4 Comments on “Canadian Marriages May be in Danger After All: Jan 23 Marriage News Watch”

  1. You’re exactly right, Canadian marriages are always in danger of being
    diluted by two homosexuals wishing to get married. Thank you for bringing
    our attention back to this very serious matter. Marriage is most assuredly
    under attack in Canada and I for one am doing my bit to ensure marriage
    remains the sole domain of one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all

  2. It is unlikely that marriage equality will be seriously undermined in
    Canada. In the last polls taken there, the overwhelmingly majority of
    Canadians support gay marriage. As a result, most politicians no longer
    wish to become involved in this matter. There are simply no votes to garner
    from pushing homophobia in the Great White North.

  3. Marriages that are formed in the heart, last. Marriages that are formed in
    the head, fail. Humans need to live in the heart, in everything they do.

  4. Keep the pressure on Canada. Conservative party membership is very opposed
    to marriage equality, and very opposed to foreigners, and is likely
    salivating at the chance to “clarify” the law, now that the general public
    believes the reason is to protect foreign marriages.

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