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  1. *It’s videos like this that will leave NO DOUBT in your mind that Judgment
    is indeed coming SOON!* (What’s wrong with people? Protesting Russia’s
    ban on Homosexual Propaganda to Minors? THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH WHAT

  2. is it true that gay,black people and nazi are not allowed in Russian for
    Olympic that what i heard.

  3. Unless someone is incredibly drunk, psychotic, or starved for physical
    contact, they are not going to be attracted to someone they don’t find
    attractive. It’s illogical to believe that anyone would choose to have sex
    with someone that repulsed them, risk a deadly disease, homophobia,
    religious shunning, violence and all that a gay man has to endure, for
    what? Check out heterosexual porn sites and see who’s having the most anal
    sex – straight people.

  4. as I said, it is porsonal and everybody is judged by every Idol word. If
    you don`t believe it, fine with me, I told you so why should I care .

  5. I’m sick of Russophobia, if we want to bash a country for its record on
    so-called “gay rights” then let’s target Saudi Arabia, let’s target the
    REAL den of thieves and paedophillia, the House Of Saud.

  6. And that’s why adults – mature, logical, rational, unprejudiced… like you
    – have to speak on their behalf, right? So it then becomes a question of
    just which group gets to speak on the children’s behalf: the homophobes,
    the homophiles, the ‘homo-tolerant’, or those who are undecided? In western
    Europe the homophiles appear to have the upper hand in debates over the
    issue, whilst in eastern Europe it seems the homophobes having the upper
    hand. I think tolerance is slowly overcoming bigotry.

  7. I don’t hate homosexuality, I feel neutral towards other persons sexual
    orientation. Look in west having the dispute like we have is taboo! Having
    single doubt that homosexuality is a gift rather than defect is not
    possible in public.. due to exactly oposite pro-homosexual propaganda from
    all the organization and powerful homosexual lobies.. is this democracy?
    When it’s not ok to discuss something.

  8. We are not saying Russia is a homophobe country, even if 56% of its
    population are against homosexuality because of ignorance and influence of
    the church. We only are against a law that pretends wanting to ‘protect’
    ‘children’ from homosexuality but it is actually used to justify
    homophobia. I think Russia is a great country that have defended human
    rights lots of times, but this law is a shame, a fucking shame!

  9. Of course, we all know that gays are killed daily in Russia. This is
    stupid. Many notorious or powerful gay russians were gay. Deal with your
    history. I can deal with the Orthodox Church anytime. I have completely
    decorticated the Leviticus and what those jews really meant, as what
    St-Paul meant by “arsenokoites”. It is time for the Orthodox Church of
    Russia to be updated on biblical interpretation.

  10. if i tell an other Christian: the bible says don`t put any marks on your
    body, so don`t get a tatoo, it`s perfectly right. the decition than is up
    to you. if i say the bible says homosexuality is sodomy and an abomination
    in gods eyes, it is right too. we can`t be Christian and Twist the the
    words in the bible if we want to be Christian. you can be a homosexual, but
    than you are not a Christian.

  11. Mary had a little lamb, It’s fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that
    Mary went the lamb was sure to go.

  12. What consenting adults do in private is their business, but promoting it to
    children is “grooming” them plain and simple.

  13. They were romantic couples in ancient Greece too. People only want to see
    the bad size. There is no way any form of sexual ritualization should be
    ok, never mind if that ritualization involves gay or straight sex. Today
    some women are raped for sex rituals. It’s wrong. But there were much more
    greek gays because that aspect had been emancipated. That, is not wrong.
    It’s being honest with your body. Most people should be able to explore
    what they are attracted from in sexuality.

  14. As Kinsey scientifically reported, on the sexual orientation spectrum,
    there would be a potential of up to 13% predominently gay people in the
    population (right now between 4% to 6% gays in western countries depending
    which we talk about, so there is place for emancipation), and up to 30%
    very bisexual people, potentially. Nearly half the population would be able
    to grasp a samesex phantasm, but it’s not emancipated. Greek is a special
    case of homosex used as a ritualization of manhood.

  15. The fact that you only rely on RT for you news in 2013 is absolutely
    pathetic. There are plenty of other excellent/ Better news outlets that
    have addressed those issues in and out as well as Russia blatant corruption
    problems, archaic policies and the mother lands decaying society.

  16. We don’t need to have blue-sky hairs be proven natural to tolerate people
    who want to dye their hairs blue-sky. But if you insist there are many good
    starting points and links in the article Biology And Sexual Orientation on
    Wikipedia. For example the suprachiasmatic nucleus is generally found
    larger in gay men (itself larger in men than women). Whatever causes that,
    it’s a biological effect. Some thinks that it might even make gays more
    intelligent because the circardian rhythm is accelerated.

  17. Disagree. In some region of ancient Greece gay relationship between minor
    and senior men was promoted as part of local tradition and gay behavior was
    common. Check Xenophon records about Greek mercenaries fighting in Iran.
    Generals had to take special measures to release prisoner boys from the
    Greek army camp as they were consuming supplies being so numerous. What
    about large scale homosexual sex assaults in prisons? All gays by nature?

  18. Also, the russian law makes it sound like the streets belong to the
    children. Really the children are kings over there if everybody in the
    streets act regarding how they would be perceived if kids were passing
    there. This is moronic. If an adult hates gays so much, at least forbid gay
    public kissing because you hate it as an adult. Don’t use your children.

  19. im liberal… but still agree with your point. Russia is heaven for gays
    compared to the middle east. not all liberals are stupid fucks… same goes
    for Conservatives. .

  20. I guess this law apply to more explicit material, like Tatu band music clip
    depicting homosexual teenage girls and that kind of video clips. Those
    would get 18+ rated and if translated on public TV would be move to 00:00
    night time…nothing else come to mind.

  21. As a gay man, who just celebrated 32 years with my partner, I am eternally
    grateful to live in a modern country, that is secular and educated. Rudolph
    Nureyev left a russia due to communism, today he’d still have to leave
    because he was gay. RUSSIA still a country to avoid. Pity.

  22. My bad, it’s just easier to refer to the U.S. as America. And I’m not
    saying it’s only Americans complaining about it, i’m saying the vast
    majority of people being vocal about it are Americans. Nor am I justifying
    the things Russia is doing at the moment. But what I am saying is that the
    U.S. committed acts of genocide and plenty of other human-rights
    violations, so U.S. citizens who want to be critical of other nations
    should reflect on their own history and make up for it, first.

  23. If you think homosexuality decimated Ancient Greece, the Romans, or the
    Assyrians, think again. Catholics banned gay marriage in 342 (Theodosian
    Code), and started killing gays (perhaps because gay emperors used to
    killed them years before), but Rome was still a power many years after
    that. If gays were emancipated in Russia, you’d get no more than 4% max, at
    the rate you are going with sexual liberties, so there’s no way that would
    affect anything regarding the poor rates of russian babies.

  24. biology suggests reproduction to me ,it should be taught after 16 yrs or
    legal age for consent ,12 for vatican state for example

  25. My ancestors didn’t fight for ignorant americanized pederasts to kiss each
    other in public. If you want respect- you should begin with respecting
    yourself and others.

  26. why are you so angry, I just quoted the bible. It is the book on which the
    Christian faith is built. I did not write it but it is written in there. So
    where is the mistake I make? you don`t have to be a Christian it is a free
    choice. I don`t tell you to become a Christian, God is not a dictator. But
    if you want to be a Christian, you have to play by the book. we are no
    Christian if we are homosexual.

  27. Yes, because Putin contradicts himself… at least U.S have been consequent
    with its disgusting politics

  28. Why do you think there are more men in middle east than women? Don’t you
    think people try not to have women in a world where they are ostracized?
    These laws will NOT make russians more happy, but make them more bitter,
    trying to fit a mold and scrutinizing anyone that doesn’t fit that mold.
    It’s KGB era again (yippeah). People will just get depressed and kill
    themselves. No fun living in a place where you can’t even make a gay joke.

  29. Of course when a people live in fear of being oppressed, there will be more
    and more people wanting to fit a mold and not liberate themselves and be
    who they truly are. Gosh…You hate homosexuality sooo much that you want
    everyone to suffer because of it, and fear what their peers might think of
    them. Yes, if a teenage feels is gay, he should explore that part of him or
    her. As I said, Kinsey scientifically predicted no more than 13% top
    “predominently gays” in a sexually emancipated society.

  30. lest boycott qatar world cup because of their laws plus lest boycott saudi
    oil because of their rights.Why just pick on russia

  31. Most greeks men didn’t feel like having sex with other men made them
    homosexuals, because most greeks were in fact bisexual (with non-bisexual
    straight men probably acting out to not feel outweirded by the others).
    They only had an order set for things of sexual nature, different ages
    allowing different sexual roles and positions, which is stupid. You can’t
    promote a sexual orientation. You can only promote a sex ritual and precise
    code of social conduct. That is very different.

  32. Go and look up the state of Gay rights in Zimbabwe, as well as many Arab
    countries …This fellow is totally right!

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