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  1. .here some ugly truth what i’ve learned.
    uneducated powerless women in africa give birth to as many kids as they can
    because the way they look at it is “my kids are gonna take care of me when
    im old, i’ll make as many kids as i can because i KNOW that most of them
    will die and never reach adulthood”.
    i watch this program about a village in zambia. it was a rubbish program,
    the journalist looked like she was overwhelmed by how shitty life was over
    there and forgot to ask any relevant questions.
    during that hour i noticed they showed only one male and he was old. the
    rest were women and children. lots of children. at the very end of that
    program they showed a bunch of guys sitting in a shadow and just chilling.
    it looked like they didnt want to be filmed.
    the journalist ask one of the females why your men arent working. and she
    replied “oh the men only work in the fields, they dont do a thing at home
    and because the work in fields is now done they are not doing anything.”
    so here you go. send your money to those lazy niggers if you feel like.
    THEY are killing their kids by gambling with their life, it is on them
    the other thing i couldn’t understand is how come those starving niggers
    cant have like a bunch of chickens. i grew up in a village i know damn
    chickens can roam around and they find food for themselves, they multiply
    fast and eggs is a great type of food.
    so i ask my co-worker, he’s from south africa.
    and he replied “because if they would a local gang of niggers with machetes
    and ak47’s would come and take it away as they do.”
    i dont blame them if being in a gang means you will have a better life then
    why not.
    i live in uk now. over here fucking kids cant read properly. and i dont
    blame them. if some asshole who is kicking a football gets £100k a week and
    a someone who holds a doctors degree in science gets around £30k per year i
    mean why the fuck bother learning how to read and write in this retarded
    also more and more kids are becoming fat which is another thing i dont get.
    if there is a “food safety something bollocks agency” why the fuck that
    agency allows products that are bad for us humans to be produced and sold
    to us? why?!
    it is like that agency knows what is bad for us, but it is down to each of
    us to know what is bad for us and read every fuckin’ label on food
    products. back to the beginning then – kids (tomorrow adults) cant read,
    never mind understanding what the fuck is listed on that label! 🙂 teach
    that shit is schools then, make it compulsory too.
    our retarded way of living is triggering more and more cancer cells in us.
    those with money and power dont wanna sort any of this shit out because
    there is no money in this. that applies to affordable houses problem.
    why build a block of appartment’s that cost £100k each when you can build
    same building but slightly better quallity and sell them appartments for a
    £500k each.
    just like it is much more profitable to set up a charity fund or something
    and pretend that you are helping some niggers fuck knows where and in
    exchange get a tax cuts.
    dont think that i’m some nigger-hating person.
    i’m in favour of saving lives and shit but in this monetary system is all
    fucked up.
    as long as we have money the world is gonna be fucked up.
    resource based system is the only way to go, until then you can throw your
    money to the left and right and it is not gonna change a shit, because
    capitalism thrives on problems, the more the better even an artificial

  2. bill nye only gets one thing wrong here. more people isn’t always
    necessarily a positive thing. it will eventually lead to more starving
    people because there isn’t enough food being grown to support the
    population. i would rather a child under 5 didn’t die but you can’t really
    pick and choose who lives and who dies in order to sustain that balance.

  3. and problems in those poor countries tend to export themselves to every
    other country…

  4. Unbeknownst to you, you have demonstrated what is wrong with people these
    days. “You have to by definition take care of the people here first because
    it’s our government, it’s our country it’s our people”.
    All people… are people and should be treated equally and have equal
    opportunity. The reality is that the kids in Detroit might be hungry… but
    they’re not dying in the millions.

  5. It’s not even the meds that are going to save save a lot of lives. The
    power of toilets, soap, and other basic forms of hygiene to save lives is
    greater than all the meds in the world. 

  6. As rude as it may sound, probably most of those children should not have
    been born in the first place. Condoms are part of the solution.

  7. Yes, kids die in the “3rd” world overwhelmingly from preventable disease.
    You save their lives. The population increases. They need feeding. They
    can’t feed themselves. Ethiopia’s population now is more than DOUBLE what
    it was at the time of Live Aid in 1985.

    Actions have consequences. Better health care should trade off decreased
    child mortality against improved contraception.

  8. The more he shows his face the more I like Bill .. his tone is measured,
    his points are valid and his voice and message needs to be heard by more

  9. Well, many people do discuss these issues. Just people who only get
    information from the mainstream media have no idea about it. Anyone who
    watches NPR or BBC or other none-fake news sources get this type of
    information all the time. I knew this from a BBC report.
    Also, when you said that before you didn’t support foreign aid because you
    thought we should focus on the domestic. Not to be offensive but that was
    incredibly stupid. Obviously humanitarian aid is a good thing even if we
    have problems on the domestic front. Our domestic problems do not AT ALL
    relate to our foreign aid. The US is perfectly capable of focusing on the
    domestic while at the same time providing foreign aid. I can’t imagine what
    your though process was for that but I can tell you now you were completely

  10. what the hell. i thought this was common knowledge… its poverty that
    kills the human race right now the most..

  11. I hate people who have the whole “America (or whatever first world nation)
    first, no foreign aid until all our problems are fixed!” dogma, why? well
    first off

    – You can never fix everything and what some might see as a problem, others
    do not even consider a problem
    – The US foreign aid budget is less than a penny per tax dollar (around
    40-55 billion, it fluctuates), and nearly 30%/40% of that foreign aid is
    not economic assistance but military assistance.
    – If anything the foreign aid budget should be more, but people have this
    view that foreign aid makes up a third of our budget (obviously not the
    – Meanwhile 35% of 3454 billion dollars (that translates to 1200 billion
    dollars) is spent in some way in a defense related thing. This can include
    for example the military running over 200 golf courses (privatize it or
    close the ones that are unprofitable) or just ineffective research /
    modernization programs costing billions and billions of dollars that in the
    end might or might not even get adopted

    – Better Education, Health care, infrastructure, telecommunication and
    technology will advance a nation, not worlds strongest military. (The US
    has good education but it is not accessible for everyone, the better
    schools are also very expensive,

    health care is much better after obama care but its not as effective
    compared to programs in western europe or canada, mostly the republicans
    fault since they blocked his original plan and forced a compromising shit

    Infrastructure is generally good but im sure there is plenty of
    oppertunities in some developing areas while in some areas there is wastage
    (such as the proposed famous bridge to nowhere in alaska)

    telecommunications is lacking in certain areas and the US has always been
    behind in terms of modernizing i.e the switch to cable back in the day and
    now the switch to fiber optics im sure government can help speed this along
    in some way. A good example of high speed internet access is south korea
    and we should do what they do. Low cost wireless internet (that internet
    providers prefer to place down) is not a replacement for high speed fiber
    optics. Not to mention the towers have the tendancy to go down due to
    weather conditions and do not give everyone the same latency due to their
    limited reach.

    Research, well aside from NASA there isn’t much government spending in that
    area and NASA is grossly underfunded. Its budget is also less than a penny
    per tax dollars, yet again people think it is much higher. (average idea is
    that people think nasa gets 1/4th of it) Space is the place and a history
    of NASA inventions that made it back into the private sector show that it
    is a worthy agency to invest in. Tomorrows invention can be the cashcow of
    the decade as innovation leads to a better, wealthier society.

  12. I agree 100%, but it’s crazy to compare our starving kids with those in

    A good chunk of foreign aid assistance comes from the U.S. in terms of
    dollars, but the countries where people sacrifice the most GNP PPP, is not
    the U.S.. We rank average, close to below average.

    This reminds me of the issue of starvation. Can we realistically prevent
    it? The answer is yes. Do we try and prevent it? Not in any way. Instead we
    say unborn babies are humans therefor abortions should be illegal, but we
    should cut programs that help them after they’re born, because poor people
    behave just like humans, erratically and irrationally. There is enough food
    to feed the hungry, but we choose not too share. Yes, it’s a conscious
    choice. I’m guilty of saying let them die, but I don’t want to hear the
    hypocritical bullshit of people trying to pretend they are better than me.
    I’m talking about the Jesus folk at the moment, who are ironically against
    many social programs under the name of “fiscal conservative.”

  13. Putting morals aside for a minute. Preventing deaths in this day and age,
    is harmful as a whole. Overpopulation, food & water scarcity, pollution,
    exterminating wild life, … China is frowned upon for limiting the amount
    of kids you can have but actually they are the ones acting responsible in
    this issue. Even in western countries, the so called 1st (rich) world we
    have people starving and homeless.

    You might find this appalling of me to say, bur in reality, we are actually
    killing ourselves and Earth-life with it. 

  14. Antibiotics do not prevent disease, they treat it. Vaccinations prevent
    communicable diseases. Refusal to vaccinate children for preventable
    diseases is a significant problem in the US, not just third world
    countries. And the reason why people refuse to vaccinate their children is
    the exact same reason why people believe reptilians are trying to take over
    our government and the world, and why they believe the World Trade Center
    attack and the Sandy Hook attack were staged by their own government to
    control them.

  15. But they cut food stamps here and give money to the military and others
    countries , and let people starve here and people dying here,there are so
    many homeless people here and kids here that dont have food or a place to
    lay their head ! Help the needy in america first !

  16. Here Bill Nye makes an error, a big one comming from him. “There is the
    data” he , says, when he links the decrease in mortality rates with aid. It
    is true that the data shows that poverty and child mortality figures are
    improving fast in Africa.But saying that aid is the cause of that decrease
    is going too far. There are other possible causes that could explain the
    decrease of these figures like the decrease in the number of wars taking
    place in the continent, the international trade or the smart applications
    of new technology like cellphones.

  17. Of course you didn’t think of it you idiot. Of course you didn’t know,
    because you get your news from the little circle jerk group of friends you
    have. If you once in awhile looked outside your little circle jerk of
    information you would have realized this. The foreign aid that is being
    sent should be doing alot more bill nye is completely wrong. The brunt of
    the foreigh aid is diverted to political chronies and dictators. If foreign
    aid were spent on teaching people how to fish instead of sending them fish
    over and over then it would have a bigger effect.

    You just exposed yourself for the fucking phony bum you are. You have
    exposed yourself for just how stupid and uninformed you are. You had to
    wait for a fuckin Bill Nye video for kindergarteners to figure out this
    shit. Man you fucking phony little rat bumm. You have NO RIGHT to
    condescend the way you do all of the time if you do not know these simple
    things without watching TreeHouse TV. 

  18. Your line of argument is flawed, simply saving lives doesn’t improve
    anything. It would lead to overpopulation and further starvation and people
    who are starving logically have weaker immune systems and will eventually
    fall sick, anyways. Your “America first” argument is also curious, I mean,
    39% of the world’s military expenditure comes from the US ($1,753 bn), in
    comparison, China only contributes with 9% and they have the world’s
    largest military forces. You surely don’t need all that military power to
    defend your country, do you? When is the last time someone directly
    attacked US territory militarily? Pearl Harbor? (because terrorist attacks
    can’t be prevented with an army, they don’t count) So why not cut some of
    that budget and designate it to “starving children” in Detroit and the
    like. You’d sure enough have something left over for developing aid.
    Because if you say “America first”, then why bother to spend so much money
    on the military, which you almost exclusively deploy abroad – officially
    out of altruistic reasons, mostly “freedom” and “democracy” (by the way
    this “selfless mission” hasn’t worked out since WWII).

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