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  1. well. okay. Valeria say that she has a lot of gay fans. so, tell me, why
    does she say the gays should fuck in the closed area and just shut up,
    beacuse it is the only way to show gay fan’s respect to her family and
    children? why does she say that all gayd should to shut up, if she
    pretendts to show respect their like an exact human beings like her…
    except the rights, of cource. she have a mutually exclusive speech. like
    every media person in Russia. and noone have ever tryed to say something
    against that cruelty, because it is againts the law. and every persone, who
    is standing against the law, should pay for his freedom of speech. that’s
    why this law is anticonstitutional.

  2. Fuck the BBC and it’s gay propaganda!

    Every people has the right and duty to decide who lives within their
    borders. Russia doesn’t want butt-fucking lunatics infecting their
    children. That’s their right and duty.

  3. You just made it clear. You are silly christian who beliefs irrational
    moral lessons of imaginary friend you call god. You can’t be taken
    seriously.. =D We can start argue here. But it will be mostly you spewing
    illogical bullshit of belief system that doesn’t question or correct itself.

  4. Freedom in excess leads to disastrous consequences! Since when do we have
    to listen to you! Your schools are preparing to teach incest!

  5. I neither smoke, do drugs and i also dont drink alcohol, but thats the
    freedom of choise, its your life and your choises. If you do drugs then it
    is your fault if you end up as an addict, as a grown up you got to face the
    concequences of your own actions. But if you need help or aid then a
    society should be ready to assist you and that is why Europe has welfare
    system. And besides if a person is happy being prostitute or doing drugs it
    is his choise, and no one others.

  6. You should take other people’s advice to heart instead of acting like a
    nasty 4 year old because all your doing is making a fool of yourself. Oh
    let me guess, I’m a cootie-head? Grow up.

  7. In practice the definition of so-called “homosexual propaganda” is so vague
    as to mean almost any public or online display of homosexual orientation. 4
    Dutch tourists were recently arrested under the law. Is this how gay
    atheletes are going to be treated during the Sochi Olympics? This resembles
    a fascist style dictatorship.

  8. lol. First gay movement was called in seperate videos, nazi, then marxist,
    then jewish. Which one it is? OH I KNOW. It’s nazimarxistjewish alien
    movement. Hold your tinhat tightly FirstfromtheRiver. Because they are
    coming to take you. O_O

  9. As being a part of minority groups it is a way to strengthen your bound
    with others like yourself, like your not alone, and it is also a way to
    show we don’t hide but rather invite any one to watch and follow, that is
    what a democratic society is about, celebrate differences but yet show were
    a part of same society as others. And besides in Norway there are lots of
    groups that have their own parades, it is the great thing about living in a
    society that embrace differences.

  10. Kissing in public place – it’s a perversion! In Russia, even heterosexuals
    are trying to behave!

  11. As humans were a part of a diverse natural order that has it roots in
    natural selection, so the depravity part comes from a religion that base
    its view on absolute morality, but absolute morality in religions has also
    caused stoning people for adultery, punishment for breaking the sabbath,
    death for apostasy. You don’t come up with real arguments only with

  12. A democratic and free society never feels perfect, the day a society stops
    up and think we achieved everything then danger lurks. There is always
    rooms for improvements even in the free and democratic nations. But the
    important thing is the dialogue, and a open minded process that makes every
    one heard, even the one we don’t agree. And even people in prisons are
    human beings who need help and support.

  13. “How about bisexual?” – Bisexuals do not require the parade bisexuals. “And
    by the way in my book love is love, and I don’t differ the sexualities as
    you do” – then why do you need a gay pride parade?

  14. exactly, and that goes for sexuality,drugs and alcohol or hobbies and
    interests.You conduct your life regarding to your own personality or inner
    voice . That is the privilege of being citizen in a modern democracy, it
    provides welfare when you need it, and provides people with infrastructure
    and safety, but otherwise the state let its own people pursue their own
    life as they choose.

  15. so your code of moral is based on that you can drink heavily even upon to
    it becomes a national issue number one, but under no circumstance your
    allowed to tell people it is ok to love whomever you want? if moral is
    based on a judean-christian god and a dash of good old stalinism i rather
    have nothing of that.

  16. if you limited freedom then it is no longer freedom. In my eyes if you had
    a wish to marry many women and they all want to do so , i don’t see any
    reasons why others should refuse you, love is based on consenting adults

  17. Well….Just in case…Thanks the Christian English anti-slaves there isnt
    slavery today….

  18. But no one is likened to Brezhnev in terms of his kiss. Especially as
    Brezhnev suffered medicinal dependence.

  19. This girl was stammering at all her responces because she even knows the
    law is discriminatory in plain daylight yet she still tries to justify it.
    This is what all(well most( Russian citizens are doing and its just amazing
    how stupid they sound and make their country look.

  20. you’re the one who is always bringing up straight versus gays? how about
    bisexual? and by the way in my book love is love, and i don’t differ the
    sexualities as you do. if a person love some one it is not important what
    label you put on that, to them their love is as strong or weak from their
    experience of the love not from the labels you may put on it, i have met
    many straight, gays who has strong love relations, and the other way
    around. Love is love.

  21. why? you are good in putting your defence behind hate slogans. I believe in
    freedom of growns up to do whatever they like to do in their own home as
    long it is based on consent and free will.

  22. “USA has 4.th july parades for instance” – You though know value of this
    holiday for the USA? “All parades are open to all, that is why it is
    public” – Parades of that?! Parades of Perversions or Patriotism Parades? !

  23. Kjelly..YOu are 100% wrong…I didnt say anything bad about gay people..By
    the way I am surrounded by gays(even in my family)… And We dont need to
    know what people do inside their private life…Private life is PRIVATE..
    People dancing semi-naked and doing sexual stuff in the middle of the
    square is something immoral for christians, muslims, atheists, everybody
    with common-sense..It has nothing to do about religion..Should we have sex
    in public now? So immorality is a human concept..

  24. Learn your geography.. Norway share border with Russia. The county of
    Finmark is the border to the Murmansk Region in the north of Norway.

  25. And meanwhile, your schnook stands up for the rights concerning bad
    conditions of the contents in prison!

  26. I don’t care what anyone thinks or believes when it comes to gay rights. We
    are people too and we deserve to have the same treatment as other human
    beings. This is just sick I can’t believe the countries legislature is so
    naive and it is even harder for me to believe it’s people support these
    acts of hate. I hope things shape up there. I will never understand why
    people can be so hateful on a matter that doesn’t involve them at all.

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