31 Comments on “Bars boycott Russian vodka over anti gay laws…”

  1. Why is it when I hit the ‘Thumbs Down’ it doesn’t change color like the
    ‘Thumbs Up’ does?!

  2. There are many vodka made in Latvia, so stupid for American people
    Shame for your low education and nationalism
    Gay can not be nationalist!

  3. Boycott is right idea – throwing away booze you’ve already paid for sends
    no message except you have more money than sense!!!

    First step is to return any bottles you can to the store so you can get
    your money back and make the store try to resell it or better, have to
    return it to the distributor to help send the message that no one wants it.

    Step 2 is to write letters – sorry I mean emails/tweets – to the maker

  4. Putin is an idiot. I call his ways : pushing your religious beliefs into
    politics and on other communities. Thats the undertone to all of this. This
    idiot even thinks violence to gay people is okay?! Violence to ANY kind of
    people is just EVIL!! 100% pure and plain EVIL. Without any doubt , I
    rather have 100 gay people as my neighbour then 2 religious people pushing
    their beliefs on others. sometimes even violently. I signed Stephen Fry`s
    partition as well. Boycott this idiot..

  5. You propose the single most biased, one sided, conservative, homophobic,
    argument in the world. You are worthless. Men in our (U.S) society have
    always and will always be men. The fact that they are gay dosent change
    that. You are the scum of this world. Go back to your fucking trailer park
    and rot there.

  6. lol if someone is saying “being gay is not bad/is good” he’s NOT forcing
    you to be homosexual showing some gay-affection to you, someone near you,
    is not forcing you or other person to be homosexual NOONE is forcing people
    to be homosexual, you are just so afraid of becoming gay, that you see
    gay-propaganda, gay-attack on your sexuality everytime word “gay” appear
    you CANT change your sexuality, so why are you so afraid of it? and why its
    homo ppl, who have to suffer because of your fears?

  7. Please don’t say that your American in public, I’m ashamed of you.
    Homosexuality is not a curse its a sexual orientation. Pick up a science
    book once and while. Maybe then America wouldn’t be 17th in the world in

  8. R2daE01, why dont you condem the homophobes in the American government or
    the British government? Why should homosexuality be forced on people? Putin
    is right to lay down some rules.

  9. Well..ok!) ahhaaha it is absolutely idiotic boycott))but you absolutely
    right!! Vodka like any other alcohol isn’t a friend for person! Let’s not
    to drink at all! I am for healthy a way of living!! hello from Russia and

  10. seems pretty un-american to me to punish russian vodka companies because of
    the russian governments anti-gay policy, what if the rest of the world
    banned jack daniels because of the american governments israel policy?

  11. You make no sense. Go hit your self in the head with a bible until you know
    how to quote it.

  12. I urge Russians to boycott American items in response. Homosexuality is a
    curse on mankind & we shouldn’t let these perverts hold the decent God
    fearing world to ransom. I’m American btw.

  13. fuck those cocksucking faggots! I only buy Russian Vodka, caviar, and fuck
    Russian chicks!

  14. Time to buy some Russian (hetro) vodka, Russian caviar too support the sane
    Russian nation that don’t want to be like degenerate west. First it is the
    gays, and then it’s the appalling depraved cross-dressing transsexuals that
    want to be called normal, fucking disgusting.

  15. Fucking faggots… You all should be sent to a Russian prison, would be fun
    to see which of these faggots would survive more than 5minutes.

  16. Good for you Russia. And for the idiots who think these protests matter to
    these people….LOL. Russia is a society where men are still real men, and
    in all societies where men are allowed to remain men and don’t conform to
    delusional “socially correct” views which please their cheating whore
    women, faggots are treated like the inferior scum they are. They knew the
    western world wouldn’t be a fan, but they don’t care, not gonna turn their
    country into a circus like the states.

  17. Я не гей и не гомофоб. Но глупее протеста я еще не видел. Очень смешно! =)

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