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  1. The title is ridiculously misleading. Apart from the slight error (“being
    homosexual” is wrong rather than homosexual acts are wrong), there is
    nothing about what he said that you could even argue was bullying. Nobody
    is using strength or power to harm or intimidate anyone else, and the
    student in question has absolutely no intent to hurt someone’s feelings
    (especially if it was in the context of something the teacher said and he
    was just telling his friend what he believed), or to devalue the worth of

  2. *jjammin1812:* I’ve heard similar stories to yours. I am sorry to hear
    about it, and I hope you don’t think all gays are pedophiles because of
    what happened to you. I don’t consider what you’ve shared so far as a sign
    of any homophobia. It just seems to me you’re still angry about what
    happened and your anger spreads out to blame more than the guilty party.
    Wouldn’t you say just that one person is really the guilty person really?
    So, don’t let what redhed311 or YDCWMNS2812 and Muther Tucker get you down.
    They all seem to have a kind of agenda or are just gay people defending

    would you mind toning it down with the swearing too? young people are on
    this site

  3. Can’t believe I’m siding with Faux News. Overhearing one boneheaded remark
    (and I do mean boneheaded) is not the same as being bullied. There are so
    many legitimate cases of LGBT youth and others being bullied and nobody
    does anything. But this? Come on. He should have been slapped on the hand.
    Detention would have been more appropriate if anything.

  4. The fascistic queertards and progtards say “celebrate diversity” when what
    they really mean is “we demand conformity”. Your personal beliefs and
    values are only acceptable if they align with those of the PC cultural
    marxists. This is how colleges can end up censoring free speech and
    becoming commie indoctrination centers. Whatever happened to the
    “marketplace of ideas” university concept?

  5. Mum cant believe it because her son is in football and gets great grades.
    Is she therefore saying that a sports orientated high achiever student cant
    have homophobic views. She should research the behavior behind homophobia.


  6. If you bully a kid even if they are gay you should be punished. That
    Religious kid got hat he deserved. However a detention would have been

  7. Going to say it now religion sucks Jesus isn’t real so is god and I don’t
    care about other religion s

  8. The problem here is that this “Lawyer” doesn’t understand what the first
    amendment is.

    *”Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
    prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,
    or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to
    petition the Government for a redress of grievances”*

    The first amendment does not allow you to just say anything you want
    without ever suffering any consequences from anyone. It restricts the
    government from making laws that violate your right to free speech.

    We’re not talking about a law here; we’re talking about a policy that the
    school is free to have. If you’re arguing he should be able to say what he
    wants on first amendment grounds then you must argue that students can say
    absolutely anything they want with no recourse; after all the first
    amendment protects people’s rights to be racist, sexist and prejudice on a
    daily basis.

    You can’t just go into work and start cussing people out; you will be fired
    and rightly so. Your employer is absolutely free to establish behavioral
    policies which you are expected to adhere to as part of your relationship
    with that employer. It’s not a law approved by congress, it’s an agreement
    between you and another party.

    Think of it this way: What if the students were taking a test and there was
    a policy of absolute silence during the test. A student decides to voice a
    non-offensive opinion about something during this time, and is then
    suspended for 1 day for doing so. Is that wrong? Is that illegal? Should
    the student’s free speech trump the school’s right to have behavioral
    policies? Of course not; they’re not even related.

    *The first amendment is not a special set of rights that people have and I
    don’t understand why we think of it that way. The first amendment grants
    rights to no one and, in fact, does the exact opposite: It is a restriction
    on the rights of the government.*

  9. What’s the big deal If he said if he thought it was wrong! Everyone is
    allowed to voice their opinions. It’s not like he was bullying them.

  10. Let’s not act like this kid just said “I think it’s wrong”. He’s a
    disgusting christian and likely said “Your a fucking faggot, I hope you
    burn in hell”.

  11. As you can see below, I initially spoke out against this, but I have since
    revisited the issue. I’m not so convinced that my initial stand was correct.

    Disciplining young people for speaking out against gays in school has led
    to several laws being passed protecting kids like this from being
    disciplined for expressing their religious beliefs.

    For those who support these laws, I have a few questions:

    1. The Supreme Court has continuously protected your right to speak out
    against homosexuality; why do you demand that right to be protected in the
    halls of our public schools?

    2. As the actions of disciplining young people for speaking out against
    homosexuality was a recognition and a response to the suicide rate among
    gay teens, have you considered that being told you are “unnatural, sick and
    sinful” may be a contributing factor to that suicide rate?

    3. An argument used against homosexuality is the assertion that it is a
    mental illness. Regardless of whether or not this is true, if you believe
    that, by what basis can you possibly find to justify tormenting someone who
    is mentally ill?

    4. Why do these “religious protection” laws come on the heels of the
    controversies surrounding speaking out against gays in schools instead of
    other issues, such as Creation vs. Evolution?

    5. Have you considered that there are beliefs who proscribe that our
    African-American neighbors bear the mark of Cain or are curses from God
    because of the sins of their ancestors; thus these laws can easily be
    served to legitimize racial discrimination? (After all, they bear the mark
    of Cain!)

  12. Surely you straights should know by not that there’s gonna be push-back.
    Expect more of the same in the future.

  13. Let’s just write it differently: “Kid suspended for bullying another kid”.

    Anyone can see it’s only fair that this bully got punished.

    Stupid victimization of the aggressor.

    Let’s even put in another way: “Muslim suspended one day for bullying
    Christian kid”.

    “Oh my God, that is outrageous, that kid is a monster and should be
    expelled, tortured, burned, how he dares…?”

    Stupid double standards.

  14. Just for saying that!? Freedom of speech? America!? Fucking faggots taking
    over schools now?

  15. phoenix1985
    Why are Christians called homophobic if they state their beliefs according
    to what the Bible says?

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