28 Comments on “Civil rights case against Zimmerman?”

  1. lol this is laughable. These people violated zimmerman’s civil rights. Stop
    it and go home. If zimmerman wanted to he would sue them for all the money
    they made and win. The prosecution and these parents lied.

  2. i hope someone tries to punch and harm ZIMMERMAN AGAIN. so zimmerman can
    kill them legally. THEN THE LESSON WILL BE LEARNED.

  3. There wasn’t any merit for a criminal case, and there is even LESS credit
    for a civil case, now that he was acquitted. The FBI tried as hard as they
    could to find a person to prove that Z was racist. They couldn’t find
    anyone. The only racial comment in this entire case was uttered by the
    thug: “creepy azz cracka” when he was on the phone with his future babay
    momma, instead of dialing 911. He couldn’t dial 911, as he was “up to no
    good” as Z thought.

  4. If ALL blacks put as much effort into taking responsibility for their
    success as they do holding others responsible for their failure, NONE of
    this would happen in the first place.

  5. It technically isn’t, however any reasonable person would see that it is,
    but under the law, they could legally attempt to try him. It is quite
    incredibly ridiculous that they would even consider it…

  6. It’s actually easier to rape a women who carries a gun but doesn’t know how
    to use it. Simply take the gun and rape away. Your comment is pretty

  7. After reading the texts from the cell phone of martin, that that weren’t
    redacted, why would these people think they even HAD a case? They didn’t
    have merit for the criminal trial, yet that didn’t stop them from wasting
    Americas time and money. These parents feel so guilty about their own
    actions, they are so desperate, they are letting the race baiters drag them
    along. Do these people really want the Arizona Watermelon, skittles, Tussin
    recipes and comments of Martin to be exposed?

  8. That’s adorable, sweetheart but… I’ve been a gun owner longer than you’ve
    been alive. Hush now, honey, the grown ups are talking.

  9. thats why there was a case because they are evidence! Armed personnel vs an
    unarmed personnel, told by 911 stay in his car and leave kid he disobeyed.
    Trayvon Martin also have the right to the “Stand your ground law” unless
    you think he is not human and due to the fact that he is black you too
    believes he was born with the proclivity to crime or some sort. clearly he
    killed a teen who ran away from him and he was not employed to be watchman.

  10. mama always told me that if im gonna be man enough to put my hand on
    someone and harm them. / then i better be man enough to take the

  11. All the evidence about TM character can be used in civil court. His
    criminal and school records too.

  12. Leave Zimmerman alone…. fucking hate crime my ass.. you raised a thug who
    got his ass shot … oh well try better with your next child.

  13. LMFAO… Thanks for the laugh. Should Feds also speak with big foot and
    easter bunny? The fact that you even typed that shows that you need to come
    out of Mom’s basement a little more often and let those blisters on hand
    and cock heal for a bit.

  14. Zimmerman is a piece of shit. He is a angry fool. He has no life and he
    will remain miserable. fuck Zimmerman.

  15. Blood nda streets bitch it’s already bloody nda streets black blood mostly
    So since ur talkkin bout Zim better not b touched “” whatever preacher ?
    Since I was born niggas ain’t never had shit u kan say blacks had dey time
    2rule but I wasn’t born n dem times so it’s a lie 2me fuck da whole world
    &everything n it ncluding me if I Kant live free blow da moon up u claim 2b
    my master Mr preacher den ur head belong on a stake fuck ur money da gold u
    stole from earth u harm many &u dare kallme selfish

  16. You can’t go to Florida and assault people and expect to not get shot. This
    was a self defense case and trayvon is dead because he did not stop
    assaulting Zimmerman when h3 called out for help. At the point trayvon
    didnt stop assaulting Zimmerman when Zimmerman called out for help
    Zimmerman had a legal right to self defense under Florida law. I wonder how
    many idiots (obama voters) dont understand this are going to assault
    someone then kill them and claim self defense at trial.

  17. who would want blood money anyway this zimmerman looks like a jew bag
    anyway seed of satan he is not good anyway even before he found a excuse to
    kill and I pray that just because we have concealed permits lets not gain
    power and fantasize so much about killing. guns don’t kill people WE have
    to make the choice to draw and use the weapon GOD BLESS

  18. Maybe his parents should take some personal responsibility for trayvons
    death. If trayvon simple stopped punching zimmerman after zimmerman called
    out for help zimmerman would not have had the legal right under Florida law
    to self defense with deadly force. Idiots.

  19. First, I’m an American. I say this because my parents raised me in a way to
    not judge anyone.We as Americans are all people, breathing air, drinking
    water and eating food. My parents never mentioned skin color to us. It was
    about your fellow American as a person. It was never discussed until the
    media became saturated with segments about race. I’m asking not telling,
    please look at the media, they are using us as pawns for their nightly
    shows. In doing so, they are causing polarization.Not good.

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