44 Comments on “Bill Maher: Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Because It Will Make Rush Limbaugh “Explode””

  1. Correct me if i’m wrong but wasn’t “don’t ask don’t tell” actually a big
    step forward? Before that it was, “we’ll ask, you’ll tell, then we’ll kick
    you out cus’ ur gay”.

  2. I feel sorry for the hetero male soldiers that have to shower with the
    openly homo men and the hetero female soldiers that have to shower with the
    openly dyke women. At least, before you maybe were not sure but now you
    know. ICK.

  3. ↕- *Are you seeking TRUTH?* -↕
    *You can wake up now. Will you?*
    *Step down the rabbit hole*

  4. The truth is that LBGT & gay marriage are wrong. God is the authority. Such
    has been previously acknowledged, by law, that we are a nation which
    “Trusts In God”. A just & pure God cannot and will not let “wrong
    (homosexuality)” go on forever, especially when a nation condones wrong.
    Make your own choices, but also know that God is not mocked. Please read it
    for yourself. Follow what is truly right, & don’t be deceived into
    believing what is wrong, Romans 1:26-27; 1 COR 6:9-11; Leviticus 18:22. 

  5. Noooooooo Bill keep tha gays outta my neighborhood please !!!!
    Wait a minute if they can do nails or hair or are pool boys or paper boys
    or mow lawn or fix plumbing or walk dogs then I can surely trust to leave
    them around my wife !!!!! She’ll hump anything that isn’t nailed down,
    except the queers !!!

  6. Doesn’t matter that DADT was repealed. Gays (and heterosexuals) are STILL
    getting Dishonorably Discharged due to other Military Laws. Only thing
    repealing DADT means is that gay soldiers can say they are gay out loud.
    THAT’S IT. So all those gay and lesbian soldiers thinking they can have sex
    with each other without any backlash, think again. the maximum penalty for
    sodomy of any kind (even slightly) is a Dishonorable Discharge with a Life
    Sentence with no possibility of parole. 

  7. What doesn’t make sense is rejecting gays in the military. Traditionally
    the gays made the best soldiers because they fought for the buddies
    standing next to them, not like the married soldiers who were more likely
    to be thinking about family back home. The ideal of ‘christian warrior’ has
    been a failure. They lost against turks time and again and their best
    record are against un-armed civilians.

  8. On another note, I would LOVE to see guys rollerblading down Main Street
    wearing a speedo and a nun’s habit. Bridget from Guilty Gear would be

  9. Wasn’t the original idea behind DADT about gays not having to lie to their
    superiors about their sexuality? The alternative was to do that or get
    discharged, right?

  10. I honestly cannot fathom why people who want gays in the army. He makes
    fun of roller blading with penis popsicles, but the irony is that is what
    happens when you give the gays the freedom to “express” themselves. It
    happened in the last parade in LA. Why would you want that as
    representation of your country. And furthermore, why would you want them
    to have a gun. It’s fucked up. DADT allowed gays to be in the military
    with a low risk of injury due to their sexuality. Repealing it is just
    inviting trouble. We all know the typical military personality is not
    gonna wanna share a bunk with a flamer in Gucci.

  11. When I heard the British media reporting on this, I was really quite
    pleased about it. Frankly, honesty is good, rather than keeping something
    as important as sexuality secretive, it makes situations more tense if it
    is secret than if it is open, in my opinion. And why should soldiers be
    condemned for being gay anyway? They have chosen to give up their lives to
    serve their country, to fight another man’s war and can suffer badly for
    it, it’s only fair we allow them this kind of social freedom when they have
    given up so much.

  12. I don’t “assume” anything, I see the big picture unlike your little world.
    The MSM also was 1000% (no, that is not a typo) in the tank for Obama and
    are STILL covering for him after it is coming out that he was complicit in
    the Benghazi murders. Again, with a Marxist sociopath like Obama, a vote
    for a third-party like Johnson SIPHONED votes away from Romney. Therefore,
    it is a PROVEN FACT that such a vote was no different than voting for Obama.

  13. And in a nutshell, here are the facts: – The repeal of “DADT” and the
    forcing of open homosexuals into the military – at the same time a Judenrat
    atheist, Mikey Weinstein, is seeking to drive Christians out – is one of
    the prime examples of a definitive conspiracy to weaken our military and
    thus one of the most blatant cases of radical social engineering. And Maher
    supports this moral destruction, among other things, out of pure spite
    because he doesn’t like a radio host’s views.

  14. Don’t give me that crap. In a time like this when we have a sociopathic
    Marxist community organizer who is grabbing more and more power, third
    parties ONLY play right into such sociopath’s hands. Too often in the past,
    “third parties” were outright NUTS, whether “9/11 truther” type or
    whatever. I have actually studied politics and the history of nations, and
    thanks to Obama we are definitely headed down the road of ancient Rome and
    Greece – not to mention Sodom & Gomorrah.

  15. Stop right there, smear merchant. There were many conservatives who spoke
    out against the Patriot Act – because they foresaw how an agency like DHS
    would be run under a hard-leftist like Obama who is always on the enemy’s
    side against us. And it is known that Bush was no rock-ribbed conservative
    in many ways, and squandered countless opportunities and initiatives. But
    his opponents – Gore in 2000, Kerry in 2004 – were fundamentally worse.

  16. Cut it with your condescending, patronizing psychobabble bullcrap. You
    obviously talk down like that with ANYBODY who dares disagree with the
    leftist agenda and call anyone out on that – you, who clearly see nothing
    wrong with the lawless behavior of OWS types who openly do drugs, rape
    women, destroy public and private property, etc – when they’re not calling
    for the abolition of capitalism and agitating for Communism.

  17. Again, just shut up. To you, ANYBODY who dares disagree with you and your
    agenda is an “idiot.” Furthermore, 90 – 95% of the media IS far
    left-leaning . . . there are some 20 ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Time, New
    York Times, Washington Post, Mother Jones, The Nation, Rolling Stone and
    other such outlets for only one Fox. Many who attack Fox as “illegitimate”
    have been outed as admirers of Communist dictators such as Mao Tse-tung.

  18. I love this idea that, if you’re gay, you want to have sex with EVERY man
    you meet, and that there’s no resisting it like it’s some kind of magic
    spell. I think that says much more about the people who say these idiotic
    things than gay men. If you are really so unsure of your sexuality that you
    think simply being around gay men will turn you gay, then…let’s just say
    it…you’re probably gay.

  19. Look, punk, your hatred of any media that does not toe the radical left /
    DNC party line (your claims of “I am a libertarian” blah, blah, blah
    notwithstanding) clearly shows your fascistic intolerance of any dissenting
    views from the leftist orthodoxy. Furthermore, many supporters of Johnson,
    Paul et al. (if not all) are 9/11 Truther nuts. As for Alex Jones, he has
    been singled out for anti-Semitic remarks.

  20. No, *I* AM right. Perot’s presence on the ballot effectively sipohoned
    votes away from Bush #41 (not that Bush #41 was all that great, anyway,
    given his endorsement of the “New World Order” agenda) and made it easier
    for Clinton to win. And your smears, innuendos, insinuations, character
    assassinations et al. of anybody who dares challenge you and your agenda
    shows how low of character you really are.

  21. This shows the extent to which you hate the military, the family,
    traditional morality and values, and anybody who stands for same. It also
    shows how much of a brain-dead moron you are to base your political
    viewpoints on a pompous, arrogant, far-left, elitist, libertine, sexist,
    misogynist jerk like Maher – whose support for completely destroying our
    military, the family, and the whole of Judeo-Christan moral values is
    almost entirely out of spite for anyone whose views he hates.

  22. That’s what all you Commie radicals say. But socialized medicine is a
    FAILURE everywhere it’s been tried (why don’t you go move to Cuba if you’re
    so hot on that), the only jobs you care about are GOVERNMENT jobs, you
    think the “justice” system should be slanted towards violent criminals
    against the law-abiding, and you swallow without question the lies of the
    Obama-controlled media (including Al Gore’s demagogic “global warming”
    alarmism which is funded in part by Arab oil sheiks).

  23. In cases like this where you have a Marxist sociopath running, any
    “third-party” like Johnson, Jones, Ventura et al., who runs ends up taking
    more votes from, say, a GOP challenger like Romney (who, as can be
    admitted, ran a horrible campaign to the point one wondered whether he was
    throwing the election) than from the Marxist sociopath Obama. I look at the
    big picture here. You can’t see your nose in front of your face.

  24. Oh, you are dead wrong, punk. DEAD wrong. You DO smear anybody who
    disagrees with you as an “idiot” – just as the left smears anybody who
    disagrees with them as “racist,” “bigoted” et al. And your “mental ward”
    crack is a typical leftist smear, right out of the ex-Soviet Union which
    painted any and all political dissidents as “mentally ill” and had them all

  25. Wrong. The one fundamental difference is that Obama OPENLY despises this
    country and always takes the side of foreign potentates and open enemies
    against us. He is also deliberately destroying the moral fabric and
    civilizational infrastructure of this country by his radical and massive
    social engineering of which forcing open gays down the military’s throat is
    but one indicator. So is overrunning this country with illegals.

  26. Wrong. It is people like you that ensured a second Obama term, and the
    total moral and civilizational collapse that is accompanying it. VOTING FOR
    Every single person who goes by Maher’s verbal diarrhea and dysentery and
    bases who they vote for on that basis, is frankly brain-dead and borderline
    retarded. That’s most of the trolls polluting this board.

  27. Look, punk, the Left IS out to silence anybody who disagrees with THEIR
    agenda and dares to call THEM out. Just ask any conservative who’s been
    subjected to constant harassment and intimidation from IRS agents under the
    thug Obama “administration.” YOU people are the types who smear anyone who
    disagrees with or criticizes YOU as “bigots” or “-ophobes” or worse.

  28. Look, punk, it’s these Obama-supporting drones who accept Maher’s (or Al
    Gore’s, or anyone else’s) far-left drivel without question, who are the
    REAL trolls here. The purpose of scum like ‘385dantop’ is clear: To
    intimidate and silence ANY dissenting viewpoints from the leftist agenda
    they so uncritically support.

  29. That you “think” this way clearly shows how far off to the left YOU are. Of
    course Socialists would think Sanders is “quite mainstream.” Just like they
    think anybody who truly is centrist is a “flaming right-wing extremist.”

  30. That you believe Maher is a “centrist” shows how far off to the Left YOU
    would seem to be. This is true of so many far-off-the-face-of-the-earth
    leftists who consider Obama “centrist.” If anything, Fox News deserves the
    “centrist” designation more – and since they don’t blindly toe the leftist
    Democrat party line, they are hated by the Left.

  31. So? are you telling me that you cant learn from the past? if gay people
    want to be soldiers let them, americans love to go to war anyways.

  32. To a commie pinko degenerate like you, ANYBODY who doesn’t agree with the
    radical leftist agenda of which libertine Maher is part and parcel is a
    “bigot.” You are for the DESTRUCTION of the family and of the moral
    underpinnings of all society. Attitudes like yours are typical of a
    decaying, dying society. Moreover, it further feeds into the impression
    that Western society has become just like the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.

  33. Well, let me ask you this: Where were YOU when Michael Savage characterized
    Bush #43 as a “fiscal socialist” on his radio show, eh?

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