3 Comments on “Blasphemy is Crazy, Ideas do NOT have rights”

  1. @Jeff0314 OK, let me phrase it this way. If a blasphemy law in a given
    country forbids you from mocking a certain religious belief, would you
    agree that the law is, in effect, protecting that idea (from public
    criticism)? I think that you and I agree that ‘rights’ are (or should be)
    for people, not for ideas. But I think that blasphemy laws do give
    quasi-rights (protections) to ideas (the laws protect religious ideas by
    making it illegal to criticize those ideas). Don’t those laws protect ideas?

  2. @Jeff0314 You agree with me in supporting free speech as an important human
    right. But your comments also imply that it makes no sense for me to point
    out that while people have rights the actual ideas do NOT have rights. The
    reason I point this out is that there are indeed countries where IDEAS are
    protected by law (e.g. blasphemy laws) even when such legal protection for
    ideas clearly impinges on the free speech rights of the people. See
    cartoonist “Bahadır Baruter” in Turkey, facing jail.

  3. @Jeff0314 Excellent explanation. I know what you mean now; thanks. I agree
    that the cartoonist in Turkey is not facing jail just for ‘having the
    idea’, but rather the ‘crime’ is for expressing the idea (in his case his
    cartoon poked fun at Islam). Still, I think that the blasphemy laws do
    protect ideas, by making it illegal to openly question/critique/mock/etc.
    those ideas. Thus, I stand by my perspective that such laws give deference
    to protected ideas above/over people’s rights to free speech

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