29 Comments on “Conservative: I’d End Democracy To Stop Gay Rights”

  1. This is like how these same nuts would prefer to get rid of science rather
    than teach evolution.

  2. Perkins is expressing the true anti democratic totalitarian dictatorship
    that’s the real central tenant of the christian cult of mental servitude to
    primitive ignorance and lies.
    Christianity was invented as a set of tools to oppress and control the
    masses for the benefit of the ruling priestly and royal classes of the day.
    The cult of God is all about getting folks to love the idea of worshiping
    an all encompassing absolute dictator for the cheap price of freedom. To
    condition the followers to surrender their free thoughts and have their
    lives run by worldly tyrants pretending to be Gods representatives here on
    There is absolutely nothing democratic about Christianity or any of the
    Abrahamic faiths at all, Zero, Zilch.

  3. I see why Tony is upset about the 17th Amendment. Given the “quality” of
    people being elected to state legislatures these days (Gordon Klingenshmitt
    in Colorado, for example), can you imagine what Congress (and our country)
    would be like if those idiots got to choose the Senate?

    However, Kyle, you’re reaching when you claim Tony just endorsed the idea
    of a fascist dictatorship. He didn’t even advocate revoking the 17th
    Amendment. BTW, are you are suggesting that the United States was a
    fascist dictatorship prior to adoption of the 17th Amendment in 1913? If
    you are, then it follows that all presidents prior to Woodrow Wilson were
    fascist dictators. :))

  4. Before the 17th amendment the government was a tyrannical, authoritarian,
    fascist dictatorship?

  5. Give it a few years and he’ll get caught having his peepee sucked by a male
    prostitute at some sketchy hotel….We’ve seen it before with good old Ted
    Haggard lol

  6. Christopher Hitchens once chewed this guy up and spat him out on national
    television. It was delightful to watch. 

  7. If he is willing to end democracy over such a trivial thing, he doesn’t
    deserve the democracy he has. That motherfucker can pack his bags and move
    to Russia

  8. America is not a democracy for the majority, only for the minority. Every
    society is a dictatorship of one class over another (a basic understand of
    marxism shows that). Countries like America, of course, are in the
    dictatorship of the bourgeoise, yet Socialist countries (i.e. Cuba,
    Venezuela, the DPRK, the former USSR) were in the dictatorship of the
    proletariat- a dictatorship over the former oppressors (who are still in
    charge in the USA) and democracy for the majority. Democracy does NOT mean
    meaningless elections to a middle-class talking shop every four or five
    years. The same people stay in charge.

  9. +schtals Your experience is nothing but bullshit, again you see the same
    shit with heterosexuals. They party, get drunk do stupid shit, get
    pregnant, but is this a cause of being heterosexual or just being young and
    stupid? Exactly dumbass, being young and stupid. Homosexuality is no less
    of a cause for party-like behavior than heterosexuality. The problem is
    asshole, mostly is when a person has been told “Hey have no future”. That
    person will then resort to doing really dumb things. Doesn’t matter if
    you’re gay, straight, black, white, etc if you are treated like shit you
    will have no self acceptance and you will do things to kill yourself

    As far as the other shit you have said, you have NO evidence, your
    understanding of science is bullshit and how is being accepting a bad
    thing? Seems like we have a dumbass over here. Mostly, this guy is probably
    closeted himself and is finding most of this garbage of the internet. Best
    thing to do is to ignore him…

  10. Yeah, he’d love a stiff cock in his mouth. I’m done even pretending that
    that isn’t the case with men like him. I want to be fair and mainly
    intellectual but at some point you have to admit to yourselves that you
    care so much because you’re at the very least a bi-sexual and your dumb ass
    religion is the actual reason that you feel anxiety over this. Be honest,
    then approach the reasons.

  11. Radical republicans like this should just call the m selves fascist
    theocrats, it would be more honest.

  12. He probably want’s a Theocracy. I love it. The only TRULY free countries
    have secular governments. Would other religions really be protected if
    America had a Christian government? I doubt it. He’s a moron. I’ll HATE gay
    people because it says in the OT it’s wrong right next too the verse about
    not wearing mixed fabrics. We don’t care about that one though. Yet their
    morality is objective? Ha laughable.

  13. I don’t know what drives a person to hate a certain group of people that
    much. I mean is he secretly a homosexual who’s angry that only now it’s
    okay to get married? What an asshole.

  14. It would be so much easier for both Mr Perkins and the rest of American
    society if he would just come out and admit he’s Gay.

  15. Out of all the things in the world for Tony Perkins to be so fervently
    against, why does he focus on gay people? He doth protests too much!

  16. Republican Meeting
    “Ok folks so so were taking a vote on weather or not the first amendment
    apply to voters”

  17. “We must respect the other fellow’s religion, but only in the sense and to
    the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his
    children smart.” -H.L. Mencken 

  18. Let’s be real here, he’s only ok with a dictatorship IF that dictator
    agreed with everything he thinks. He’s ok with a dictatorship, so long as
    HE is that dictator. 

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