37 Comments on “Classic Anti-Gay Debate…Remember This?”

  1. Funny how the homophobic guy kept trying to bring up reasons why gay
    couples aren’t the same as straight couples, in an effort to justify his
    already twisted beliefs. 

  2. The question I wished would been asked is where in the documents that
    founded the USA does it read ‘unless you’re Homosexual’?

    My partner of 11 years and I were married on June 25, 2014 after the
    Circuit Court told the northern Southern Red State of Indiana that their
    anti same sex law was discriminatory. We signed the same papers str8s sign,
    repeated our vows the same as str8s do and sealed the deal with a kiss the
    same as str8s do but there were 3 differences – we were married in a city
    park by a JP, the word ‘god’ was never mentioned because it’s not required
    when entering into a contract and rather than exchange rings we did a fist
    bump because we’d been wearing the matching rings for a decade.

    Fast forward a few months to today. Str8 married or living together couples
    in our subdivision are still str8 married or living together couples with
    the exception of one str8 married couple who have been legally separated
    for months after she came home unexpectedly to find him in their bed
    fucking another woman. NOT our fault, we’re two married guys. Str8 marrieds
    need no help from same sex married couples to ‘destroy the sanctity of
    marriage’, they are fully capable of doing it themselves.

  3. McClusky sounds like a total moron better buried and let to rot.

    Considering how seriously overpopulated and on the brink of destruction our
    planet is, we should be applauding same sex couples seeking to marry and
    adopting some of the kids straights carelessly dump on posterity.

    The whole thing of homosexuality should be a non issue. If anything, in
    certain parts of the world politicians should make sure that homosexuals
    and bisexual people are provided with incentives to seek same sex


  4. She wrecked his shit! Oh my god I’ve never seen so many great
    counterarguments that were not refuted. 

  5. The Ten Commandments say you can’t fuck your neighbours wife . Show the
    commandment that says you can’t fuck your neighbour.

  6. 8:54, “… like poligamy” – What does poligamy have to do with gay
    marriage? We find poligamy in the bible – Solomon having 300 wives, other
    patriarchs having more than one wife – should we outlaw the bible because
    it may lead to poligamy?

  7. Lets wait and see the outcome in 15 years
    of this poor kids from two mothers or two fathers relationship

  8. Im not gay but i have to ask who defined that marriage is defined as a
    woman and a man, and if you say the bible then you must ask, so if the
    person doesn’t believe in the bible are they pushed to follow something
    they do not believe, because of people who would take peoples rights away
    because they want to force their beliefs on others. 

  9. David, si vas a borrar los comentarios anti semita, también deberías borrar
    los anti gay. Saludos

  10. This was an amazingly polite discussion. I wouldn’t have made it 60
    seconds into that conversation without asking him how it feels to be a POS?

  11. Imagine how far society would be in helping people if these anti gay people
    used their money for REAL problems, like health , child care, education ,
    science etc etc

  12. always the cesspool gay land of California. that state would do better to
    be under water one day. 

  13. “Would you mine telling me whose brain I did put in?”
    “And you won’t get angry?”
    “I will not get angry”.
    “Abby someone…Abby Normal”.
    “Abby Normal? Are you saying that I put an abnormal brain into a seven and
    a half foot long, 54 inch wide…GORILLA??!!!”

  14. Christian bigots never let the facts get in the way of their divisive
    ignorant hate and fear mongering agenda to drive frightened credulous
    sheeple into tithing to self serving religious snake oil con men.

  15. What is the Family Research Council actually researching? How to destroy
    any family combination, up to and including heterosexual families also?
    This “Council” does not support national healthcare or a living wage. How
    would that help ANY American family?

    Not much, in my estimation.

  16. Its funny how this guy keeps saying “theres an overwhelming mountain of
    And you didn’t bother to bring any of it with you? We’re just supposed to
    take your word for it? Because the “overwhelming mountain of evidense” I’ve
    seen says you’re a liar.

  17. I Googled Stanley Kurtz to see what data he had gathered on the harmful
    effects of gay marriage on straight marriages. I found an article from Huff
    Post from 2009 written by Barrett Brown which discussed some of Kurtz’s
    research. Brown claims that Stanley Kurtz’s conclusions are inconsistent
    with his data and that his data is actually in line with the claims Abby
    Goldberg presented. 

  18. Let me translate. When you hear anyone from FRC mention ‘overwhelming
    evidence’ it means ‘we really don’t know what we’re talking about’.

  19. David, you can truly show brilliance of genius in journalism. This was
    truly the perfect cross cut into the debate between the two poles of the
    marriage equality debate. The studies in the Netherlands and 4 other EU
    countries have all been conclusive that same sex marriages have no bearing
    on hetero couples. So either McClusky lied or the report he quoted was a
    blatant lie. Poor McClusky couldn’t present one fact, was not prepared and
    kept presenting fabricated articles based on idiots opinions and not
    scientific findings. I rate this video 5***** 

  20. I need to learn how to debate like this. Such a calm, lovely debate and you
    were still able to make a fool out of McClusky.

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