8 Comments on “Church Leaders Stand Up for Gay Rights”

  1. I am proud of these church leaders. Here’s hoping that 1 in Maine, 2 in
    Florida, and 8 in California get overturned! – From a straight ally. 😉

  2. @GradStud28 last time i Checked if you actually read in the Word of God in
    which is what supports are faith through Jesus the Christs sacrifice in
    fact he is his word in John chapter 1 it says in the beginning was the word
    and the word was with God and the word was God, lil farther down and the
    word became flesh and dwelt among man. so if u claim Christ u must claim
    his word meaning excepting Sodomy is a sin. the Bible isnt a buffet table
    were u choose what u want u want

  3. well you are opening the can of worms that you may not want to open. now
    then with this, we will open up the backing Killers, Child Molesters,
    Thiefs, and anyway that you can break the law. it you kill a child and
    molest a child. you will let him off because he will not get a fair trial.
    then if he does it again. Forgive him again ! anybody who break the Law
    will be let off because they may not be give their right to kill or Molest
    children asthey see fit .

  4. @GradStud28 oh i see your one of the hundreds of thousands miss lead
    claiming to be a christian having a form of Godliness but denying the truth
    there of one thing man u can can call ur self a christian but it dont make
    u one it means to be christ like and the faith doesnt except any sin im a
    Pastor and what youve said is invalid it is not in are faiths belief to

  5. We all tend to have this American mentality where we feel we have the right
    to pick and choose what is right, wrong, moral, immoral etc… But there is
    IMMORAL BASED ON A DEMICRATIC VOTE! These religious leaders should read the
    bible better. Ya might not like it, but it’s an abomination. Like it or
    not. Just read the story of Sodom, and Gomorra! God destroyed the cities
    because of this very thing.

  6. @metubefan42 exactly someone spoke up im a Pastor & an ordained licensed
    minister in Charleston WV. they can throw me in jail if it comes 2 it I
    will never preform the (rite) of marriage 4 the same sex because it isnt
    (right) its an abomination its sin just like drug addiction, just like
    alcoholism, beating ur wife, lieing, stealing, killing, SIN IS SIN im not
    homophobic im SINAPHOBIC cause ive seen what it can do to families &
    peoples lives 4 the wages (Consequences) of sin is DEATH

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