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  1. .. another Oxford twat! All he says is what HE wants .. same as all these
    homosexual and lesbian perverts, who ‘just happen to be’ that way.

  2. A small percentage, but enough to be noteworthy, of birth mothers make a
    conscious decision to place with gay men, so they can be the only mother in
    their child’s life.

  3. He argues that being married is the best way to bring up children, implying
    that unmarried parents are inferior. Certainly being gay does not make you
    a better parent, as he argues. Hence, I do not support his motion. And..he
    can’t have children, only adopt. I would not support such an arrogant
    fellow to have children. And..what does ,black have to do with anything in
    this debate?

  4. I liked the speech. My English is not very good, can someone explain to me
    please why there are interruptions at 5.25 and 5.45 ?

  5. Watch the audience – take not of the clappers and the brooders. More than
    you think.

  6. Don’t get me wrong. Genes may play a part (the research is not conclusive)
    in sexual orientation but the research shows that environment also plays a
    huge part.

  7. I totally agree that all couples should be able to have children no matter
    the sexuality. However, I think it is futile to point out that heterosexual
    couples are less likely to be good parents that homosexual parents. I
    thought the point is that ability to be a parent is not dependant upon

  8. Also when has race been scientifically proven not to be a choice, isn’t it
    very clearly not a choice, would that question even warrant a study?

  9. Wow – delicious speech. Pity about all the sour lemons in the audience.
    Spoilt the flavour.

  10. Making the assumption that you’re straight. Did you choose to like blonds
    instead of brunettes? Or chubby girls instead of thin girls? Does this
    imply you were born with these preferences? The “being born that way”
    argument is in fact weak because if pedos were proven to be born like that.
    We would never find them socially acceptable. The strongest argument for
    gay relationships is that it is a loving relationship between consenting
    adults that share the morals of society as a whole.

  11. God also created bone cancer in children so I wouldn’t listen to him about

  12. yeah i loved mostly the “i want a marriege” thing this guy is smart i am
    biased out of being liberal but i think homophobia in a large furiosity is
    just realy plain mad

  13. I don’t think the gender of the parents affects anything that much, I
    believe a same-sex couple has to go through a lot more struggle to get a
    child (via adopting or surrogacy) so they may be more determined parents
    who definitely wanted the child if you catch my drift.

  14. They are ‘points of information’. This is when the side that isn’t speaking
    wants to make a counter-point during the speaking side’s speech. They can
    be accepted or rejected.

  15. Inferences made on race and genetics research support that claim even
    though of course it is intuitive.

  16. Two possibilities, although the speech is garbled and not clearly
    understood even for fluent speakers. One would be a moderator gets up to
    advise of time constraints; but number two that what he said about gay
    parents being better parents than straight parents caused one of the
    parents in the audience, namely his boyfriend´s father or his own, to get
    up and object with levity.

  17. Anthony’s uncomfortable nature during this speech was almost laughable, I
    find it fascinating how close minded people can be (Not in a bad way, I’m
    just curious to how it becomes so hard to convince some that: love is love,
    people are people and equal rights should be for everyone. Not just people
    who are ‘deemed fit’)

  18. Were there sour lemons? It felt very much like everyone was on his side at
    the venue. The few interruptions that occur were from people from the
    Opposition seats – and there weren’t many of those.

  19. +Lu Honeychurch The opposition wanted to provide their points of
    information or sometimes known as POI that helps reaffirm their stand in
    the debate. POIs are short interjections and are allowed in debates if it
    happens to coincide with something the speaker says at that moment.

  20. I hate when gays use blacks to justify their arguments. Race is completely
    different from sexual orientation and unlike sexual orientation it is
    scientifically proven not to be a choice.

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