14 Comments on “Boehner’s Blank Check to Anti-Gay Lawyers: April 11, This Week in Prop 8”

  1. If only my reps. in DC would listen to me! Sadly, one of my reps. is Steve
    King & he ignores me & sends me form letters telling me how opposed he is
    to me (as a Gay man)! Though, why don’t we start a campaign calling
    virulently anti-Gay politicians what they are: “Gay Bashers”, because
    they’re using the law to BASH us & oppress us! Gods, I still can’t believe
    that Gallagher was SO publicly insensitive to declare that “the sky didn’t
    fall” when Marriage Equality was invalidated! WTF?!

  2. @breakingthisdown because judges should distance themselves as much as much
    as possible from the social/political process outside the judiciary, else
    risk self-recusal, or at least accusations thereof. The anti-gay right
    would have a field day with a video like that and stoke up more backlash.
    Why make progress more difficult than it needs to be?

  3. It’s great that Boehner is so committed to what’s important. While he could
    go off on petty things like the deficit or unemployment he’s instead
    focusing on DOMA and defunding Planned Parenthoot and NPR.

  4. Another Great video. I always learn a lot from your videos big fan here.
    Good for all the Democrats for putting preasure on the Republicans. I hope
    the federal government will get ride of DOMA. Good for Delaware I hope RI
    gets together behind Marriage Equality…I thought we skipped 2010 so that
    we could all work together in 2012. WTF

  5. Matt Baume is either clueless or uninterested about his own reports. Just
    last January, he reported that he called EQCA and they told him that a
    return to the ballot was not even on their radar. Is the sudden change just
    a cynical effort to raise money, or did EQCA simply show incompetence by
    failing to even think about the issue until 18 months b4 election day?
    Maybe Baume will pick up the phone and try to find out. But I doubt it.

  6. LOL, so they worry about bias w/cases involving homosexuals and a possibly
    gay judge, but they sure as hell don’t complain when it’s involving the

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