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  1. I am worried that either a Democrat or a Republican will win the next
    election. In fact, I am worried that there will be yet another zero-choice
    election for every office in the country. I am worried that before the
    anthropogenic climate forcing begins to tear up the fabric of this highly
    interdependent and yet fragile world we have built up there will be no
    trans-formative revolution that averts us from the course of self-negation
    we appear to be on.

  2. I’m actually worried the Republicans will win this upcoming term. I hope
    not cause what they are trying to do now, even without a Republican
    president, is just terrible.

  3. They started using “cisgender” because people thought the opposite term for
    “transgender” is “normal”. Which is clearly not the nicest thing to hear if
    you’re a transgendered person. That’s all. It’s not one of the millions of
    special snowflake terms invented on websites like Tumblr; it’s actually
    quite handy.

  4. This whole “your not gay if you have sex with a transgender is a load of
    bullshit. If you are XX or XY I have some bad news for you, you are gay.
    Nothing wrong with being gay though. (transgender is NOT comparable to

  5. poor Cenk too many terms to remember so he’s just gonna ignore people’s
    identities. Give me a break 

  6. “Cisgender” is just another non-word made up by confused students with too
    much time on their hands, to make themselves seem more interesting. Here’s
    the facts:

    Heterosexual relationships are normal. That’s why it’s the only way we can
    reproduce naturally. There’s no need for some stupid new term for this.
    It’s something that’s kept our species, and others, going for millions of

    So if you’re gay, or you’ve decided to cut your dick off, that’s not
    “normal”. And as for the other idiot in this thread claiming that calling
    yourself normal because you’re straight is like calling yourself “white”
    because there’s more white people than other ethnicities in the US is
    absolute garbage. Not only is that fool trying to drag race issues into
    something (again), but the analogy doesn’t even work.

    If you’re a dude who wants to go fuck other dudes in the ass, or you’re a
    chick who likes fingering other chicks, go at it! I don’t care. Most people
    don’t care. You’re not that interesting to people, really. Make up all the
    dumb words for yourselves you like, but don’t expect your stupid epithets
    to be adopted by “normal” people.

  7. Cisgender? What bullshit. Given by he same politically correct motivations
    that led to re-labeling handicapped/crippled as handi-capable/specially
    gifted. Whether anyone likes it or not, there are NORMS to every aspect of
    human identity, including the sexual. This is why we recognize the
    difference between a person of “average height, average build” vs. an
    “obese” person.

    A person whose internal sexual identification matches their gender needs no
    label – because that’s the way it’s supposed to work. I don’t refer to
    someone with a normal foot as un-clubfooted just so I can make people born
    with a club foot feel better about the fact that they were born with
    something that is less than optimal in the natural order. I don’t say that
    a person has a non-scoliated spine just to make hunchbacks feel better
    about themselves.

    And please, before I get any BS replies, understand that I am in no way
    making a MORAL argument here. My argument concerns the proper use of
    language as a medium of describing the world with the most apt terminology.
    If you were born with three dicks, then you were born with three dicks, but
    stop pretending it’s because three dicks is on the same footing as the
    NORMATIVE one dick. It’s just not. A guy with one dick is a guy. A guy with
    three dicks is a guy WITH THREE DICKS. Get it? 

  8. Cisgender is only a term that’s been around since like, the early 90s. If
    you’re only learning about the term now, you lead a sheltered, boring,
    basic bitch life. Sorry that you’re so sheltered you don’t even know what
    the fuck is the T.

  9. Cenk, it seems to me the problem is that if we don’t have a word for
    non-transsexuals, we just become “normal” or “default” people, which
    invites the assumption that there’s a difference between a “man” and a
    “trans man”. Given the massive social benefits cis people have over trans
    people, and the enormous amount of outright bigotry displayed even by
    pro-LGBT liberals, it seems only reasonable that we at least make the
    playing field level in a semantic sense. This way it encourages thinking of
    cis and trans as different parts of a whole, instead of trans being an
    offshoot from “regular people”. But I’m sure there are trans activists who
    explain it better and give much more compelling reasons for its use.
    It’s easy to ignore these things, and it feels kind of odd to say them, but
    they are important, and if you take this stuff seriously, you have to give
    it some genuine thought.

  10. I find it interesting, how many people rage about the word “cisgender”.
    If you didn’t know the word before, you probably don’t need it in your
    everyday life. And nobody is forcing you to use it.
    So why do you feel the need to complain about this one word, out of the
    many many words that exist?
    BTW. the “Oxford Englisch Dictionary” contains 47,156 obsolete words (
    I hope I didn’t cause any heads to explode.

  11. Cenk: We don’t need to use cisgender OR transgender when we’re just talking
    about male/female/genderqueer, etc, but it’s a very useful word when you
    are trying to describe someone whose gender identify matches their sex at
    birth, in the context of a conversation about gender identity or
    transgender. It’s also useful if you are talking about gender and you want
    to identify your privilege. Point being the word isn’t common, but can be
    very useful in certain contexts.

  12. Hilary is an undercover Republican I would not let her run for your party
    if I was a democrat. I don’t know who the Republicans will have to run
    either I hope Ron Pauls son runs then I will vote for him. Please dear god
    I don’t want the choice of Chris Cristy or Hilary if those are the two
    choices we are fucked! Chris Cristy is full of corruption and for the
    corporations and Hilary is for the corporations though I don’t know about
    the corruption part. If Mrs. warren runs I’ll vote Democrat other wise idk
    who the fuck I’m voting for.

  13. i hope LBGTS or whatever the fuck the lesbos and homos names are now like
    im sick of the names im sikc of em stfu u gays ur just gays

  14. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but don’t transgendered people usually just want
    to be referred to as the gender which they identify as? Then why do we need
    to separate transgender males and cis males, can’t we just treat them both
    as males (and same goes for females)? Of course I understand the need for
    certain terms in for example medicine, but the word “cis” seems like its
    only used in pop culture.
    But people are allowed to identify as whatever they are, I guess if they
    really want to make such clear distinctions between people yet still expect
    everyone to ignore those labels for equality then fine.

  15. Cenk, we need cisgender, because the only alternative is ‘not-trans’ or
    worse ‘normal’. Both of those place transgender people as abnormal, with
    all the heavy implications of ‘wrongness’ that come with them. Just like a
    straight person is heterosexual, not ‘normal’, people like us, who identify
    with the gender we were assigned at birth, are cisgender.

  16. I believe people are born gay, but the transgender issue was already
    confusing to me before this “cisgender” business came up. I’m not going to
    condemn someone for living how they want either way. There is a spectrum of
    gender and identity that I’m still trying to understand, but we don’t need
    new terms for “straight male” when it covers some 90% of men and everyone
    already knows what it means.

  17. What does cisgender mean? Is it transgender people who don’t switch around
    the parts?

  18. Cenk Why don’t you run in the Presidential elections in Turkey on August 2,
    2014 I’m sure You Can do a better job then Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and
    Abdullah Gül combined from The AK Party. Hey if you do run Cenk You got My

  19. I don’t actually think anyone has ever officially tried to add anything to
    LGBT, but good job attracting the retard homophobe/racist/lower IQ types.

  20. Had to look up the term “cisgender”, never heard of it before.
    Cisgender – transgender seems to be comparable to heterosexual –

  21. The term ‘cisgender’ is useful when talking about gender issues because
    it’s short and precise. It basically means ‘straight male or female whose
    gender lines up with their body and societal expectations.’ It’s just a lot
    easier to say cisgender than all that. Also, (if you guys ever read these
    comments) the lgbt movement is all about demarginalizing stigmatized sexual
    groups, some of which are too small to get much political notice, so the
    lgbt groups incorporate them under their umbrella as a larger group in
    order to lend them the political clout they need to become demarginalized.
    Don’t worry, you can still just say lgbt. All the rest is implied. – fyi I
    am speaking as a member of the I in lgbt(iq etc).

  22. The Republicans have a better chance if Hillary runs. One misconception
    about the Republican party is that their voters are steadfast. I live in a
    very conservative area and know many people who voted for Obama at least
    once. That’s true across the country. I also know these same people will
    never vote Hillary. So in my opinion, if Hillary runs, the Republicans will
    not have to fight for any base votes. 

  23. Hillary Clinton is the only chance the GOP has for winning the Presidential

  24. sorry trannies but your made up therm “CIS gender” has no place outside of
    your tumblr circlejerk

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