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  1. Socialistic, both Germans and Italians had the sanctity of the worker as
    the main idea, that the worker shouldn’t be exploited but live and work for
    the greater good of his country and enjoy its benefits. – in the 30s German
    cruise ships were forbidden to enter English ports so that the English
    working class would see what German workers could afford. . it is a
    principle, which is still being applied today even in this crazy globalized
    market that if you crash and burn you country will help you

  2. Europe in general is socialist but still economically conservative about
    government spending. . Tax is higher but people expect more from tax money.
    . Also there’s different kinds and gradations of socialism, Germany was
    always socialistic and will continue to be, that’s their mentality. They
    invest in their country and they expect a lot from it. It’s a mentality of;
    “if one of us makes it high in life we all mutually benefit down the road,
    but everyone has to contribute something”

  3. So many wrong on so many levels. The Sino-Soviet split was largely due to
    border skirmishes and China seeing USSR being too interfering. And its
    China who opened up to the West as a result. If you admit Marxism was
    removed because it became irrelevant, than u admit that theres not way
    those kids could have been taught Marxism at skool. If you think Marxism is
    in practice in Korea in everything but name, then you have no idea what
    Marxism is. Marxism would be the abolishment of the State itself.

  4. Theres no mention of communism or M-L in their constituion. And the regime
    doesnt claim to be.

  5. One of Kim il Sung’s speeches on Juche: “Both in revolutionary struggle and
    in construction work, we should firmly adhere to Marxist-Leninist
    principles, applying them in a creative manner to suit the specific
    conditions of our country and our national characteristics.” If you think
    it’s not Stalin-ism, that is your opinion, but above shows it was his
    intention and the foundation of Juche is Stalin-ism and Leninism. It is not
    hard to find sung saying that. Again i didn’t mention Marx.

  6. Thank you for interesting topics, we often tend to forget the fact that
    real people are involved with “world politics”

  7. 아 골다병증…. 한국은 자랑스러운 나라지만 병이 많네요ㅠㅠ 우울증 골다병증 외로움 노력해야겠어요

  8. Nationalist monarchy, N.korea is very national and as u know absolutely not
    nice to foreigners, and they absolutely dont like them, and often wont
    tolerate them, except as tourists of course since they bring money and help
    spread propaganda :S Dont forget that N.korea ist very nationalistic to.

  9. Well, it doesn’t really need to be in the constitution for you to learn
    about an ideology in a social science class.

  10. I agree, that’s the only solution to the problem. Some people will die but
    as people say: “if you want an omelette, you gotta break some eggs”.

  11. That’s not wrong on any level, it was China accusing Russia of revising
    Marxist intentions, mostly over how to engage with capitalists that started
    the split, border skirmishes were a result, not a cause. Marxism was in the
    North Korean constitution, as was communism till 2009, it has only been
    removed due to the fall of the Soviet Union. I said communism in most
    things but name, based on Stalin, Lenin and Mao, i did not say North Korea
    was Marxism in practice at all.

  12. Funny fact both country went under three dictators. they were poor once
    roles were reversed after 1990. By south korean dictators I mean
    Presidential dictators. first was lee seung men, second was park jung
    he(father of current president), and jun do hwan.

  13. Border skirmishes werent a result, they were a separate issue in itself.
    This and accusations of revisonism towards USSR led to the split. But it
    was China who opened to the West as a result. Marxism ended after the
    collapse of USSR, u admit that. So why are u saying its there in everything
    but name? Whats being practiced in DPRK is cultism, fascism, & military
    dictatorship. Not stalinism or leninism. All mentions which have also been
    removed. The only ppl calling em communist is Western media.

  14. The only reason Marxism has been removed from the constitution (it was in
    the constitution till the 90’s, communism was in it till 2009), was that
    the Soviet Union collapsed. They could no longer associate with a failed
    ideology. They also renamed the system after the Sino-soviet split, but it
    is still communism in most things but name, infact the sino-soviet split
    was due to Russia opening up to the west, and China and Korea being pro
    Stalinist (Hardline Communism).

  15. I don’t consider myself about labels. You asked why the children would know
    anything about communism when they were born under Juche, i mentioned,
    using Sung’s own words, that Stalin and Lenin were the foundations of
    Juche, so the kids know much more than most about the practical theories of
    Communism. I agree that things like Maxism are labels for ideologies that
    do not necessarily become a reality. The Communist Part of China is proof
    of this with the gap between middle and lower class.

  16. I wish I went to a boarding school. I was basically forgotten about. They
    don’t take chances at that boarding school! They employ task masters as
    well as teachers.

  17. We have been feeding the North Kporean beast for years. We should starve
    them and maybe they will revolt. God bless the many who have fled and now
    enjoy freedom in the South.

  18. Myopic imperatives of Capitalists, each thinking they are going to make
    profit, while growing investments reduce profit margins, and wage cuts
    shrink markets into fail.. is not dependent on religion. I see from your
    channel you are in Croatia.. consider Antisemitism was used in E. Europe to
    deflect. Even if groups of bankers were playing the system.. it pales into
    insignificance compared to the general myopia & scale of collapse or
    sovereign, state treasuries as WW1 ended.

  19. It’s true, Juche involves worshiping it’s leader in a seemingly irrational
    way. But that does not change much, the UK is still a Democracy, even
    though our military swears an Oath to Queen and God, and it’s citizens are
    subject to her crown.

  20. Also, the reason Trotskyists and Stalinists hated each other is that Stalin
    was a “bonapartist” meaning he betrayed those who funded him to power
    (jews) and he made Communism a strictly Russian thing(connected to
    patriotism) instead of a-national European like Lenin wanted. Trocky was
    fiercely still following the original plan. . even before Bolsheviks, they
    wanted to start the red wave in Germany but it failed miserably and
    everyone leaned to the national-socialist side as a counter movement.

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