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  1. Republicans are the biggest hypocrites. It’s amazing how these poor
    southern hillbillies gravitate towards the Republicans and believe that
    they actually give a damn about their poor asses. It’s ridiculous. This is
    why Republicans have never really tried to overthrow Roe Vs Wade, it’s such
    a good selling point each election to get the Christian nuts to vote for
    them. Same thing every year “Abortion, Jesus, Lower Taxes (for rich white
    guys), more Jesus, blah blah blah”. 

  2. Done in by their own stupidity. Poetic justice. But don’t worry you repub
    idiots, god works in mysterious ways lol.

  3. self righteous religious people are very easy to con. That seems to be very
    obvious if you push the right buttons.

    BTW Mount Ararat has long been considered the probable landing point of
    Noah’s ark.There is nothing at all new about that idea.

  4. Maybe these guys should read Chaucer’s Pardoner’s Tale and learn that using
    religion to dupe people goes back to at least the 14th century…

  5. The only reason republicans amass perverse amounts of wealth through
    financial transactions that produce nothing is so they have the money to
    later on feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, and educate
    the ignorant – just like the Bible commands. Oh, wait, no they don’t do
    that Biblical stuff, they just fuck the people over.

  6. this video would have been funny if cenk made the ‘and its gone’ reference
    from south park.

  7. If you watch this guy, and think what he says is intelligent, then you are
    just as duped as the people who watch Fox News, CNN, MSNBC etc.

    So much hate and division spread by media to keep you fighting for their
    team, which simply is a brand they make money with. Poor you.

  8. So this guy is an atheist bastard? Like there weren’t enough of those

  9. I have captured a seven headed dragon and two demons. They will be up on
    E-Bay tomorrow. Cash only. 

  10. This reminds me of the Showtime series Borges where people in the
    middle-ages fell for every scam involving religious relics. We are governed
    by the least among us!

  11. Religion is no more then a idea on how to be living, all rests on ancient
    texts where the originals have been long gone. IF there was even a remote
    tiny chance that Noa’s Ark was real somewhere in history, the materials
    have all been rotting away and by now nothing would be left at all. You
    just may find some pottery or similar things but thats about it. So the
    story on its own has no believable ground what so ever. This scammer may
    need a good beating, but I really have to credit his work scamming the rich
    and not the poor. Yet… I wished he wouldnt do that with tax money but
    money from the rich people them selfs… At least we have a good story that
    makes everyone laugh… well… almost everyone :p

  12. This reminds me of a stupid reality show where a Christian swore on the
    bible to another Christian person that he was telling the truth and then
    used that trust to get away with backstabbing.

  13. putting a cap on the amount of money one can sue for is pure evil.
    That means I could destroy your entire factory facility and only pay a
    fraction of the money back to you.

  14. Fuck these four conservative Christian lawmakers who deserved to get
    swindled out of their millions and fuck the God Damn mother fuckin
    republican party. Literally, thats what happend here; four stupid
    republican politicians got fucked ! thank fuckin GOD!

  15. If there ever was an ark, made of wood, it rotted away long, long ago. Yet
    people get taken in on this scam over and over again. Might as well start
    a search for Indiana Jones’ famous hat!

  16. The real crime here is that people will still listen when these republicans
    claim that democrats aren’t fiscally reliable, and they will still *vote*for them. It must take a whole other level of stupid to vote for obviously
    hypocritical retards.

  17. I have an invisible dragon I’d like to sell them oh also I totally found
    the ark of the covenant.

  18. Mount Ararat? Are you sure?

    I thought Noah’s ark sank under the Brooklyn Bridge. (Package deal. Buy
    the bridge…get the ark for free.)

  19. Noah’s ark is probably no longer in existence. If Noah and his family were
    smart then they scrapped it for firewood and building materials almost
    immediately. However, I don’t blame then for being duped here. Many
    christians still hold out the hope of finding things like Noah’s Ark,
    Jesus’s cross, and the original tablets the 10 commandments were written on
    even though none of those things are probably still in existence and having
    a dome put into your house with Bible verses seems a bit extreme for a
    scam. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dome cost as much as the money he made
    in the scam. 

  20. i really doubt anyone can find noah’s ark, considering it was completely
    made of wood, then was salvaged after the flood to create housing, or to be
    used as firewood for winters

  21. They should sue Paramount, Darren Aronofsky, Chris Brigham, Scott Franklin,
    Ari Handel, Amy Herman, Arnon Milchan, and Mary Parent, too, seeing as how
    they’re complicit now in spreading this Noah’s Ark fairy tale. 

  22. I cannot tell you how much I love this story. If you can find people
    deluded and ignorant enough to thin that Noah’s Ark is anything but
    mythology, you have an obligation to separate them from whatever resources
    they have.

  23. Another fun fact: you are more likely to get a virus from an infected
    church website than a porn website, because churches are more trusting and
    have either old antivirus or no antivirus software.

  24. Why is it that almost every time there is a story about someone doing
    something stupid, its usually in either Texas or Mississippi? :o

  25. “Organized a grass roots blockade of a Hooter’s restaurant”. What an
    extraordinary thing to have on your resume.

  26. Good bet these ass clowns couldn’t pick out Turkey on a well labeled map.

  27. Why would conservatives be against suing? I thought that was in essense the
    way free markets regulated themselves?

  28. …finally got the answer to my Poe’s Law question – at least with these
    four lawmakers. Are they stupid, or are they taking advantage of the
    stupid public? Are they insane, or do they think we’re insane? What
    we’ve learned here is actually the scarier answer.

  29. wait, con man’s name was /Arch-her Bone-a-ma/ taha..they got what was comin
    to ’em! #texans #murica

  30. So, Republican politicians are highly religious, gullible idiots…… AND
    IN OTHER NEWS, bears shit in the woods.

    Also, this just in, water is wet, fire is hot and 90% Catholic Priests are

  31. I’m glad the tort reform bit him in the ass. Fucking idiots. Tort reform is
    such a stupid law.

  32. Look at all the sheeple that shell out cash to televangelists. OF COURSE!!

  33. I so love it when Christians get caught in Christian scams. Religious
    Delusion should be classified as such in the DSM.

  34. TYT thinks it’s funny that a non-Christian robbed Christians by pretending
    to be one? And that makes Christians bad? And now tort reform, which is
    to stop frivolous lawsuits and ridiculous awards YOU and I have to pay for,
    now have to do with investment swindlers? What?

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