4 Comments on “Christian Beadles is wrong on gay rights”

  1. You cannot just call yourself a christian. A true christian is someone who
    believes Jesus christ is their one true saviour, the son of God, who took
    our punishment for our sins so that we will not die but have everlasting
    life. No if and or buts. Now let’s say you do believe in Jesus as your
    savior. In no part of the bible does Jesus anyone else saay to pick and
    choose what you want from the bible , and to choose what is easiest and
    most convenient for you. A christian is called to believe and know it is
    ALL true and the passages in the bible are each put there for a reason. If
    you believein Jesus but still embrace this pick and choose idealogy all I
    can say is that I’m not going tobe in your shoes on judgement day and have
    to face the Lord and give whatever lame excuse you have for pick’n’choose

  2. Lol you know Christian I’m deleting my fan account that I made about you
    bye you were ugly anyways

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