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  1. At 20:45 the chimp with it’s arms raised above its head is missing his
    entire left hand, probably due to self mutilation out lock up madness.

  2. At 19:52 one of them is rocking back and forth and staring at it’s injured
    hand and it looks like it is beginning to lose its marbles due to boredom I
    guess. Being locked inside a tiny cage causes them to rock. Being trapped
    on something that small with that many other chimps but with no bars
    probably messes with their mind in ways we can’t imagine. What are they
    thinking about? Escape, but how. I bet that one said “Fuck it, I’m swimming
    out of here” and then drowned in front of the other chimps, messing with
    their minds even more.

  3. That thing that they are stranded on isn’t large enough for that many
    chimps and there is nothing for them to sleep on. Nothing soft or grassy.
    At 8:41 the chimp on our left looks to have a broken arm or injured wrist
    area. They might be self injuring due to mental breakdown or just boredom.
    In the wild chimps are always up to something, Here there is nothing to do
    and nowhere to do it. Nothing to do but beg for food from people that don’t
    have a clue about how bad these chimps have it.

  4. The chimp at 18:30 might be the chimp that earlier was looking at it’s
    elongated hand. I guess it accidentally injured it self, but it looks like
    it has been stretched or something. At 18:36 the little one has a potato
    chip and it’s hair has started falling out due to malnutrition. I guess
    most of the little chimp footage is the group the was never sold or picked
    up and I guess if nobody buys them from these middle men, they just starve
    to death. All of those where they look old in the face and to have
    radiation poisoning.

  5. the chimp at 0:58 is slinging his tongue back and forth, I wonder if they
    can give themselves concussions by slinging their head around like that? I
    think that this would be considered psycotic behavior. I bet he does this
    for hours. He is overweight so he must chill out to eat. I bet he does a
    lot of things that are weirder than his tongue slap trick. I would pay good
    money for a month of constant footage of this one.

  6. At 6:53 he says that this shipment of babies fell through. So they are
    dropped off at this safe house until the smuggler comes to get them. That’s
    why they are not feeding them and are letting them starve to death unless
    someone buys them. The one at 6:53 has a sunk in face and you can see his
    chest bones are visible and looks it’s about too kill over like the one
    later where he puts the arm of a baby chimp sitting next to it and it falls
    over with its eyes open.

  7. I think the chimp at 25:55 is either tied to the ground or is at the end of
    the process of starving to death. I can’t think of a worse way to go than
    starving to death. The more I watch it the more I think it’s hands and feet
    are staked to the ground, but it does look like it could use some food. If
    they don’t have anything to keep it in, I guess they must tie it to
    something heavy.

  8. What about human trafficking in the middle east? Im so tired of ppl caring
    more about apes and fuckin monkeys,than people. We all agree the middle
    east is a twisted shithole,but as civilized ppl,some have their priorities
    kinked up.

  9. So sad,these creatires feel just like we do,At the end of this with the
    baby chims crying breaks my heart.Peole who hate these beautiful creatures
    think they know evrything about them but they are so misinformed.We are 97%
    like them,wow that is close.we give them diseases and mistreat them,they
    don’t come out of the jungle and do to us what is being done to them.

  10. They aren’t saying they are stolen from Egypt. They are saying Egypt has
    become a hotbed for smuggling those animals out to the world. They are
    saying it is easier to sneak them out through Cairo.

  11. those poor babies!!! I started to cry at the end!! they are so friggin’
    little. What kind of people who would do this to these beautiful creatures.

  12. That’s the distribution of rainforests in Africa for all the ignorants
    here, and yes there is a lot of illegal poaching and smuggling done by the
    nomads in Sinai and along the coast of the Red sea, but I can assure you
    there aren’t any kind of primates (except for humans ofcourse) only
    snakes,crocs,deer,foxes,wolves and wild cats. I’m Egyptian by the way.

  13. this is just ISRAELI channel Egypt does not any rain-forest not even any
    kind of monkeys , this is somewhere in Africa we ca hear the language of
    the people in this video. and dialing in animals is legal world wide then
    how can we see animals worldwide.

  14. Far out, who darn cares?!…there are kids dying every day and all they can
    darn well worry about are some stupid hairy apes…..kill them to feed the
    hungry kids!

  15. people have a voice and can make they’re own dissisions, animals can’t. you
    are all bad paople who kill innossent animals!!! one day your god, allah
    will punish you for this!!!

  16. We dont even rainforest here in Egypt, i dont actually know what that got
    to do with us ?!!! They kill animals cut trees at other countries and blam
    us ?!!

  17. Egyptians are NOT White either. And this isn’t the only video talking about
    Egypt having a hand in Illegal pet trade. Oh and the hungry kids thing.
    Well killing the rainforest hurts the Native people living along the
    rainforest. The people depend on the vegetation that it provides the poor
    children. Read about how gorillas feces contains seeds and when they poop.
    It grows other vegetation. Kill them and kill a process…

  18. Hello. I’m Egyptian and I don’t think this has to do with hating one
    country but exposing smugglers in one of them.. I have just created a group
    on facebook “I hate heba ahmed sad ” please join and let’s expose this evil
    creature that wants to get rich at the expense of innocent animals..

  19. This video is pure BS! If you weren’t so ignorant you would’ve known that
    Egypt doesn’t have a SINGLE rainforest. Yes! no apes or chimps. it’s a
    desert country. those blacks are africans. egyptians are middle eastern

  20. This Egyptian woman should be put into a cage for the rest of her life…
    as for the Egyptian people, I thought they were intelligent people, or
    better said ” There is always a bad apple in the bunch that brings shame to
    these beautiful people!

  21. @abdulbade No, you are not a great person, you are complicit in aiding the
    extinction of endangered animals. Wild animals belong in the wild not in
    the collections of selfish idiots.

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