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  1. Actually the Greeks didn’t define relationships as (Hetero/Homo)sexual they
    were defined as ether dominant or submissive and alot of the time they’d
    take both an man and woman as partners.

  2. Homosexuals in the Military are our new secret weapon for the front lines.
    They will charge the Enemy running backward with their pants dropped. If
    the sight doesn’t cause the Enemy to run in fear, the SMELL will. However
    the best part of it will be that the Gays will be the first to DIE…. PUT

  3. Did this guy ever actually say that gays in the miltary would be too wimpy,
    or are you just conflating HIS stance with someone else’s? You should play
    the clips side by side if he’s ACTUALLY contradicting himself. You made no
    actual references to anything he’s said in the past.

  4. So Bryan Fischer watched 300, and what he saw (or hoped to see) was gay
    porn? Sure seems like there are a lot of “straight” men out there who are
    really, really interested in talking about all the gay issues going on

  5. So the Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae were comprised out of 150 gay
    couples? Where does Brian Fischer come up with this ridiculousness? And
    even if it was true, how is that a problem? 10.000 Greeks held of an army
    of 150.000-250.000 for three days, spearheaded by the Spartans. That’s
    pretty badass. How is it less badass if the Spartans were all gay? Man,
    what an absolute idiot. xD

  6. So, this is good, right? Because the 300 Of Sparta kicked the fuc*ing ass
    of 3 billion Persians or something like it, so who does not want this kind
    of soldiers in their armies??

  7. Does he know that the army at valley forge during the American revolution
    where trained by a gay Prussian general

  8. How exactly does the homosexuality in ancient Greek military cullture lead
    to fascism 2500 years later?

  9. He does seem to like saying it far too frequently. He somehow managed to
    fit the word ‘homosexual’ in 7 times in about 45 seconds.

  10. You know who else was gay? King James…oh and many many more “important”
    and religious officials from the beginning of their fairy tales til now

  11. I believe Mussolini himself stated that fascism really should be called
    corporatism instead. Full quote should be out there somewhere. Though the
    sarcasm is appreciated 😀

  12. Actually it’s mostly related to anything ending in “ism”. Most
    conservatives, especially in the base have no idea of the difference
    between the ideologies. Communism, socialism, Fascism, Nazism…. all one
    big ball of wax for them. In fact, that the Nazi non abbreviated name is
    “National Socialist” is clearly a connection with “Socialism”. Or at least
    it is if you never cracked a book open.

  13. Cleopatra did not live at the same time as Alexander The Great. And her
    lovers were Gaius Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Alexander died in 323
    B.C.E. and Cleopatra was born in 69 B.C.E..

  14. Bryan Fischer says Military Moving In Hypermasculine Aggressive
    Homosexuals, but he’s to shortsighted to know that has always been a
    problem of our military. If he wasn’t a troglodyte he would have noticed

  15. I think this religious moron is still living in the past where his bullshit
    had more power than it does today in more informed societies thanks to the

  16. Fisher’s desperation is palpable. His battle is lost; he can’t accept it,
    and makes these insane charges in order to feed his own self-hatred.

  17. how much longer until someone caught Bryan Fischer in a Larry Craig or Ted
    Haggard type escapade? has anyone checked Airport Bathrooms lately?

  18. An extremist ultra-conservative right-wing nutcase calling other people
    “fascists.” How fucking rich.

  19. Bryan Fischer is on the air because advertisers find it profitable to
    support his show. This happens because Bryan Fischer has a lot of
    listeners. This happens because there are an amazing quantity of stupid
    people in the USA.

  20. they are not gay – they are faking it – so they can fake having AIDS and
    then collect millions from the misdiagnosis settlements – gay for pay – its
    a lot of money – see my other youtube channel and facebook page hivquestions

  21. Christians always think that their personal feelings should take precedence
    over the rights of everyone else. Bryan Fischer is completely obsessed with
    homosexuality. It gets a little creepy. He’s more obsessed than any
    hyper-masculine gay guy is.

  22. Okay I’m just going to say it, Bryan Fischer is a closet homosexual. In
    this video you see he even loves to say the word homosexual. These guys
    want to come out so bad, they can taste it. No really, he wants to taste
    it. I think guys like this hate gay men because they are jealous that they
    are out of the closet.

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