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  1. I never said that majority matters. Nevertheless you were the one to use
    that against me by attributing to me using my beliefs to make my point,
    which I didn’t. I did answer your question by pointing out the reason to
    your query so that once your dull brain identifies that reason(which isn’t
    that complicated) it will be able to identify it for your case.

  2. I think of myself as (minimally) spiritual person. Live your life. Be a
    good person. I think this to be common sense. I am not saying that I am
    perfect. Far from it in fact. But I am however, evolved enough to know
    right from wrong without the help of some ancient text.

  3. It is not entirely clear what you mean by “indentifies”. Regardless of what
    you mean by the word “compare” I only point out that the reason one is
    illegitimate is the same for which the other one is and please don’t accuse
    me of being deeply insensitive as there is quiet a fine line which you
    don’t seem to see between not acknowledging marriage between 2 of same sex
    and saying that they are like animals(not to say that animals are worse).

  4. Homesexual only want to quote from Lev ….they ignore Christ teaching in
    Romans 1:24-27..24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of
    their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one
    another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and
    served created things rather than the Creator

  5. Why is it that religious people are always trying to deny people the very
    thing that thier own God has allowed? I am, of course, talking about
    freedom of choice. God never said you HAD to believe in him. He simply
    stated what would happen if you did CHOOSE to believe, and what would
    happen if you did not. If your own God does not demand obedience, then what
    right do you have to demand it? The answer is simple. Your convictions in
    your beliefs are so weak that you must destroy all temptaions

  6. just because Obama says its ok doesnt make it ok…just because a few in
    our culture says its ok doesnt make it ok. GOD is the final say. Obama is
    NOT GOD!

  7. In this age your holy book should be respected as a literary piece of art,
    not as a set of guidelines given to us by a higher power. I argued with the
    hope that you would see that your bible is contradictory and flawed. Yes,
    there are some great messages within the text, but take them with a grain
    of salt.

  8. just so you know, bush REdefined marriage to be between one man and one
    woman. changing it BACK isn’t really redefining, it’s going back to the
    only intelligent definition. in the dictionary, a ‘marriage’ can also be
    the combination of two metals.

  9. You’ve taken that verse too literally ! Everyone is capable of sin because
    we are not perfect. But a child will never sin before maturity. We all make
    mistakes, but God is very forgiving and merciful. It is all about how
    contrite we are at the time of these mistakes, sins, etc that we commit and
    how repentant we are thereafter that God looks at. All about our sincerity
    of striving to do what is right. But you take from this as you will, and
    I’ll take from this what I will. Peace to You !

  10. tribes. (Jesus was born into the Judah tribe). Prophets of God were sent to
    people to convey what is right and wrong to do in this world, and that the
    will be rewarded or punished depending how obedient we were to what God
    commanded us to do After people are clearly informed as to what acts are
    sin, what constitutes being a sin, etc. then if they should commit that
    act…that is SIN. But a person has to be mature enough to comprehend. So a
    child, before reaching maturity, can NEVER commit sins.

  11. Just as christians clearly ignore teachings pertaining to personal hygiene
    in Leviticus. What makes it okay to kibosh one law while defending another?

  12. Bill is right every step of the way. And it brings me joy to read how much
    it pisses some of the wack jobs below

  13. 27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned
    in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is
    unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which
    was meet.

  14. sexuality is something that has been based on social acceptance in the
    greek roman day’s the greek’s openly had sex with young boy’s with out

  15. If a man has sex with another man, kill them both. Leviticus 20:13 right
    next to You shall not round off the hair on your temples or mar the edges
    of your beard. Leviticus 19:27 Leviticus is my fave. homosexuals, and hair
    dressers are GOING DOWN!!

  16. Bill Maher, he sure thinks he is smart.Smart people don’t believe in Global
    warming.Only self hating lil atheist like himself. He actually believes
    Darwin’s theories.This alone shows low intellect. I mean,… how many 150
    year old theories do we believe?Call him whatever you want, GOD,MR.BIG THE
    MAN, THE LANDLORD,CREATOR, somebody owns the whole shebang, we are a
    garden, a petting zoo, a pet-re dish, maybe GOD watches us like we watch
    dancing with the stars.Darwin’s view is simplistically evil.

  17. That’s completely asinine. Firstly North Carolina voted against gay
    marriage and Obama was called, a “Faggot lover” and worse part Newsweek ran
    a story about Obama being “gay” because he supports gay marriage. Now how
    does that help him? Secondly, Obama, did it b/c he was facing the reality
    that history is bending towards progress & equality eventually equal
    marriage shall be the norm & this sad bigoted chapter in American history
    will end with gays getting their full rights.

  18. We live in a very exciting time and to see these changes finally taking
    place is such a wonderful experience. We have been together since 1986 and
    were married by an Archbishop of the Catholic Church in NY in 2001. Also
    received our Civil Union in VT & marriage certificates in IA, NY & CT.
    Together we can work toward eliminating discrimination. We have our
    Catholic Ceremony posted on YouTube under “Same Sex Marriage JC” God Bless
    all those currently receiving their same-sex marriages and unions.

  19. My friend, we are not BORN into sin, we are all capable of disobeying God’s
    Commandments. To sin, you FIRST have to know what sinning is. A child born
    in this world is not born into SIN, even if the parents of that child
    conceived the child out of wedlock. There are commandments of God which
    first must be comprehended and understood, that’s why Prophets were sent to
    different people at different times throughout this world. Jesus (peace be
    upon him), being one of the many sent to the Israelite

  20. I grew up in Brooklyn NY and i have seen for years…White Jewish men come
    to the hood to buy dick from Black men. The Park there was a hot spot for
    this activity. They act like they are afraid of Blacks in the day time when
    people were watching but at night they act like sexual demons. A lot of
    these brothas who were ex-cons and couldn’t find employment were living off
    of this. I also know of a Jewish group of gay dudes that travel to the
    Carribean just to have sex with Black men for money.

  21. Since we are redefining marriage to include a union between 2 men we should
    also redefine the gay catcher’s rectum to be called a “vagina”. To call it
    otherwise would be discrimination.

  22. own daughters. A Prophet of God is never a hypocrite.He is not going to
    reprimand his people, and then turn around and do an act of INCEST ! God
    vindicates Prophet Lot (pbuh), in the Quran by telling us that this
    circumstance did NOT happen between him and his daughters. If it had, we
    would surely have read GOD’s Punishment against Pro. Lot (pbuh) and both
    his daughters for doing this deplorable act ! The people of Sodom were
    indeed punished for their acts of homosexuality. Take stock of this…

  23. It is a well documented secret that Jewish men owned 75% of all the Black
    Slaves brought here. It is also a well kept secret that they forced
    homosexual acts on these men and boys. The entertainment industry is over
    loaded with Jewish pedophiles (mostly Jewish)and actor Corey Feldman has a
    video on Youtube about it. The very top men of these movie studios,music
    industy are Jewish men and they have a record of asking Black guys for sex
    inorder to get a contract. This is not some radom gossip.

  24. Yeah. How DID America go against broadly agreed badly needed healthcare
    reform to against?? Republicans ARE world destroying. Koch brothers? Btw,
    love Bill Maher. He says it like it is, great insight. Always makes you
    think. Has the benefit of atheism which allows for critical thinking, sans
    illogical religion.

  25. NO child molesters are people with serious mental defects. God gave us the
    free will and where you are getting you information is the bible the worlds
    oldest game of telephone. God is a merciful being who has no desire to make
    us suffer even if we have homosexuals. People are born gay so that is

  26. I don’t know about the jewish men /( black dick )connection……but there
    is an historical and documented sodomite connection in the Jewish
    Talmud…which openly allows un-natural sex acts…….so you are correct
    in your stance that Jew (notice that i did not say Hebrew) ish and dick /
    Zionist/ is uncivilized……..because in escence……it’s Luciferian

  27. o goodness what an educated and reasonable response. HEAR YE HEAR YE!
    good debate but my trashy self has never in my entire life said something
    this ignorant and im glad that you have proven my belief that those who
    enjoy shows like the one in this video are ill informed, angry, and
    hostile. Have a good one bro, and next time how about contributing to the

  28. If 53% of people in America believe gays should be able to get married, why
    has it never been allowed in a public vote. Gay marriage has never passed
    when included on a ballot for the public.

  29. Who cares!? I am sure most of us would rather read a science book or buy a
    microscope than read a bible.. BTW, I am an atheist, loud and proud!

  30. Yeah but look how much worse canada is than America.You guys brag about a
    couple things are better than U.S.A but overall America is a better country
    and the reason is because the laws in the U.S reflect christian beliefs

  31. the church takes care of those in need if we are greedy with our money then
    how do we continue in Christ work?

  32. getting elected there…or so it seemed. I see I left out the word
    “against” in regard to Obama. I meant to say, Obama wasn’t against gay
    relationships even at that time.

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