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  1. It’s cruel and backwards of you to try and convince someone that there is
    something wrong with the way they were born. No one chooses homosexuality
    any more than one chooses how tall you are. You’re “against homosexuality”?
    Why? Because the god of teh Bible says so? The same god in the same Bible
    who ordered and condoned rape and slavery? I thought so. Fuck off with your
    bully words to the gays, and your bully god.

  2. Actually, statisticlaly the 10% figure for Homosexuality has been disproven
    for years. 1.5% is more accurate. That said, that isnt how stats work. By
    this logic then because ispanics comprise around 20% of the population int
    he US, this means that every Church has 20% Latinos in its congregations.
    Thatisnt hwo socal dynamics work.

  3. I was just curious as to 1) how you would explain these beliefs to them,
    assuming that you believe that if they are not saved, they will suffer in
    hell for eternity, and 2) if you were an all-powerful being, capable of
    love and judgement, but also a loving father of children whom you had
    raised from infants, would you intentionally send them to eternal torture
    after death if they did not worship you as you wished? This also works for
    mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, etc. Your answer?

  4. There are already GLBT Christians. Most of them just belong to churches
    that don’t preach that something that they were born with is an abomination
    and going to send them to hell.

  5. But without further studies we cant knwo for sure. But thats the thing,
    we’re limited by what we know. You dont have evidence to back yoru claim,
    just accusatiosn abotu reparative therapy and personal feelings of several
    pople givign testamony. That is not how Science works.

  6. I just dont see how you can look at the bible and the religious community
    and somehow see you are accepted. As an atheist i have no problem with gays
    and am not saying you are doing anything wrong, it is perfectly natural.
    But Christianity and Islam say it is a sin and you will rot in hell for
    eternity for being gay. How you feel this spirit in you is beyond me. Maybe
    its just your gay juices flowing.

  7. One thing that is true about gay people, is that they are the most judging.
    You can’t even say something is gay anymore, with the intention to say it
    is stupid. Gays don’t deserve to be treated special one bit, they deserve
    to be treated like everyone else. We shouldn’t be worried about slipping up
    every once in a while and saying the wrong thing. And being gay is a
    choice, not something you are born with

  8. Exactly, but you got one thing wrong, there is a spot for everyone in
    heaven, and once you repent for your sins and finally accept him into your
    life, you will be saved. It doesn’t matter if you are on earth or in hell,
    everyone still has that chance

  9. There is no actual evidenc that transgenderism even exist, much les that
    its inborn. The only Evidence” you have are brain scans, which can be
    explaiend a myriad of ways. You don’t have any direct evidence that peopel
    are born with the wrogn sex.

  10. This is of coruse a repetition of propaganda from pro-gay websites, that
    ignroes even the name of the Gene they claim causes Homosexuality. The Gene
    is Xq28, and even the BBC has a report that Xq28. has no impact on
    Sexuality, either direclty or indireclty by affectign the mother. In fact,
    this is old news that Xq28 is not linke to Homosexuality, as Bailey in 1999
    and McKnight and Malcolm in 2000 found no correlation. COmntinued below.

  11. I’ve thought about that, but I never have because I don’t want His word to
    ruin our physical relationship. Does that make sense? If I read something
    in The Bible I don’t agree with, it might make me look at my Heavenly
    Father differently. If that happens I just don’t think the time he spends
    coming inside me will be the same. I am basically addicted to the feeling
    of Him coming inside me because the warm and tingly feeling is so amazing.
    I just can’t lose that.

  12. I’d be hard pressed to analogize your stupid book to Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the
    best-selling novel of the 19th century and the second best-selling book of
    that century, following the Bible. In fact, UTC was so popular that the
    author met, in person, the then-president of the United States of America.
    So, I’ll eat crow when this putz shakes Obama’s hand, but until then he’s a
    delusional jackass with egotism galore.

  13. Also, if God has a problem with me being gay, why am I able to feel the
    spirit of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when I go to church. When I take
    the sacrament, I feel at peace with myself. If I was doing something wrong,
    I don’t think I would feel so content when I am at church.

  14. I am an openly gay member of the LDS Church. I go to church every Sunday
    and I always kiss my boyfriend in the foyer because I want the other
    members to get used to it. I get the occasional dirty look, but I don’t go
    there for other people. I go there to be close to my Heavenly Father and to
    feel the spirit of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  15. I understand what you are saying. You have never read the holy book of the
    god you believe in yet you believe it. A little close minded dont you think?

  16. I’m not ignorign any evidence, but you havent presented nay evidence, just
    routine propaganda from polemic writers on the net. You havent even cited a
    since actual Journal, just regular regurtetated arguments. No evidence
    exists that transgenderism even exists as a Physical trait, much less that
    one is born with it. All we knwo i thst brisns in some ( and not all )
    “transgendered persons” are shapd differently, with no cause for that

  17. The gay gene for homosexual men is thought to be attached to the X
    chromosome and is passed on form the mother to the son. The gene is not
    believed to effect the son, but instead effects the mother, making her more
    likely to get pregnant, but at a higher chance of having a gay son. Its
    believed that the gene effects hormonal levels in the womb during key
    periods making it more likely the brain of the baby will develop with the
    typically female sexual attraction to males. continued…

  18. I love how you claim a group of people are judgmental – though I do hope
    you see how idiotic your statement is. You can’t make sweeping statements
    about people whilst chastising them for supposedly being the same. As for
    your comment regarding the usage of the word gay as an insult, you have to
    understand that it’s such usage that is indicative of some people’s
    attitudes to the LGBT community – they’re treated as second class (at
    best), the rest treat them as an abomination.

  19. The thing is though, they take that stuff as an insult even though it is
    not directed towards them. They should just leave it alone, rether than
    having to but in and make it a problem. This is the reason why i don’t like
    some gay people, but not all of them do this, and those are the ones i

  20. uh… huh … in the words of potholer54 “I don’t need a 6 inch **** in my
    *** to tell me it’s not for me” maybe you should rethink your stance on the
    whole “it’s a choice” thing not that there is anything wrong with being gay
    but no straight man would make surch an argument. 🙂

  21. I think people are getting the wrong idea about what “anti-gays” really
    want. I’m against homosexuality, but certainly not the person. I see
    nothing that is brainwashing about showing someone a bible verse and
    letting them think about that. Unfortunately, there are many others against
    homosexuality who are to aggressive and are actually going to far.

  22. Michael Brown most likely has never even seen a cabin because he currently
    still lives in the closet.

  23. But don’t you want to be assured you are in a correct relationship with
    him? It would seem to me that if you really love him and want to follow
    him, then you would his commandments.

  24. Well we have to think about what makes someone a man or a woman, is it
    whats between there legs, is it they have a y chromosome or is it how there
    brains are structured. There are cases were a XY person is born with a
    female brain and body or an XX person born with a male brain and body so
    genes is not an absolute. So its really between the brain and the body, so
    the question is what is it that make you you? continued…

  25. You’re stupid for going to church, not for being gay. There is no god, or
    gods, let alone the ridiculous space creature, and non-existent peoples
    that the criminal Joseph Smith created.

  26. The people that do this are the ones that decide to be gay for attention
    reasons. The ones that decide to be gay act the part. They wear girl
    clothes when they are men and just act ridicoulous. Gays shouldn’t be
    dressing like they are the opposite sex neither should they be acting like
    it. They should just be normal and act like their own gender. And don’t
    give me this bullshit saying they don’t have a choice, they can choose how
    they dress and how they act, some just take it too far

  27. Ok, yes, this guy is a religious wingnut, but he really did come across as
    compassionate in this clip.

  28. One is true, God doesnt hate gay people or send them to hell just for being
    gay. The reason one doesnt get into heaven is because they havent accepted
    Jesus as their savior and into their heart. Once you have done so, he is
    with you forever guiding you. So a gay person will get into heaven, but I
    just dont get how someone can be gay and have done all these things. So
    dont listen to that B.S. saying God hates gays, its just the fact that if
    you dont accept him, he wont accept you

  29. i find it hard to believe that people are still hung up about people being
    gay. CMON DUDE! we are way to advanced to still be arguing about this. its
    never going to change ever. you might as well go shove your book up your
    ass because its not going to change anything…and if your so called “god”
    is so loving then why would it mind having a gay person following its
    religion. people can be so dumb sometime. and this is coming from a 16 year

  30. If you really loved Jesus and God then read his inspired word! Learn about
    him! How can you love something you know nothing about? How do you know
    what he wants from you?

  31. I would argue that what makes you who you are is your brain. now a study of
    transgendered women’s brains showed that they are structured like women’s
    brains and not like the brains of gay men or straight men. so if its our
    brains that make us who we are and transgender women have female brains
    would that not make them literally woman trapped in a man bodies? so to say
    they are just men in dresses is insulting and ignores the complexity of
    this issue.

  32. There is only one reason I need to prove being gay is wrong. You can’t
    reproduce with the same gender. Everything is about the survival of a
    species. Dumbass

  33. Can you ebven name an actual legitimat study that confirms this? Or is this
    liek hwo I dont know abotu the Gay gene and how sicnetists say it works?
    Some thign your parrotign from websites that arent run by Scientists?
    becaue I want to see the actual evidence you keep sayinfg exists myself.

  34. I’m not sure I understand what you are saying. I don’t think I’m close
    minded, though. I am a highly intelligent person. I graduated from high
    school when I was 18 years old, and my parents encouraged me to have an
    open mind. The only reason I go to church is because it feels absolutely
    AMAZING to have my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ come inside me.

  35. The only way he will get such an “outpouring” is if he enforces it through
    the barrel of a gun. Pretty much no LGBT person will so willingly go to be
    abused by those that hate them.

  36. “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” —
    Leviticus 18:22. If you ever do decide to question faith. Heres just a
    taste of what your god says about you. Where is the love??

  37. I know there is a God because I feel Him close to me every time I go to
    church. It makes me feel so good inside when I feel the spirit of my Lord
    and Savior Jesus Christ. Sometimes it feels so amazing that I have to get
    up and leave sacrament for a few minutes. Just because you can’t feel the
    spirit of the Lord doesn’t mean He isn’t there. I don’t know much about
    Joseph Smith, but I’m sure he was a decent guy. I just go to church to feel
    close to my Heavenly Father. That’s all that matters.

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