13 Comments on “Close Call for Marriage Equality in WA: March 19 Marriage News Watch”

  1. I just think it’s total BS that LBGT ppl aren’t allowed to get married. And
    I also think it’s BS that NH is thinking about getting rid of gay marriage.

  2. I simply do NOT understand how ‘marriage’ as an institution can be
    ‘threatened’ by allowing gay couples to marry. WTF. Coming from a straight
    person here, I cannot see any way in which lgbt couples being allowed to
    marry would somehow diminish any marriage I may choose to enter into in the
    future. If I marry, it’s mine and my husband’s business, nobody else’s. I
    don’t see why the same wouldn’t be true for lgbt couples. Anybody who can’t
    see that is clearly stuck in the Stone Ages.

  3. Hey Matt – can you tell me WHY is it that ONLY GAY people’s RIGHTS are the
    ONLY ones put up to a Popular Vote????

  4. thank you for doing this…i live in Ohio and, becuase most people here are
    against equality in marriage, we don’t get to hear about these movements
    and laws that are happening all over the country…it’s nice to hear that
    somewhere in the world business is getting done 🙂

  5. Mr. Baume, Your energy was noticeably diminished, but you were still great,
    of course. I hope you feel better soon. Keep fighting the good fight, Good

  6. May I recommend the use of a USA map and/or globe graphic? With the quick
    context changes, a visual like that would help.

  7. @randyseck No its in a near future I would say in the next 10 years or less
    because there are already States that Lgbt members can get married. Plus I
    know how my fellow lgbt commuters are. We will not let them drag it out for
    THAT long with out advicing new plans to go at it. If the supreme court
    takes on the california case and it votes like the jurors did
    “unconstitutional” Many will follow as seeing it as unconstitutional.
    Legalizing Gay marriage is enableable. They should just give it up..

  8. I still cannot understand how people can delude themselves into believing
    that sam sex marriage is at all harmful or anything but a natural born
    right. People think it’s so obvious and second nature that inter-racial
    marriages are to be accepted, why must we continue not to learn from our
    past in order to speed this process; marriage is a basic human right of
    which no one should be denied.

  9. Don’t worry people, I bet the Supreme Court will rule on this stuff at some
    point in the not to distant future, and it’ll go the same way as
    inter-racial marriage.

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