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  1. The irony of what these ‘Christian’ supporters of the US Constitution often
    overlook is Article 6 Section 3 which reads that ‘the senators and
    representatives before-mentioned, and the members of the several state
    legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United
    States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to
    support this constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as
    a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States’.

    Since Fisher’s Sponsors constantly lobby the US government for benefits and
    privileges, and to have their corporations to have absolutely equal rights
    as citizens, they should have no right whatsoever to call America a
    ‘Christian’ nation. The Treaty of Tripoli says something similar as well.

  2. While it would take too long to address all the foolishness and lies Bryan
    Fischer made in just that short clip such as the fact most of the founders
    were not Christians, or how they really felt about the belief when you
    read their personal letters.
    Bryan Fischer pulls from his, well ass that “99.8% of the population were
    Christians” this is of course a great display of his ability to lie and
    his prejudice. The fact is that by population the vast number of people
    were Native Americans who were not Christians but in Bryan Fischer eyes ‘
    not real Americans” or humans, next in some states like South Carolina
    there were 140,178 white people and 107,094 who he would not consider
    “real” Americans . If the African Americans were Christians it was like the
    slavery, forced on them.

  3. You fight it by being a decent human being, and searching for the truth
    that can be supported by facts, and not because someone else tells you. If
    God exists, and he’s a just and reasonable entity, he shouldn’t care that
    you paid him lip service for years, he should care that you lived a good
    life. But let’s face facts, he doesn’t exist, and the people most likely
    to invoke his name for their agenda know it too, but it’s such a well
    established cover story that they couldn’t come up with something better if
    they tried.
    So what you’re going to find in this information age where bunk can be
    disproved almost instantly after its spouted is that the religious tyrants
    across the globe will become increasingly marginalized as more and more
    people see through it, and as their influence wanes, and their batshit
    crazy notions get tossed to the wayside is things like this, desperate
    pleas to cling onto the embers of their former glory, and accusations of
    oppression, which for them means that they’ll no longer have the ability to
    oppress others.

  4. You can analyse the population all you want, but to analyse amendments, you
    must actually analyse in their context in law.

  5. So, He’s just saying straight up what he has always meant when talking
    about “freedom of religion”. Eventually he may admit that he believes
    religious freedom protects only his variety of Christianity, not all

    He’s just pimping himself to become the new profit I mean prophet of the
    Anti-Christ, when Pat Robertson finally kicks the proverbial bucket.

  6. If the founders really meant religion = Christianity, than the
    establishment clause means Congress shall make no law respecting the
    establishment of Christianity. With that, can we now put to rest this
    notion that the United States was founded upon Christianity?

  7. It was the Jews that gave birth to Christians, and for him to make them
    look different is horrible. It’s a sudo white nationalist view to divide
    people and people like him should stop.

  8. DAVID! When are you going to stop putting abortion in the same category as
    being homosexual?! That is the most offensive thing ever to gay people.
    Gay people is not an act, it is not a choice, it does not involve the
    taking of human life…homosexuals are homosexual from birth, it is
    genetic, it is not a choice, it is not an act, it does not involve any
    other human being WHATSOEVER! I know you are heterosexual, but you need to
    get it straight! Gay does not equal abortion!!!!!!

  9. *Perpetual head desk* If they wanted to just protect Christianity, they
    would have stated that they were protecting Christianity. The founders came
    from a country that was killing people of the wrong religion. England was
    full of mass graves of the “wrong” Christians. To ensure this didn’t
    happen, they gave the right to practice or not practice any religion you
    wanted. Freedom of religion is just that. Then there is the fact that many
    of the founding fathers didn’t like Christianity and some even hated it and
    viewed it as a poison. Many of the founding fathers were deists. People
    like Brian are dangerous. They are promoting theocracy by saying out right
    that their religion is the only one that matters and should be protected.
    Many religious people are already weak minded and sheepish enough to
    believe this. Enough maybe to even try and take more rights away from
    others that the religious right has been doing. 

  10. Before anyone misquotes it, here’s an excerpt of a letter from Thomas
    Jefferson talking about bigotry and religion. Read the whole letter, it’s
    all over the internet.

    “Those who live by mystery & charlatanerie, fearing you would render them
    useless by simplifying the Christian philosophy — the most sublime and
    benevolent, but most perverted system that ever shone on man — endeavored
    to crush your well-earned & well-deserved fame.”

    -Thomas Jefferson
    Letter to Joseph Priestly
    March 21,1801

  11. So the government cant establish Christianity but it can, say, make a
    Muslim state? Look either the guy is pathologiaclly stupid or he is a
    disingenuous asshole – either way WHY THE FUCK ARE PEOPLE PAYING ATTENTION
    TO HIM?

  12. 99.8% Christian & 0.2% Jews? What was the percentage of slaves and what
    religion were they? Were they Christians or Jews?

  13. His religious demographics are off: I think he’s forgetting all the
    american indians, african slaves and enlightenment deists.
    But, even more important, the establishment clause isn’t about protecting
    religion at all. It’s about protecting society from having a single
    religion imposed on it. It’s about protecting us from the “establishment”
    of “a” religion.
    This term, in relation to religion, comes from England.
    Remember, Bryan, that’s the country we were fighting a war against? England
    was trying to force the government religion (The Church of England or
    “Anglicanism”) on all it’s citizens and it “established” Anglicanism as the
    state religion.
    Pick up a book, Bryan, you goddamn liar.

  14. The Founders were aware that religions other than Christianity existed in
    the world and they did not specify Christianity only but religion
    generally. There is no reason to think the Founders meant Christianity only
    when they wrote the First Amendment. This is nothing more than Fischer
    pandering to his politically self serving Christian right listeners. It is
    also dangerous because it countermands the very essence of the First
    Amendment’s intended protections of religious Freedom in America. Such a
    stance is also undemocratic since it excludes segments of the population –
    including natural born US citizens – and sets up the undermining of other
    important guarantees of Freedoms. For example, if we can restrict the
    application of Constitutional protections to Christians only, what prevents
    the restriction of Freedom of Speech to Christians only? After all, most of
    the US citizenry were Christians when Freedom of Speech was included in the
    Constitution (also in the First Amendment), so why should this essential
    Freedom extend to anyone who isn’t a Christian? But the fact of the matter
    is that the Constitution was written as a document of inclusion valuing the
    democratic processes as well as debate of issues for developing policy all
    of which demands inclusion and participation of all of the citizenry.
    Fischer advocates for an elitist position for Christians within society an
    government which necessarily requires the exclusion of non-Christians. 

  15. It’s a bit sad ridiculing a senile old boy’s ramblings – we are pretty sure
    that the founding fathers would have said Christian and not Religious
    freedom if thats what they wanted – they were not stupid

  16. Bryan Fischer lives in that ever growing world of people that are dumber
    than fucking trees. Can’t wait for his heart attack! 

  17. WHO FUCKING CARES! In the founders eyes, the 1st amendment also only
    applied to white men! The founders accomplished a lot of great
    things…they were also living in an extremely fucked up bigoted time! This
    is all moot anyways because THE 14TH AMENDMENT requires equal protection
    under the law and bans government depriving anyone of life, liberty, or

  18. “The government shall make no law respecting an establishment of
    religion….” This is a rejection of religion. Just like everyone else,
    Christian Fascists must abide by the letter of the law as it is written and
    not what they decide it means.

  19. I wish people would stop acting like they fucking knew what the founding
    fathers of America were thinking at the time the country was formed. 

  20. O my dear Mr. Fischer, you’ve just stepped into a pile of shit you can’t
    wipe off your shoe. 

  21. This just makes me laugh, no one can still be taking Bryan Fischer
    seriously can they?

    I hope people realize that if the First Amendment doesn’t protect “Islam,
    Judaism and Atheism” then it doesn’t protect anyone from anything. It
    would be a pointless paragraph since it would only protect Christianity and
    thus creates a theocracy. It would enforce Christianity by making all
    other forms of believe, or a lack there of, non-protected speech. Crazy
    ol’ Bryan… 

  22. LMAO… Bryan Fischer is such a dumb fuck mother cox sucker. The word
    Christian was used for the first time after Carter became the president.

  23. The problem is that Fischer is lumping together all the many Christians
    denominations into a single entity. At the time of the constitution’s
    drafting, it was sectarianism that was the concern – and for good reason.
    The Puritans persecuted the Baptists and the Quakers, the Calvinists
    persecuted the Methodists, and on and on.
    Simply put, if the first amendment does not apply to all religions, then it
    loses all meaning.

  24. Thumbed down, but only because David should have brought up the Treaty of

    “As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense
    founded on the Christian Religion,-as it has in itself no character of
    enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen,-and as the
    said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any
    Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising
    from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony
    existing between the two countries.”

  25. I wonder who’s got their hand up Bryan Fischer’s ass and manipulating his
    mouth? A sane person with a brain wouldn’t say such a thing.

  26. Oh my god just fucking stop. >.> This guy needs to get a fucking heart
    attack. I’m done with this fucker.

  27. These Christians are fucking retarded.

    Treaty of Tripoli / Author – United States Government, Hunter Miller, John
    Adams. May 26,1797.

    Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any
    sense, founded on the Christian religion,—

    Sorry Christians, it’s pretty fucking clear what was meant in the
    Constitution in regards to this subject. That document wouldn’t exist if
    that wasn’t the case. It’s clear as pure water, AMERICA IS NOT, IN ANY

    Fuck these religious douche bags, trying to rewrite history, seriously go
    fuck yourself. I’m so sick of this shit. Louis is right, there are many
    retards who believe this garbage. It’s disgusting and downright dishonest.

  28. If you follow that logic, the right to hold arms means muskets or whatever
    they used at that time. No modern guns and certainly no (semi) automatics.

    Also, atheism is not a religion, iggit 

  29. A religious minority fled Europe because of persecution from the dominant
    That is exactly why this is a secular democracy with separation of church
    and state. Because our founders understood from looking at Europe’s history
    religion can not be mixed with politics and vice versa.

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