35 Comments on “Bryan Fischer Defends Erick Erickson From “Dragon Lady” Megyn Kelly”

  1. A man, let alone a white man, sticks up for himself. Get’s called “poor and

    A woman sticks up for herself. Gets called, “defensive, hot, raging

    Apparently, there are two different Americas. 

  2. and as with all other social change, those that are for resisting the
    heroes of change are always labeled as being angry, like as if its
    something to be ware of. that she’s out of control and thus shouldnt be
    considered in a reasonable way.

  3. Non sequitur. Certainly, there are matrilineal societies. For one thing,
    one can only be certain of one’s mother, not father — which provides a
    rationale. What there are not are matriarchal societies. Judaism is an
    example. It is matrilineal but patriarchal.

  4. They know the end of their little world is coming and are lashing out at
    each other like a pack of frightened… I don’t want to say wolves because
    that would imply something noble/powerful about them…. like a pack of
    frightened marmots?

  5. It’s an insult to the original Neanderthals of prehistoric times to call
    assholes like Bryan Fischer and his right-wing extremist ilk Neanderthals .
    The original ones were no doubt much more intelligent and much nicer people

  6. These bible thumping half wits will turn on anybody that puts any of their
    philosophies in question. I’ve been noticing the right is now turning on
    each other more and more as their system collapses inward faster and faster
    upon itself. You can only hold a house of cards together for so long before
    it falls.

  7. They don’t really have to do much to find these clips. They can pretty much
    just grab a random 30 second to three minute chunk and be assured of at
    least one good soundbite.

  8. Are you kidding me? This guy is all over! Haven’t you heard him rail,
    passionately, on pedophiles, bestiality and polygamy as well? This guy is
    clearly omni-sexual, and utterly repressed! 🙂

  9. You want a biblical view of gender roles? You want to go back to the
    pre-scientific, pre-capitalist bronze age patriarchal clan system that
    existed prior the Industrial Revolution and the emergence of the
    individualistic nuclear family? Then move to rural Pakistan. What a
    revolting shitbag.

  10. Bryan Fischer is a complementarian Christian evangelical. Megyn Kelly is an
    egalitarian. He was speaking of a “Biblical view”. This is nothing to do
    with the GOP, it’s just two Christians with different views of Bible
    teaching on gender roles: how is that discussion proof of insanity of the
    leading nation in the free world again?

  11. ;10 in and I am riled up…not an easy trick for a woman who’s not a dyed
    in the wool feminist.

  12. Fischer, I say it once and I will say it again, God has a special plan for
    you, because I am 100% certain He is SICK of your misrepresentation of His

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