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  1. Support for redefining marriage continues to loose grounds. My prayer is
    that the bill is defeated in Parliament.

  2. But I do want them to have the ‘same social status’ thus I am a proponent
    of Civil Partnerships (UK statut law exists today) – but Marriage is
    Man+Woman not Man+Man or Woman+Woman; create a new word or something, but
    it’s a bit like saying that because I am a Man that it is unfair to Women,
    so we must all be called the same thing to stop ‘dicrimination’. In the UK
    Civil Partnerships specifically give Homosexual couples the full rights of
    Marriage (the name we give to a Heterosexual partnership)

  3. Fuck. right. off. I don’t care about your dogma, your Christ, or your god.
    I care about equal rights for all human beings. You want to wear a cross at
    work, breaching an employers jewelry regulations, yet claim religious
    discrimination when told not to? Yet you do not believe it is unjust to
    deny gay marriage?Whatever,you have no right to impose religious belief on
    our legal system, just how you have no right to have a say in the gay
    marriage debate from a religious viewpoint. End of story.

  4. If your don’t like homosexuals getting marriage then don’t marry a
    homosexual – if your offended by two homosexuals making a life time
    commitment to care for and love each other don’t go to their marriage – my
    friend you cant expect people like us to disadvantage our family because it
    does not tick all your boxes

  5. I totally agree therefore that the Civil partnership needs to be changed to
    enable equality for teh items you list. However, your point about visiting
    other countries is teh same for all of us – for example I live in France,
    but my marriage is considered as having certain rights over property due to
    assets owned prior to being married – very different from the UK
    interpretation that everything is shared. You are not going to get equality
    in other countries based on your homeland’s laws……

  6. You know there 55,000 kids currently languishing in orphanages in UK and
    not enough st8 families stepping up to home them – most are children that
    have been abandoned and abused by the mythical one woman one man family
    your ranting about – we welcome marriage equality maybe its destinies
    solution for proving loving homes for forgotten children

  7. Bless you, Trev S. My intention is not to debate with you, especially as I
    have friends I care about who are also gay. But I will definitely stand up
    for what I firmly believe is best for a healthy society, and my opinions
    are based on the facts of Biology.

  8. In life you have to play with the cards you are dealt – if your gay your
    gay -and a sizable minority are (est 4.4 million in UK ) – why would you
    want to less for them that you want for your self ? A life time commitments
    to care for and love another is good for society regardless of their
    capacity to procreate – You say your not attacking people but you are by
    trying to restrict their integrity as a family unit

  9. You could not be further from the truth. This is very outdated view of,
    what the latest ComRes poll says is, the second biggest party in the UK
    (Thats right , 23%). UKIP is a non-sectarian , libertarian party and the
    only party in the UK who do not allow members of any far right organisation
    to become members, including the BNP and the National Front. I put it to
    you that you are the bigot who is fixated and intolerantly devoted to your
    own opinions and prejudices

  10. This has the potential to split the Conservative Party and as we continue
    to lobby for real marriage, it is our hope that the PM will draw back from
    the brink !

  11. Says the closeted and disgraced Liam Fox, on advice of his gay lover Adam
    Werrity. This hypocritical closeted moron opposed David Cameron. As a gay
    man, that’s enough to make me support the Prime Minister.

  12. Astonishingly selfish your fussing over property rights but when you travel
    at least your still married – A gay civil partner becomes a concubine and
    their children bastards

  13. I think it might be helpful if you researched the benefits of marriage
    equality – one of the states that allow same sex marriage in US has
    reported a significant reduction in health care and psychological well
    being of people who identify as gay – with the bonus of saving millions to
    the tax payer – if you value your gay friends why have less aspirations for
    their relationships – it does not make any sense

  14. My comments, Mr Mark Ross, of which you say are absurd and asinine, are
    based on the FACTS of Biology. Therefore, it stands to reason that you must
    think science is stupid and foolish, too. Interesting.

  15. It was severely punished: “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one
    does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to
    be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads. (Leviticus 20:13

  16. What’s wrong with polygamy? As long as all parties are mature, legal adults
    and fully consent what should it matter to you?

  17. It isnt about hindering an individuals personal dreams.Its about whats
    healthy and beneficial for society.Because a homosexual/lesbian couple
    cannot physically produce their own children.P.s.This so-called ‘fair
    society’ you refer to seems to have no tolerance whatsoever for citizens
    who disagree with homosexuality/alternative lifestyles. Indeed, it sees no
    problem in ridiculing anyone who isn’t equally ‘liberally
    minded/enlightened’.Again I make no attack on yourself but on modern day

  18. It boggle the mind the logic you used to justify your discrimination – gay
    people don’t have gay passports or gay driving licences why should they
    have suedo gay marriage licences – they can be husband & husband or wife &
    wife or neither – wake up to the world around you – most people already
    call civil partnerships couples married – there’s only one reason to to
    have two names for the same reason so one can be placed above the other and
    I think we both know which that is.

  19. Not only that but in order to redefine marriage they redefine the basis of
    a family, which automatically redefines what a family is, no longer a
    natural self-contained unit but rather a manufactured arrangement for the
    satisfaction of the “parents”. Human rights legislation will probably be
    abused to force authorities to provide children on demand which with
    falling birth rates will lead to more abductions to meet demand. No one
    will benefit and anyone could become a victim of pretend marriage.

  20. “Not intolerant fools”? You mean you don’t challenge our beliefs (I’m a
    Catholic) and try to stop us showing them? That (your reply) wouldn’t
    progress the human race, and I don’t mean because of the scripture comment
    (which I think shows that you ARE intolerant). In my opinion, every
    tolerating each others’ beliefs is what would progress the human race. We
    try to share our beliefs because that’s what we believe we should do. It
    doesn’t mean we’re intolerant of other faiths.

  21. Would you post stuff about incestuous sex like this to a young straight
    couple who were hoping to get married soon ? – it’s just boggling that you
    don’t see how inappropriate your post is !

  22. Search Google for Grandparents of children given to gay couple for adoption
    are denied access for three years This is one example of how social
    services use excuses to remove children from good families to meet the
    demands of gays

  23. I would be interested to know whether you share the opinions of Mark Ross
    on here, that all sex between consenting adults, including incestuous sex,
    is nobody’s business but theirs? Consenting incestuous sex between adults
    is no longer prosecuted in the Netherlands. Perhaps brothers should be
    allowed to marry their sisters, or fathers their daughters, or mothers
    their sons? Incest was only outlawed in the UK in 1908, so it could easily
    be decriminalised again. Equality for incest?

  24. The point is, you’re allowed to tell people they shouldnt get married, hell
    thats part of your idiotic scripture, BUT you can’t try to dictate laws and
    disallow people from living their lives how they want because your chosen
    invisible wizard in the sky supposedly says it’s sinful…. In text that’s
    over a thousand years old… that is basically Chinese whispers considering
    it’s been rewritten countless times.

  25. I am not discriminating against any group – just stating a natural
    difference between a natural biological couple that has the ability to
    procreate being differentiated from a same sex couple. the fact is that
    homosexuality is not the same as heterosexuality – so why pretend
    otherwise? Are you proposing to get rid of that differentiation too? I am
    anti-homophbia, but anti same sex marriage – if you don’t understand my
    view you’ll just have to boggle more!

  26. I can’t get it. Why would people, who obviously are not Jesus’ followers,
    would insist in entering his house. Gay people are citizens and as such
    have the right to legalize their union at a registrar office. What is there
    to add?

  27. Because people are scared of an invisible man in the sky who supposedly
    promises eternal damnation if you disobey him

  28. for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave
    traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the
    sound doctrine (1 Timothy 1:10 NIV)

  29. I have a strong concern that paedophilia will then be permitted, because if
    it is wrong to stop gays “marrying” because of their sexual preference,
    then lawyers will argue that it is wrong to stop paedophiles, or women who
    want to marry more than one man – let alone your point re polygamy. Then,
    it might become a crime to criticise or insult a person who has sexual
    relations with an animal. We cannot hide our heads in the sand about this.

  30. The debate has been going on for a long time. No one is able to demonstrate
    that marriage for gays is any different than for heterosexuals, and for
    that very simple reason your personal views about gays will make no
    difference. It is just like someone complaining about interracial marriages.

  31. So how the following can be misinterpreted? : “‘Do not have sexual
    relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.
    (Leviticus 18:22 NIV)

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