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  1. lol, number one in terms of how many subscribers maybe…both companies
    have been rated the absolute worst company (comcast is no. 1, TW is 2) in
    America. and they are already near monopolies because they don’t operate in
    the same cities.


    Alright, so we all agree on this. That’s the important thing (that we STOP
    IT! — otherwise, it doesn’t make a hill of beans)

  3. This may just be the first time I’ve ever actually agreed with Cenk on
    *anything,* which says a lot. ….Okay, strike that, I think it’s actually
    the *2nd* thing for which I’ve ever actually agreed with him, but ya’ll
    know what I mean.

  4. This is what happens when you let govt get theri grubby hands into the
    otherwise free market, and business. The corporations end up controlling
    it, and competing for political power rather than for their customers.

    Isn’t it interesting how, here, *FINALLY SOMEthing* that we can and should
    all agree on, — opposing this merger, and yet, this corrupt ass shit is
    still going to be allowed to happen.


  5. For all the people saying stuff along the lines of “Who watches TV”, a lot
    of people get their home internet from these cable providers. I am
    currently a Comcast subscriber but not because I like their service, but
    because I am in a area where they are pretty much the only option. There
    are just not enough options when it comes to cable TV or reliable internet.

  6. Cenk doesn’t pull any punches. He really launches into democrats in this
    Comcast Time Warner Merger.

  7. Schumer needs to get the hell out of office. He doesn’t give a damn about
    the people in our state that will lose their job over this merger, if it
    goes through. 

  8. So one jew who owns a multi billion dollar company tried to buy another
    company owned by a billionaire jew, who solicited his jewish congressman
    and brother to help broker the deal?

  9. Must end gerrymandering.
    Guess what is the solution to end gerrymandering, it’s to end bipartidarism.
    USA need runoff elections. At every level. Only if the first place gets
    over 50% of valid votes there’s no runoff.

  10. @07:15 This conservative KNOWS we are far from having free markets in this
    country. Maybe the day we stop petitioning the govt. to run our lives we
    will be one step closer to it

  11. I keep receiving email from shumer asking for money for his campaine or
    some sort. Is he crazy still?

  12. The thing that people should be really worried about is not so much their
    near, all but monopoly on Cable television broadcasting but the their near
    monoply on providing Internet services. Comcast & Time Warner are the 1st &
    3rd biggest providers of broadband internet services with a combined total
    of over 31m broadband subscribers, and, because of VoIP tech, they can also
    provide telephones services to those 31m customers. AT&T and Verizon are
    the 2nd & 4th largest ISPs and are also in the top 4 cable providers

  13. The same guys that say that competition is good have allowed this. They all
    lie. Thats why their so called free market here does NOT work. And why
    allowing insurance co to sell across state lines will not work either. Its
    all BS.

  14. There might be a potential lawsuit that could prevent this monopoly from
    occurring and simultaneously overturn the anti-Net Neutrality ruling. Those
    most-versed in business law who are associated with Wolf-PAC, hop to it
    folks, hit the books hard, you’re needed.

  15. Cenk what happens when the right people decide to make Wolf pack a
    non-issue? Big business and big govt will try to find a way to compromise
    wolf pack. -I mean the wolf pack theory isn’t new.

  16. After dealing with poor customer service and poor quality of my cable tv
    service I will never pay for tv again. YouTube is the best when it comes
    to free tv everything you want they got it and it’s free, for now. Comcast
    was terrible. Their equipment is made in Mexico and is junk, and most of
    their service representatives are in foreign countries.

  17. umm the cable company controls your bill up to a certain extent, however
    its the channel providers viacom etc that truly control your bill. They set
    a price as to what the cable company has to pay to carry the channel, and
    the price is pushed on consumers. Everyone by now has seen the crawler on
    the bottom of the screen saying something like ” your cable provider is
    about to lose this channel unless you call this number” these are tactics
    to pressure the cable and satellite companies to pay more for the channel
    and that money has to come from somewhere, they certainly aren’t going to
    absorb the cost themselves to keep customers that can’t afford another
    option. These two companies have been working hand in hand for many years
    now, this has been inevitable for a while 

  18. Great job Turks, these guys need to be made examples of this is fucking
    ridiculous. They need to be voted out sure … that’s not enough fines or
    jail time are due. This is atrocious behavior.

  19. In 1972 about 5% of former representatives an senators took jobs with Lobby
    organizations or P.R. for large corporations. These days it is almost 50%
    of represenatives and over one third of senators who take such jobs when
    leaving office. It’s called “failing upward” and they go back ten or
    fifteen years later they run for office again to “refresh their
    credentials”. Matt Salmon for example.

  20. Chuck Schumer has over and over shown that he is a corrupt Democrat. Why in
    the world do the voters in NY keep reelecting this crook? The FCC and the
    Department of Justice MUST block this merger. That was to happen, it will
    be at the expense of the customers, the free market and will also be a
    hindrance to innovation.

    I’m subscribed here in West-PA to a cable company that locally detains the
    monopoly for cable and internet distribution. This company, Armstrong
    Cable, is one of the most dishonest companies I’ve ever known. They raise
    their rates every 2 years, without improving the quality of their services.
    The speed of their internet is below the national average. They cheat their
    customers when they have the opportunity.

    This Comcast-Time Warner merger MUST be stopped!!!!

  21. Capitalism is capitalism whether it is crony or benevolent. A system on
    based on the expropriation of wealth from workers and poor people. 

  22. I smell the bitter end of america the great… If that didn’t already

    Comcast would be held accountable and fucking be dissolved.

    What free market? Third world countries have a freer market then we do!

    Call you congress person and email your senators federal and state and
    don’t be silent.

    This won’t end until we get money out of politics…. When people can be
    bought there is no freedom.

  23. I have signed a few employment contracts over the years that had
    non-compete clauses. I say that we ought to consider as part of the
    constitutional amendment vis a vis Wolf-pac, etc. to include a time limited
    non-compete clause that would disallow individuals from going straight from
    employment in a particular industry to employment in that industry’s
    regulating bodies.

  24. After finishing the 2nd season of House of Cards, this video hits home and
    makes this country’s government look like nothing more than…well, a house
    of cards..

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