4 Comments on “Boston bypass group wins local election”

  1. I have lived in Boston for 43 years … time to leave! Boston is just full
    of foreigners and traffic. Could the last Bostonian please switch off the
    lights! I won’t miss it!

  2. 2011 still no Bypass lots of broken promises many ship jumpers from there
    farce party.Won’t fool public again.

  3. I did move, I now live in Cornwall and really love it but even down here,
    foreigners are about (not as bad as Boston though)I still visit Boston as I
    have lots of friends there and to remind me why I left. I have noticed more
    and more ‘shops’ being foreign owned in Boston every time I go back …..
    this is how things started in Bradford etc!

  4. Right on brother, I often wonder which country I’m living in. English is
    the second language here now!

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