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  1. No god that you speak of predates God; that’s just a ridiculous claim.

    So your telling me the people of the world have only married to gain
    political and social advantages? What social and political advantage does
    one peasant gain from marrying another peasant, what maybe a dowry of some
    sort, but that’s it. As well, no one would marry unless there was the
    assumption both persons were able to produce children, it is an incredibly
    modern, like last 90 years in the west and still not the rest of the world,
    that a marriage would not produce a child. How could a serf expect his farm
    to be maintained without children to help him farm it and then inherit the
    right to the land; the same goes to a lord, he must have a male offspring
    to inherit the keep; a carpenter needs a son to take up his trade,
    especially in Europe with guilds. Marriage is an institute to produce,
    raise and educate children, without children your land, family name and
    your own life would be put in danger. This is why gay ‘marriage’ isn’t and
    oughtn’t be a thing, for it insults and defeats the purpose of marriage. 

  2. Marriage predates the Bible. Not sure what you getting at; nothing predates
    God, which is a much better point.

    There has never been a gay “marriage” in any society ever, if you want to
    degrade marriage to a legal matter. Marriage has always been a contract
    between man and woman.

    The reason legal benefits as granted to married couples is to foster and
    assist the family unit in its purpose of raising, educating and loving
    children born of the union. 

  3. You gotta love the argument how gays have the same marriage equality as
    everyone else, which requires that you ignore the actual reason why most
    people get married in the first place. 

  4. The guy has a very myopic, ignorant view of Constitutional law: the state
    needs a legitimate interest claim to be able to discriminate… You can’t
    really even say the guy doesn’t like the law or the ruling, the fact is he
    doesn’t know shit about it….

  5. Sadly you can predict than unless something serious happens all the sudden,
    let’s say this society collapses or something, Christianity will be around
    for another 2000 years

  6. Abortion is Holocaust…hmm, I do not recall anyone trying/wanting to
    exterminate all babies. I do not think there should be any one having a
    problem with a being preventing another being from being used as life
    support w/o consent.

  7. I’m sure there wan an old whacko who thought the worshiping of Zeus would
    last forever. Come to think of it, if I had to live in a society where
    religion was ever present I’d prefer the Greek gods. A god for drinking
    wine, getting it on, etc etc. As a child I’d be “subjected” to the trails
    of Hercules as opposed to the other son of god. Hydra > Walking on Water.

  8. This jackass doesn’t seem to understand that the verbal diarrhea he spews
    forth everyday makes him and the GOP look BAD. Keep talking, Bryan. You
    only make us look better.

  9. comparing the termination of a non-viable fetus with the genocide of human
    being is monstrously vile

  10. I wish someone would just point blank ask him what would be so bad about
    same sex marriage? No one has come up with a non religious reason yet… 

  11. bryan fischer has completely missed the point of why the holocaust was a
    terrible time in human history. there is a HUUUUUGE difference between
    throwing a partially developed fetus in to an oven as opposed to throwing a
    child or adult into an oven, the difference being that one can understand
    what is happening(i.e. feel the fear) and can remember the pain and horror
    of being in the concentration camps, as opposed to a fetus which has no
    consciousness (not self-aware), memory or perception of pain/fear and thus
    shouldn’t “feel” anything during the abortion. i understand that and agree
    that life begins at conception, but just as there are people in this world
    that just need killing for the common good, i’m intelligent enough to
    understand that easing the burden on a woman by giving her the choice as
    opposed to making it for her is far more moral and better for society than
    forcing them to give birth and care for the child for the next 20 years,
    especially when they are not financially, emotionally or socially prepared
    for it.

  12. Bryan’s daddy could have spared the world and just let him remain a *mere
    cumspot* on his leg !

  13. “The Judeo-Christian religion” is just a semantic trick for increasing the
    apparent membership and age of your religion. You can’t be both a
    practicing Jew (believing Jesus is not the son of god) and a Christian
    (believing Jesus is the son of god) so why combine the two if not for such
    semantic trickery? If we were honest we would divide Christianity into its
    many, many, many competing sects.

    By the way, did you know the Islamo-Secular-Hindu-Buddhist religion is even
    larger than the Judeo-Christian religion?

  14. Christianity will never last no one can sustain a lie like that forever and
    how dare you compare abortion to something as horrible as the holocaust.
    when you raise two children on minimum wage and welfare I would be happy to
    hear your new opinion on abortion I am sure it would be enlightening

  15. Christianity and most religions in general will likely be all but dead by
    the turn of the next century. Look at how many more people are claiming
    atheist or non-religious since the dawn of the internet. Just look at
    trends in religion over the last 20 years, and this should become

  16. It’s just nasty that someone would “fight” to stop a group of people
    marrying – what kind of mindset opposes people making a life time
    commitment to care and love each other

  17. “Lucky to be alive.” I don’t think our race, as a whole, the human race,
    has any problems with lack of births, which seems to be where Fischer is
    casting his defense. Most populations on earth of humans, continue to
    increase in an exponential way. Nobody born was “lucky” to be born
    statistically speaking, compared to the relatively few (and actually
    decreasing number) of abortion procedures, we have a massive birth rate.

    If anything, our race as a whole, having defeated so many natural opponents
    to our survival, from illnesses to anime predators, have a rate of birth
    that I personally feel will become a serious problem in generations to
    come.When one looks at projections of the human population in decades and
    centuries to come, I find it hard to believe that people won’t think there
    could be serious risks to the overall health and resources of the world,
    when strained by twenty, fifty or a hundred billion people. We already have
    issues in this regard in some countries, such as China and India.

    I think given this fact, nobody should be forced to bring a child to term,
    that they do not want, cannot care for properly or will just be a burden on
    them, their families and society as a whole. It’s just stupid to make the
    argument that people are lucky to be alive, as though as a society go
    through so many millions and billions of abortions in this day and age,
    that your chances of surviving being conceived, are some statistical
    anomaly. That’s bullshit and I feel deep down, even Fischer and his cronies
    know that.

  18. David, I don’t see how you can keep talking to Bryan Fischer without your
    blood pressure hitting the boiling point! Kuddos for being a good

  19. It’s impossible to take Fischer seriously when he’s still spewing the lie
    that “America was founded on Christianity”. Has he even picked up a
    history book? The discussion of religion in the Treaty of Tripoli (signed
    by President John Adams) completely flies in the face of Fischer’s claims.

    America was founded as a secular nation.

  20. I’m amazed David can keep a straight face when talking to this guy. I’m
    seriously impressed. It takes a huge level of professionalism to talk to
    these religious nuts and not break out cackling like a hyena.

    Kudos. /liked.

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