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  1. Exactly how is this video going to work in gay people’s favour in Russia,
    or around the world for that matter?

    The creators might be witty, but they certainly aren’t sociologists. 

  2. LOL. Very true. Winter Olympics… Canadian Institute of Diversity and
    Inclusion | Luge

  3. *Oh Canada* …. We’re not supposed to talk about that!!! 🙂

    Well played… well played indeed!

  4. Puttin an end to the #DisrePutin of homosexuality in the ol’ greek games.
    h/t +Andrew Boardman 

  5. Is this a joke? I mean , they can’t be serious with something this
    ridiculous….. can they? 

  6. *This is an insult to sportsmen everywhere!*

    Christian Niccum, an American Olympian, said after completing two training
    runs at the Sanki Sliding Center. *“If I were to go hug my dad and someone
    took a picture and showed it in really slow motion, they could use it in a
    video like that and that’s just ridiculous. It’s my dad. Can’t we show
    affection to each other without it being some sort of sexual contact? This
    is sports. It’s the same thing. Why does it have to be like that?”*

  7. Cultural Marxist filth, what kind of sane, non-brainwashed, intelligent
    human being would applaud this muck?

    The Russian law prohibits the promotion of homosexuality to young children,
    I struggle to see how anybody could disagree with that.

  8. it makes me happy to see canada take such a large step in this direction…
    i think its the right descision! 

  9. People keep fighting over such a stupid thing. Some people are gay, so
    what? I mean, I understand if kids can’t figure out why this is even
    possible, but I think grown-ups should show how mature they are instead of
    foghting like some kindergarten kids. No, I’m not gay, but I think people
    have the right to choose their own lifestyle/ partner.

  10. This commercial makes me glad that procreation is reserved for
    heterosexuals, who don’t feel the need to shove their sexuality down
    everyone else’s throats.

  11. some people’s logic is just ridiculous, gays are not “forcing” anyone
    anything, imagine this, you are straight, someone is gay, they are not
    forcing you to be gay, they are just telling people they want to be gay and
    leave them fuckin be. except this is not the case in russia, so that’s why
    it is right to fight against russia’s policy. Again, gays are not telling
    you to be gay, or saying “being straight is disgusting” so you shouldn’t
    tell them that either (besides, being gay only affect them, and does not
    actually harm others, unlike sexual harassment)

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