27 Comments on “Believe In Yourself! Pep Talk // Gay Rights”

  1. I think I’m going to just watch this every single day of my life someone
    ever makes me feel like shit because this made me so happy. 

  2. The only problem is is that homophobia does exist. A phobia is an
    irrational fear or hatred of something. Say someone has arachnophobia. It’s
    an irrational fear of spiders. There’s no reasoning behind it, they just
    feel that way. It’s the same with homophobia, unfortunately.

  3. I used to have a “friend” who would tell me it’s wrong for me to have a
    girlfriend and so I completely took her out of mylife 

  4. I’m so glad you made a video about this and expressed exactly what you
    wanted to say. You go girl!

  5. I literally made a video in this somewhat direction couple days ago and as
    I’m watching I’m like ” YAAAAS SLAY BETH I LOVE YOU YOUR A BAD BTCH ” I
    literally hate homophobic , racist, or judgmental people in general because
    it’s honestly pointless they act as if someone chose the life that person
    was to live like they cna’t change it so why bully or a put them down for
    it it’s honestly insanity .

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