10 Comments on “Big Upcoming Marriage Hearing: June 23 MNW”

  1. What will happen to the Colorado case based on the 10th’s decision last
    week? And why hasn’t there been a decision in the OK case? Since they were
    heard separately, I would have thought that they would be ruled on

  2. Keep up the good work, but something’s wrong with your audio here, only
    getting voice out of the left side of my headphones, and only music or
    static on the right. It’s kinda distracting.

  3. Just to correct you the the KY cases. There are 2 cases that were put
    together into 1 case, so it is in fact 1. Love vs Beshear that is for the
    reconization of same sex marriage from out of state couples, and another
    couple seeking to receive a marriage license came to the judge as the next
    case and he struck down the ban while merging the 2 cases and putting them
    on through to the CIrcuit court for district 6. 

  4. lol, I was like “Yay, Matt is doing the update outside this time” then I
    was like “aww ):” :P

  5. live in Fargo as a married gay man from Japan with 20 years of
    relationship. Nice to see the sign of Fargo Theater.

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