46 Comments on “Clinton and Obama Condemn Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill”

  1. @YourLoveLetter And with that you said enough right there. A female and a
    female are not normal and by you holding hands that insinuates
    homosexuality in front of everyone including the parents who will have to
    explain you and her to their children who they also don’t want seeing it.
    But you don’t get that. Why don’t you keep it in private? Why are you
    trying to force others to accept that?

  2. @WatchmenNo1 I wonder what kind of pervert you are? “Those that protestest
    the loudest…”

  3. I want to ask Barack Obama, Is this what you want to bring to Africa, as a
    human right to eat da POO POO of childreeeeen?

  4. @YourLoveLetter If you’re a guy and a guy doing what you do behind closed
    doors go ahead and circumcise if that turns you on. A female and female
    behind closed doors take your licker and tie her tubes or just what ever
    turns you on. But don’t flaunt it in theme parks restaurants or other
    public places and don’t teach it in schools to 5 y/o children nor adopt
    them. And leave mirage between a man and a woman and stop trying to force
    acceptance. Do all that and I have nothing to complain about.

  5. I don’t get the logics in condemning gays. We already have so much hate in
    this world – so why forbid love? :/

  6. @objdobcvblcbdgj Uganda’s bill isn’t anti gay. It anti freedom of speech
    that basically criminalizes anyone who speaks against it. If it hurts a
    homosexuals feelings you’re suddenly a criminal and that includes
    Christians preaching against it. But that’s the HUGE difference between
    leadership a dictatorship.

  7. @WatchmenNo1 From homosexuality to pedophilia, fetishes to zoophilia, the
    person in question usually cannot help feeling sexual attraction outside
    the norm. However, while homosexuality causes no harm (unless counting
    Biblical and other such arguments which are at best controversial),
    pedophilic and zoophilic actions severely harm their targets. Alternative,
    harmless means of satisfying such urges are drawn and written, fictional
    pornography, which I heartily endorse.

  8. @YourLoveLetter No I guess moral values are over as long as we have lefty
    liberal scum leading the way.

  9. @WatchmenNo1 Is the sheep consenting? if not then no, i don’t approve. No
    purpose to homosexuality? How bout love, or had you not even realized that
    gays can love too? But hey if you are obsessed about what people do with
    their genitals, then thats your business but don’t go around telling me who
    i can and can’t love.

  10. @meattube4u33 Even if that was true, it still is no reason why
    homosexuality should be considered a crime/sin. If that was the case, then
    all self destructive practices (like eating food loaded with high saturated
    fat, smoking etc) should be outlawed. Try again bro.

  11. @Varoonmg Your argument is a form of windows dressing. You say it’s not
    perversion but homosexuality can’t produce children and there for has no
    purpose other than the thrill of it. Let’s take your argument of two
    consenting adults a little further. Now let’s say two consenting adults
    want to have sex in public or urinate in public together. What about two
    consenting adults consenting to one or the other killing the other? Is that
    ok? There isn’t a limit so where would it stop?

  12. @theguythatplaysbass Gay men spread hiv faster than anyone else, you can
    try to deny it but it is a fact.

  13. @meattube4u33 actually, unprotected sex spreads AIDS faster than anyone
    else. it doesnt matter if youre gay or straight, if you have aids and you
    have sex with another person without protection, AIDS will spread to that
    person. unlike you, AIDS doesn’t descriminate.

  14. @SevenRiderAirForce Jesus said I am the way to my father and there is no
    other way. And unless someone accepts Jesus as their savior their not going
    to get there. So how could someone live only by the old testament and
    accept Jesus as their savior? Wouldn’t that be impossible?

  15. @YourLoveLetter LOL and the last laugh will be on them. That was prophesied
    more than 2500 years ago by none other than Jesus Christ himself and it’s
    right there in the Holy Book . And Christians know this is the time when
    Jesus Christ gets ready to return.

  16. @Varoonmg Well I can tell you this much. Do you see those two names up
    there in the title? There’s two who are out to take away freedom of speech
    though they say they are for gays. Myself as long as it’s kept in private I
    don’t care what you do behind closed doors. Though when you display it in
    public and flaunt it among family environments that’s when I become
    bothered by it. Also all forms of speech isn’t free. Saying the word f***
    in some places equals fines or jail.

  17. Nobody cares about gays. Politicians only say they do for some free votes,
    you really think people care about gays and their rights?

  18. Wonder how WWII would have turned out if the military was full of peace,
    love, dope, open minded homosexuals back then… probably would have gotten
    our asses kicked. It’s not always a good thing to be open minded.
    Homosexuality is a mental condition that needs to be treated. And the only
    defense they have to defend their illness is to call people who do not
    accept it homophobes.

  19. @AmericanNohbuddy Neither are normal or natural even if you think different
    others know it’s not normal including children and parents. Parents don’t
    want to have to explain to their 3 or 5 year old why two guys or two girls
    are kissing in front of them and they shouldn’t be forced to. What you do
    behind closed doors no one cares. But if Billary and Dumbduma gets their
    way parents will have to be careful explaining to their children because if
    a gay hears, the truth is suddenly a hate crime.

  20. @lackofattack Because these companies are seeking American investment and
    are involved in trade with America. Would you have objected to America
    “imposing it’s values” when Germany started killing it’s Jewish and it’s
    gay citizens? As for what the Ugangdan bill is about maybe you should know
    before you comment lest you post uninformed idiocy. The bill was violent,
    allowing death penalty as punishment for the crime of homosexuality.

  21. @kilkdogg its not a choice. you are just as ignorant as @junyto12. people
    wouldnt choose to be oppressed. I wish you could know how it feels to be
    condemned for something you cannot help, because maybe then you would

  22. No civilized nation needs a “gay rights” movement or “gay privileged
    sanctuaries”. We are definitely headed in the wrong direction when we have
    “homo” gov officials i.e., Obama, Clinton weighing in on the side of the
    “gay band wagon” and against the teachings of scripture which they very
    much oppose. Hooooray for Uganda. This tiny African nation…the only one
    doing it right.

  23. @TheMintusmaximus I actually never thought about that. However others
    appear to have and they’ve come up with Yehoshua Ben Yosef. Knowing Jesus
    name to me isn’t that important. As a matter of fact if I didn’t know his
    name at all I think referring to Jesus as Savior would mean more.

  24. @AmericanNohbuddy Have you even looked at the Constitution? If you’re
    looking strictly to find an inclusion in the constitution that points
    homosexuality it’s safe to assume they had common sense back the and never
    thought it would come up. But YOU WILL find the constitution allows states
    to determine laws against indecency’s. What would you say if I was dating
    sheep and made out in front of you in public? For all you know I could be
    seeing one now. Maybe that’s my agenda! Think about it!

  25. @WatchmenNo1 So you can right now just chose to be sexually attracted to
    the same sex? “The hell they don’t corrupt morals, open your eyes
    homosexuality is everywhere now!” You haven’t proved how it’s wrong and
    how it corrupts morals. I don’t think you understand the meaning of
    morality, could you please show me how homosexuality supposedly corrupts
    it, and state your case if not then why are you even replying to me?
    seriously if you have nothing to back your claims with then you already

  26. @Afrikanglobal I am openly bisexual and i know many straight people who
    support gay rights. All from my neighbor to my countries president, both
    happily married for over 40 years with many kids and grandkids. Straighter
    then a pen but still realize that everyone has the right to marry those
    they love. Love….The strongest potion we have.

  27. @meattube4u33 Ostracizing them and making it virtually impossible for them
    to be open about their sexuality and seek medical help from public
    facilities if infected, spreads the disease even faster. Fact.

  28. @Varoonmg You’re either one to the two, seriously misinformed or ignorant
    one of the two. Lets roll back the clock to say the year 1979. In 79 it two
    CONSENTING ADULTS of the same sex COULD NOT CONSENT because it was a CRIME.
    I know a cop in fact who arrested two adults for sodomy and they faced time
    on a state jail felony. Because of homosexual invading office and pressure
    from the left that law was removed. How about PEDOPHILES? Believe it or not
    pedophiles hold political positions to.

  29. wow, how retarded are these ugandan homophobes? They are being tottaly
    hypocritical and not using any common sense. They say that because being
    gay is against the bible, just like an extremely large amount of rediculous
    things, they will kill them? Even though the very bible they are referring
    to also says thou shalt not kill, and to love eachother. Hypocritical
    trash. Its so sad that this is still happening in the world, and that not
    everyone in the world is equal.

  30. @RBGSolider So if a person supports gay rights he’s gay? Your ignorance is
    amazing. Gay rights are human rights!!

  31. @Varoonmg Well if you followed those links then it’s obvious to see I’m not
    inventing or making up anything it’s the truth. And as far as anarchy goes
    it’s already here pay attention to what’s going on around you and see.

  32. @kisupris If you were raped, it was by a pederast, not a psychologically
    healthy gay man. But, it’s probably useless writing to a Ugandan about
    this, you’re backward people.

  33. @Varoonmg What do you think is will happen next? Before you start saying no
    child would consent to having sex with an adult maybe you should check out
    Mackenzie Phillips relationship with her father as she admitted she liked
    it. And keep in mind Mexico’s law is age 12 consent if I’m not mistaken.
    And these idiots such as Billary wants to get rid of our borders. So how
    about a hint into your future? Got any children do you?

  34. @SevenRiderAirForce Stone others to death? Well you see that applied in the
    old Testament and that’s why Jesus Christ came to this earth. Can you show
    me where it says to stone others to death in the new testament? Also Santa
    Clause is not accepted as reality other than giving children fun in the joy
    of Christmas. That’s why their told Santa Clause isn’t real by the age 8 or
    9. You’re trying to come up with any excuse you can find to discredit the
    Bible am I right?

  35. Satin has disguised himself as christian missionaries, and the ignorant
    ooga ooga booga’s are buying the false christians who are misleading the
    ignorant you know whats. America shouldnt send Africa another dime, they’ll
    all be dead from aids in no time, what they get for raping and acting like

  36. @YourLoveLetter You’re 23 and here’s what happened in the span of your
    lifetime. Church went from you don’t go you’re an outcast to outright
    persecution of Christians. Politicians are pushing for a 1 world order aka
    NWO. Technology has increased by leaps and bounds mass computing RFID and
    DNA. Homosexuality went from sodomy to openly accepted as normal even
    taught in schools. That just a taste of the prophecies prophesied in the
    Bible more than 2500 years ago. And you think it’s not true?

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