21 Comments on “Campaign to Stop Marriage in WA Ramping Up: Feb 20 Marriage News Watch”

  1. @TheFutureLooksGrimm He is fuming, because he is representing the losing
    side. Hence the belligerent attitude.

  2. @dudenftw I think it’s easy to be angry at him, since the guy is simply
    throwing away the chance to make thousands of people happy just because he
    can. And for what? His own political ambitions? Because one day he hopes to
    run for presidency? Sorry, but he is selfish, self-serving and highly
    complacent. I do not respect a guy who does not fully come out and support
    equality. He is blatantly treating a large segment of the NJ population as
    second class citizens. And that is unconscionable.

  3. Chris Christie is so fat. He will run for presidency when he can manage to
    lose some weight, so he wants to keep his public record
    ‘Republican-friendly’. You can’t be placed in the forefront of the
    republican party after saying stuff like you’re for marriage equality. His
    veto is simply reprehensible.

  4. @hungry1969 I’m not gay. I’m not married. NJ is not one of those states
    where people are forced to live under religious oppression. Deal with it,
    you ass wipe.

  5. @packoftwenty “So that people will no longer thing that someone who says he
    is married is NORMAL – he might be ‘gay’ right?” Lol. Homosexuality is
    normal, far as being naturally occurring goes.

  6. @packoftwenty You’re too weak to last a day in the shoes of a gay person,
    who brushes off illiterate comments from hateful bigots like you.

  7. @calaftheeast: “The key to fully breaking the barrier to allow gay marriage
    to sweep the country… is a referendum passed by the voters.” — No
    important civil right in this country has EVER been obtained through
    popular referendum, and most–abolition of slavery, voting rights for
    women, desegregation of busses and schools, abolition of “Christian-only”
    realestate covenants–would have been rejected by popular vote at the time
    they came into effect. This is a Supreme Court issue.

  8. @calaftheeast :”In a state where poll after poll places support for gay
    marriage as high as 60%…..the result is a foregone conclusion.” — Polls
    in California in August of 2008 had Prop 8 losing by 64%. That was before
    two months of well-funded attack ads and outright lies from the
    anti-marriage crowd turned the tables and allowed Prop 8 to win. Be careful
    when you rely on “foregone conclusions”.

  9. Thank you very much for these videos. I couldn’t catch everything you said
    because at times you were speaking very quickly,plus for us non-Americans
    your accent makes it harder. Slower = better please

  10. I like how the anti-gay comments on this video are hostile to the core with
    no strong footing to back it up, I am a proud straight parent and if my
    child was gay that doesn’t change the fact that they are STILL A HUMAN,
    that should be treated like one, we were taught not to bully, this is way
    beyond bullying this is harassment. The fact that we even have to still
    have a foundation for equal rights is sad and upsetting thing for country.
    WAKE UP AMERICA “They times they are a changing”…

  11. @packoftwenty Your entire argument is invalid. Marriage has already been
    butchered. Let two people of the same sex get married wont make it any
    worse. You say gays are freaks but theis is just how they’re born. You say
    “they hate us.” Who is they?

  12. don’t forget about I 1192 which has to get 200K plus sigs by july 6th to
    get on the november ballot that would legaly redefine marraige once again
    as bettwen one man and one women!! that one if it makes it you need to vote
    NO on to protect marraige but YES on R 74 to protect marriage

  13. @packoftwenty You cannot stop us. It is inevitable. Progress will march on
    whether or not you like it. You can move with the flow or be crushed
    underfoot, your choice!

  14. Who is this flaming queer? Umm… I think you missed out the word ‘GAY’ in
    the title: “Campaign to Stop Marriage” indeed. Hilarious. Yes, that’ll be
    it! The evil MAJORITY who can’t stand ‘gays’ is actually trying to stop
    MARRIAGE! Of course! Did the pervert on this video have to take special
    lessons to ‘act’ ‘gay’? Talk about self stereotyping. Another virgin who
    thinks that being sodomized is ‘having sex’, and makes him a normal human
    being. Laughable.

  15. This is hilarious. How many ‘camp’ mannerisms can this shit eater display
    in one minute? Why doesn’t he just act NORMAL and simply wear a sign that
    says “I’m ‘gay’ and I’m desperate for it”? Must really suck knowing that
    99.5% of the world’s population aren’t interested in you, or you aren’t
    interested in them… If being ‘gay’ is so normal, why do lesbians use
    copies of men’s penises to stimulate their vaginas? Why do ‘gays’ use each
    other’s anuses to simulate a woman’s vagina? Hmm?

  16. By the way, all this shite about ‘gay marriage’ is just a sick attempt by
    ‘gays’ to destroy the meaning of REAL, normal marriage, so that people will
    no longer think that somebody who says he is married is NORMAL – he might
    be ‘gay’, right? Gays are freaks on the outside of society, and they know
    it, and they hate us, the MAJORITY, because THEY’RE fucked up, and we
    aren’t. How nice of them. And they wonder why most people can’t stand being
    around them.

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