Gods way.

  4. The truth is that LBGT & gay marriage are wrong. God is the authority. Such
    has been previously acknowledged, by law, that we are a nation which
    “Trusts In God”. A just & pure God cannot and will not let “wrong
    (homosexuality)” go on forever, especially when a nation condones wrong.
    Make your own choices, but also know that God is not mocked. Please read it
    for yourself. Follow what is truly right, & don’t be deceived into
    believing what is wrong, Romans 1:26-27; 1 COR 6:9-11; Leviticus 18:22.

  5. Perkins believes sexual orientation is taught? Geneticists, including Dr.
    Dean Hamer, have stated otherwise. This is another example of why
    organized religion is so dangerous.

  6. There are no orphans in the US because people go abroad to adopt??? Perkins
    is an idiot.

  7. So much for secularism…. We are still having a figure we have never seen,
    heard form, or have communicated with telling us what our laws should be
    like. Pathetic…. If religion wants there marriage exclusive to a man and
    woman offer NO financial benefits. I don’t care what your crazy religion
    enforces, but don’t enforce it on other people. Let’s make the bible,
    whether you like it or not, irrelevant when it comes to law. 

  8. For anyone who is trying to figure out what is going on, psychologically,
    inside the heads of conservative Christians in regard to gay people, we
    have to keep in mind that we’re not dealing with autonomous human beings
    who have the freedom to form their own opinions. For all intents and
    purposes, conservative Christians are lockstep, robotic representatives of
    their belief system. So if the belief system tells them to think and feel
    “A,” they think and feel “A,” and then “B,” and so on. Conservative
    Christians choose to subjugate their autonomy to their belief system, so
    they are simply not free to decide what to think about many issues.

    I don’t feel the same way about progressive Christians, by the way. I may
    not adhere to all of their beliefs, but they usually have the normal human
    discernment and empathetic qualities that are missing in many
    fundamentalists about things that fall outside of their often primitive
    beliefs. (I feel the worst for all the kids who have the more primitive
    versions of Christianity pounded into their heads before they are old
    enough to psychologically defend themselves.)

    I look at this conservative Christian “group think” as a kind of
    belief-induced, ongoing break from the reality of who each individual would
    be if they were free to think for themselves – which makes it next to
    impossible to take seriously much of the bizarre disinformation coming from
    their camp. And when you think about it, it’s a pretty horrible way to live
    your life, not being able to think your own thoughts. But the encouraging
    thing about self-imposed prisons is that people can actually leave them any
    time they want to, if they will only realize that the walls are an
    illusion. And on the rare occasion when this happens to a conservative
    Christian in regard to gays, it is a transformation from blind bigotry to
    personal enlightenment, and a whole new life of freedom within his or her
    own mind.

    All the best.

  9. I knew this was going to be brought up because it’s always brought up in
    these gay rights debates. These anti-equal rights proponents always like to
    bring up their children. They justify their bigotry by hiding behind

    But if these people were really PRO child and PRO family they would be in
    support of equal marriage rights, not against it. When you allow equal
    marriage rights, you’re supporting families by supporting the conditions
    for additional families to form. You’re being pro child by giving children
    with no homes more opportunities to be given a home. And you’re being pro
    child by supporting a society where gay children won’t be bullied or

  10. I’d like to why no one brought up the fact that the US constitution
    institutes separation of church and state. Nearly all of Perkins’ arguments
    would be invalidated by that fact.

  11. Thankfully, my generation is going to be burying people like Mr. Graham.
    Except I hope they all live long enough to watch from their nursing home
    beds while CNN plays footage of Muslim lesbian Texas Senator (whatever her
    name will be) winning a second term in office.

    Then the nurse comes in and says “Oh, were you trying to turn the volume
    up? Here, I’ll do it for you. There you are, Mr. Perkins. Oh, and your
    grandson and his husband sent you a beautiful gift basket. I’ll go get it
    for you.”

  12. Many times, that Tony Perkins just flat out lies about what he says when he
    gets challenged on his statements. Isn’t bearing false witness in the Ten

  13. I am so, so very glad that the majority of these comments are supporting…
    It makes me feel better about our world :)

  14. Maybe the reason that there’s so few records of gay children in right wing
    conservative families is because they are AFRAID TO COME OUT. How could
    they with their parents preaching to them that homosexuals are evil and
    going to hell?

  15. Act as human beings exactly we all our so he basically stating we are all
    human beings and we should all have equal rights

  16. My question is this; Why is religion a factor when it comes to politics,
    but its not even allowed to be mentioned in schools? 

  17. Religion of coarse ignorant people making there children slaves to be
    scared of God there is no God man study evelution has a better argument
    than anything from your religionous believes even Hinduism makes more since

  18. Perkins is a dumb shit… He doesn’t deserve the time of those who tried to
    reason with him… he is just a lonely, simple minded, confused kid on the
    corner… The reason he is against equality is that he doesn’t know a
    fuck… I doubt that he understood a thing those two are saying… 

  19. If gay marriage were a normal thing in the world, adoption wouldn’t exist.
    gay people can’t have kids you brainiacs and there wont be any kids to
    adopt!! IDIOTS!!! 

  20. Another thing, if hetero marriage is primarily about procreation, then the
    millions of Chinese married couples are not properly married, or the
    definition of it has been changed. The 1 child policy of China enshrines
    into law the limit of procreation; marriage is limited 1 child. Are the
    Chinese married or not? Of course they’re married, it’s about love & the
    civil law, not religion or endless procreation. Republicans probably think
    themselves above the Chinese anyway; idiots.

  21. When you say “Intimate sleeping arrangements between men now pass for
    (qualify as) marriage.” you seriously do not know a thing about gay people.
    Commitment, love and sacrifice for one another is a big aspect of my
    marriage to my husband. You seriously need to back up what you say with
    facts instead of just spewing out bigotry.

  22. Homosexuals cohabit, embrace in public, practice transvestism and sue
    corporations for discrimination. The judiciary, through bench law, supports
    homosexuals as do the corporate media cartels. Intimate sleeping
    arrangements between men now pass for (qualify as) marriage. Sexual
    deviants of a generation ago are now sacred victims.

  23. Just a few major issues in the past 100 years, should woman be allowed to
    vote, should black people be given full rights, should abortion for medical
    reasons be allowed, “the abortion one is still in part going”. Should IVF
    be legal for infertile couples. Then ofc this gay rights issue. Q what do
    they all have in common religion initially opposed them all.

  24. procommenter are you married to your dad or do you want to marry your son?
    One is better then other depending on age.

  25. 9:10 … the guy looks really sad. Makes me feel sorry for him for getting
    absolutely ANNIHILATED on national television.

  26. Dan Savage’s own son is straight. That alone means Perkins is full of shit.
    If Savage’s kid isn’t gay then parents have absolutely no affect on their
    child’s sexuality.

  27. Single parents should burn in hell. Old people should NOT be allowed to
    marry. A child is better off in an orphanage than in a home of any kind
    that isn’t Christian. Look how religious and glorious I am!!

  28. I’m the child of a gay parent. Having a gay mother was not a problem or
    wouldn’t have been if only the social workers and other true believers
    (christians) would have left us alone without constantly telling us how
    evil we were.

  29. Tony teaches his children biblical standards of morality. So does he teach
    his daughters that if they are raped, their rapist should pay him 30
    shekels of silver and his daughters should be forced to marry the rapist?
    Doubt it.

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