7 Comments on “BBC World News TV – Liz MacKean’s investigation into anti-gay violence in Russia”

  1. U British accent and BBC better solve ur own problems in ur own country
    that’s full of terrorist, 3 million poor people, ur monarchy running out of
    money and crime.

    Also remember if u looking to bring so called democracy to Russia u should
    know what democracy ur policy brought to Middle East or Afghanistan so mind
    ur business in others …

    Don’t forget u have no church, u have no culture as others do so its no
    right for u. But ask ur self who are u to say so because Russian knows and
    understand who they are ..?

    Yeah u sold ur land for money, yeah u sold ur god for money, yeah u sold
    churches for money, yeah u sold ur self for money so who are you ?

    Democracy that u have in UK that won’t let u talk about immigrants that’s
    taking over ur country so u think u have it but nothing u can do with it so
    u are and ur education is as useless as bullshit u want to sell to Russia
    thru human right …

    If u have any problem than please keep it to ur self 

  2. I saw the report too. It’s simply terrifying. I cannot begin to imagine
    what LGBT people in Russia are going through… They’re being persecuted,
    hunted while politicians and the police stand by looking. And worse,
    encouraging hatred towards gays by comparing them with pedophiles…. I’m
    so angry…

    Every one should watch it. It is our moral obligation as human beings to be
    aware of what’s happening in Russia so that we hopefully can do something
    about it if.

  3. cant believe the documentary has been taken down! its the most important
    piece around on the topic of crimes against gays presently going on…

  4. Please find and watch entire film . They removed it from Youtube but I
    think its on channel 4 web. SICK ! HORRIBLE ! VILE ! red headed ( very
    ugly ) Russian prostitute and her band of thugs ( all very gay but self
    hate and in closet) HUNT , HUNT innocent gay men for sport , in their own
    words ” SAFARI” !! Russian gov does nothing to stop them this is why
    people must stay away from sick evil Russia until the present gov is GONE
    and these laws change

  5. I saw the report and it’s shocking. Russia is just like 1930’s fascist
    Germany. It looks like Russia is walking down the path of self

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