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  1. This might be one of the earliest love nest and all is forgiven if you
    can’t be politically worrect with the term..

  2. I don’t mean to sound mean nor harsh but please do not put some one in the
    public eye in that position. If carls and her family are against gay
    rights, oh well; if they are for gay rights, more power to them. Be fair,
    plus you are not going to get a truthful answer a lot of times because it
    is morally incorrect to be prejudice towards gays and races; a lot of
    people are going to say they love everyone and everything, to avoid
    conflict and consequences! Love someone for their flaws, as well as their
    perfections! Plus this episode is supposed to be about multiracial
    relationships; if it was about same sex, wouldn’t it be a same sex couple
    and episode?

  3. It’s interesting carlie avoided answering the gay marriage question though.
    I’ve always wondered what the Butler’s family views on gay relationships
    are, especially as their very religious.

  4. I lol’d at ‘biracial couples’. Because the term ‘biracial’ is more of a
    descriptor for people who have mixed race heritage i.e. a black mom & an
    asian dad. The word you’d want in this case is interracial. LOL!

  5. I actually love biracial couples. I think they are beautiful. I see a lot
    of people saying things like “I like him, but he won’t like me ’cause I’m
    {insert race here}.” And such at school and in my community. It’s very
    diverse, but I noticed that a lot of people stick to their own cultural
    groups. It’s really sad to see. 

  6. I’m from Singapore and we’ve got so many races here. I’m Chinese and
    boyfriend’s Filipino. We get hostile stares every now and then even though
    there are so many multiracial couples and families here. It’s really sad
    that people won’t see each other as equals 🙁

  7. My niece is four and she is white and she has a black friend. I asked her
    after watching this if she knew that she had a black friend. She simply
    said “no I don’t have a black friend I just have a friend” it is that

  8. It’s so true about what Carlie said when cooper first saw someone that
    wasn’t his skin color, because I was raised in a mostly black community
    until I moved to a different city in 5th grade, to a all white school and
    that was my first time seeing a other race that wasn’t my skin color.

  9. As a (pale ginger) white who’s dating a black man race comes up often. I’ve
    grown up with people with many different skin tones, and me too it’s just a
    part of them like stating they have have brown eyes and red hair. For
    myself, I don’t notice when people stare at my boyfriend and I, but he
    does. It really doesn’t bother me. But i know sometimes it bothers him. I
    just hate it when people say, “oh, he’s white wash.” WTF That bothers me.
    And of course gingers have no soul nonsense.

  10. What happened to doing 5 videos a week? Like the motivational Monday, etc.?
    🙁 I was looking forward to those!

  11. There definitely is a difference between states and even small cities and
    big cities when it comes to how people treat other races. I visited my
    mother in La Follette, TN a very small city and they have signs posted
    every where saying negative things about black people. Thank goodness my
    mother hates it there and it trying to move, I never want to visit that
    town again.

  12. I am married to a wonderful black man and we’ve lived in a few places all
    over the States, one being Boise, ID. We have experienced lots of different
    reactions to being married and now we have three girls. There definitely
    are a lot of people who have issues with it, but usually I find it is
    because people haven’t been exposed. Once people are exposed it doesn’t
    seem to be a problem. We experienced the worst racism in NYC, Upper East
    Side, where we lived!

  13. I’m black and my bf is white like who cares its about love but I know
    people in my family will have a problem with it which is wrong .

  14. This set really bothers me. It’s all light and pink and pretty. But then
    there are harsh black curtains with a red tie, and big masculine bulky
    leather couches. It all seems to clash in the wrong ways. I’ve watched a
    couple episodes of this, and it’s just not suiting the aesthetic of a girly
    “love nesty” motif IMO. Anyone else out there agree? Also I am so glad Dot
    was on this episode. Seems kind of random though with the topic. She
    carried herself nicely though. Im always a Datev fan.

  15. i don’t like how these is now an issue with the cheerios advert, its
    something which shouldn’t be a problem

  16. I clicked on Carlie’s video mostly because of Dot. I don’t really watch her
    vlogs but i sometimes see her in the CTFXC vlogs.

  17. I’m not saying Britain is perfect but pretty much everyone thinks the BNP
    is a joke.. They started a fight at their own gathering for fucks sake 😛
    Oh and we also had the monster raving loony party, soo yea pretty much
    anyone seems to be able to form a party here xD

  18. Could you do an episode on how often to have an orasm? I think it’s a huge
    part of our well being and it is not talked about anywhere. I want to know
    how often each person has one so I can see how it affect their moods over
    time. I think it’s rediculoous that it stays uder the rug. anyway

  19. Might want to read the constitution before making claims on constitutional
    rights. Sad thing is politics should have never attempted to define
    marriage or provide legal benefits to a “married” couple.

  20. because we have a whole bunch of races and it’s ok:) we never thought it
    was weird to see another race like cooper did it’s sad that kids are raised
    in that mindset:/

  21. I am ureently dating someone from a different race (he’s guyanese and im
    filipino). And while my family is a bit more open about it, his family
    isnt. I find it a bit heartbreaking that we have to hide our relationship
    from his family. We both were born in different cultures and we find that
    it actually brings us a bit closer by sharing our cultures

  22. That does not mean that there is less negative racial sentiment in British
    society. Britain has BNP, a prominent far-right white nationalist party;
    represented in the European Parliament. The U.S does not have any white
    nationalist representation sitting in the government. David Cameron
    publicly stated that “multiculturalism is a disaster” and that it should
    come to halt. If an American representative said this, he/she would face a
    tremendous backlash.

  23. Every race has had some racist act/saying put toward them. Not one race has
    it worse. Its ridiculous to act like “Whites” don’t understand because they
    haven’t had to deal with it. That’s straight up bull. Or “browns” don’t
    understand what “blacks” go through. Racism isn’t just a “white ” thing

  24. So sad to hear Datev say she’s just a “daily vlogger” while her co-guest
    says he’s a filmmaker and she got an actual film degree

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