9 Comments on “BBC Question Time 23 May 2013 (23/5/13) Belfast FULL EPISODE”

  1. The idea is not “traditional”marriage. The idea is that marriage does not
    have to be traditional.

  2. Terrorism in the UK he reckons, but acts as a cheerleader for the illegal
    invasion of Iraq which has caused hundreds of thousands of lives. Someone
    needs to educate the pathetic prick.

  3. Paisley – as usual – tries to ”balance” anything he’s asked about by
    referring to IRA actions. But, the hypocrite that he is, continues to dance
    on the graves of innocent Catholic victims of both Loyalists and the
    British. Perhaps if his bigoted father had kept his poisonous trap shut in
    the past, instead of fanning the flames of sectarianism for decades, a lot
    more people would still be alive today.
    Of course Paisley has plenty to say about Muslim ”extremism” while
    supporting the continued illegal butchery of hundreds of thousands of
    totally innocent Iraqis. An opportunist parasite ( with the largest
    expenses bill for a so-called mp in westminster – £250,000 – a lot of money
    to appeal someones points on the Housing Executives list)

  4. I want to point out that Maajid Nawaz was absolutely brilliant on this
    show. It is so refreshing to hear someone endorse human rights so
    authentically, without some obvious ulterior motive or hidden agenda.

  5. They act as if the attack on Rigby happened out of a clear blue sky. Have
    they forgotten that almost a million of people in Iraq and Afghanistan was
    slaughtered by British and Americunt troops? 🙁 Was that not terrorism?

  6. That is simply not true. Yes, there were many people killed in Iraq during
    that war (which I never supported, by the way). But the vast majority of
    them were NOT killed by American or British forces, but by their own fellow
    Muslims, in a never ending string of suicide bombings, car bombings and
    random shootings. As a mater of fact, these acts of murder are continuing
    day in day out today, when there is not one American or British soldier in
    Iraq. So please stick to the facts.

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