4 Comments on “CALL ME KUCHU – Homosexuality in Uganda Doc w/ dir. Katherine Fairfax Wright”

  1. Is this what you wanted, Mr. Lively? People will be murdered as a direct
    result of your actions, said actions ostensibly carried out because of your
    love for God’s Word. Do you really believe that THIS is what Jesus Christ
    would have wanted? Dissimulate as you will, this is very much a result of
    hate and revulsion being the driving forces in your life as opposed to love
    and empathy. Please wake up and stem the tide of blood loss you have

  2. It goes unnoticed by American media that Africa is influenced be Islam.
    It goes unnoticed by American media that America was influenced by Christ.
    It goes unnoticed by brown nosing water carriers for a
    Leftist/Progressive/Hippie Washington D.C. that Sharia Cometh.
    LIP try’s to be independent but it to has unnoticed. 

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