42 Comments on “Chick-Fil-A Anti-Gay Update (Muppets, Huckabee, & Boston Mayor)”

  1. Well..guess what? Their business has flourished now than ever before. You
    anti-CFA hecklers did squat. Keep laughing it up..you lost.

  2. About liberals quoting scripture at Chick Fil A, I got one thing to say, we
    have the right to refuse service to anyone. I don’t care if you read from
    the Bible, the Quran, the Wall Street Journal or the phone book, if you are
    disputing my right to serve my customers, you should be thrown out and
    banned. I suggest if you want to protest take it across the street, which
    would be called a “Free Speech Zone” but your version is only if it agrees
    with you.

  3. Busienss is still booming at Chick Fil A last time I checked, same when I
    drive past Cracker Barrel on the Interstate, at lunch and dinner the
    parking lot seems full.

  4. Saying gays are sinful by virtue of being gay, then that’s bigotry. That’s
    no different than saying blacks are sinful by virtue of being black. Being
    gay and being black are who these people are, and to say it’s a sin to be
    gay or black is bigotry against people who are just being who they are. I
    don’t protest churches or Chik-fil-a, so I don’t know what you’re talking
    about. You’re trying to say I’m only against Christianity? Don’t make
    assumptions. And your imaginary god is immoral.

  5. 1st Peter, Chapter 2 verse 18: “Servants, be subject to your masters with
    all fear, not only to the good and gentle, but also to the fro-ward
    [unjust, cross, contrary, unreasonable].

  6. Ah, the Young Jerks strike again. Devoid of rationality, and any sort of
    moral framework, these fools have a lifetime pass to the communist museum.
    If you prefer propaganda to news and just can’t get enough from your local
    marxist-leninist network, then tune into the Young Jerks and take societal
    self-destruct to the next level.

  7. What about me, I was boycotting The Muppets for not having any openly gay
    Muppets on The Muppet Show

  8. i agree this whole thing is media-ized bigtime they do that kinda shit. dan
    cathy used his freedom to say he doesnt support gay marriage and gay
    supporters are using theres to say thats stupid.

  9. While I’m certainly against Cathy’s verbal and financial support of
    anti-gay lobbyists, after a lot of thinking, a boycott just isn’t the way
    to go. The fact of the matter is, that Cathy is so rich, he can support
    those groups without any new profits from CFA. Also, CFA is a franchise,
    meaning the only people you’re certainly going to hurt are the franchise
    owners & their employees who may not support Cathy. I think efforts would
    be better spent trying to undermine the lobbyist directly.

  10. And one other point, Mike Huckabee stated, also on Fox news concerning the
    kiss-in, that the Gays have absolutely the right to demonstrate their
    beliefs, as long as they demonstrated peacefully. Stop the propaganda! Stop
    putting words into the mouths of Conservatives to promote your agenda. Have
    a nice day.

  11. I really liked the Muppets always. It’s just to bad they don’t believe in
    first amendment rights of free speech and the freedom to believe what you
    want. Bye bye Muppets!

  12. The owner of OPEC puts homosexuals to death!? Is that even legal? I don’t
    think I even use anything from OPEC

  13. Maybe they should promote the Finding Nemo toys for Chick-fil-A Instead.
    After all Ellen Degenerates is in it and made it the most popular movie
    with a gay character in it.

  14. Actually, there’s more to it than that, Johnathan. To amend the US
    Constitution both the US Congress and House of Representatives have to have
    a 2/3 votes approving it. Then it goes to the states where both houses in
    each state has to have 2/3 approving. Then it requires 2/3 of the states to
    approve it. It is extremely hard to amend the Constitution and for very
    good reasons. Thomas

  15. LOL! So it has nothing to do with the fact that nutters like you can come
    here and anonymously spout stupid crap? You got me! I go around using hate
    speech against straight people! Hey wait, does that mean I hate myself,
    since I’m straight? ROFL!

  16. I agree with you. Martin Ssempa is an idiot. HIV came from AFRICA where
    Ssempa says he is from, he’s from Uganda. You can tell how stupid he is
    since he only knows about the ministers or priests he worships and doesn’t
    know that HIV came from the SIV that was in MONKEYS. He proves he’s an
    idiot and doesn’t even know about SIV/HIV AIDS in his own country.

  17. I read some of the posts on here but I just think that is a decent clip. My
    sibling would like to become exceptional with gals. He learned a lot from a
    web page called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The advice on the subject
    of seducing girls through clubs from Master Attraction got him his first
    sex in more than 4 years. I got annoyed though given that I heard them all.

  18. Anyone can believe what they wish to believe, but that gives to right to
    push your views on upon others a.k.a denying gay people rights just because
    you don’t like homosexuality. Don’t like gay marriage, don’t have one. Its
    that simple? Its not like gay people are asking for only gay people to be
    married, they just wish for equal rights. Its anti-human and actually
    hateful to deny human rights to anybody.

  19. Apparently you don’t realize you are doing the same thing by supporting and
    voting for what you believe are gay rights. You want to place something in
    our society that the majority doesn’t want. It’s not just about gay
    marriage either. There are many other gay “rights” being advocated that the
    majority doesn’t want in their society. As to them having no justifiable
    reason, that’s not true. You just disagree with those reasons. Thomas

  20. by which standard do you measure my statement to be religious bigotry?
    seems that the only one being a bigot is you. I mean, you can do whatever
    please like protest churches and chik-fil-a, but did you ever protest a
    mosque? muslims have the same view as us on this issue. bet you didn’t.
    wonder why, btw its not hate God is holy and to God being holy he must
    abide to His law perfectly, He has control over everything, murder is sin,
    Killing is done with justice and authority.

  21. Owner of Chik Fil A is not ANTI GAY. He is PRO Traditional Marriage. Big
    difference. The left are Master’s at twisting language. We’re paying
    attention. Wait til you see November election. Chick Fil A x 1000. Tsunami
    of conservatives will bring Romney and Congress historic landslide
    victories. The left lives in a bubble. 60 Million pins heading your way in

  22. Actually there are rather good and they know things and have facts unlike a
    particular political party *cough* republicans *cough*

  23. Why the fuck are people getting so flustered over this minor controversy?
    It is not like this company is exclusively not serving homosexuals based on
    their gender preferences! This is a fast food chain for God sakes! What
    does waffle fries have to do with sexual orientation!? Nothing! Everyone
    should have known by now that they probably opposed gay marriage, based on
    the company’s core beliefs and christian influenced business style. Grow
    up. It is like a candle company talking about taxes!

  24. If we were doing the same thing, we would be denying straight people human
    rights and only allowing gay people to have them, not working towards equal
    rights were both parties benefit.

  25. The owner didnt even say he hated gays, the interveiwer pushed him over and
    over untill he told his views, he didnt Say gays are banned from the place
    or that they make him sick, he stated his veiws, and it was also an asinine
    move to make a worship day because of his veiws, he should not be praised
    nor punished, its just his damn opinion, you say that he is horrible for
    not agreeing that homosexuality is okay, but at the same time you are
    dissagreeing with him about his veiws. just ignore it,

  26. im not from the usa soo yeah, all im saying is society is really really
    confused now and the young turks are just scoffers when society really goes
    down trust me the young turks wont seem as appealing

  27. There is a loop hole in whatever the hell Chick-fill-A is. How in the world
    could you see from sight, if someone is gay. Do they stand at the till and
    ask questions about your personal life or what….

  28. IF you choose to believe that Chick-Fil-A actively funds hate groups then
    so be it. I do not feel that way. I also do not believe that being anti-gay
    is hating anymore than I’m sure that you believe that being pro-family is,
    right? We have different beliefs. Again, so be it. They have the the
    absolute right to fund any group they want and you have the right to
    boycott and not eat there. Better set your sights on WalMart next.

  29. The Hindus believe that cows are sacred so they don’t serve beef in their
    restaurants, so why should Chick-Fil-A have to accept gay marriage if it’s
    against their beliefs?

  30. Shit man, I wish we was as powerful as the fuckin’ Nazis. We’d already have
    rounded up the Phelps Phags and put them in a newly refurbished Auschwitz
    by now, along with the Klannies and the black hicks. Or stick ’em all on
    their own “bigot island” but oh right, we’re -not- as powerful as you think
    we are, the churchies are the ones with the power in this country. “Help,
    I’m being opressed!” When you make up the hugest part of the contingency.

  31. Not the brightest people… they make it plain obvious that they don’t know
    what they’re saying.

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