2 Comments on “Controversial Uganda anti gay law challenged in court”

  1. Hello.
    My wife and I are the owners of Studio Taniwha (
    http://www.studiotaniwha.co.nz). We provide a high-end, first class, luxury
    wedding and honeymoon package in New Zealand which celebrates love between
    two consenting adults – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Straight, and
    otherwise. All couples are invited to enjoy our non-religious services and
    will be treated as equal because that is your human right. We are proud
    that LGBT couples are welcomed in New Zealand, they are human and they need
    to be loved, just like everyone else does.

    Humans have a limited lifespan. Do we really want to waste that time by
    going out of our way to be unnecessarily mean to people who just want to
    live like everyone else? With all the troubles that exists in the world,
    are we really going to expend effort, energy and resources that could be
    better spent addressing REAL problems, in denying strangers their share of
    joy and happiness in life?

    We are social creatures. We draw strength and comfort from each other, so
    that humanity as a collective tribe can grow and prosper. When two people
    are able to find solace from the day-to-day hardships that we all have to
    cope with, in the refuge of each other’s arms, the rest of us need to
    acknowledge that this is an occasion for joy and celebration. Even if it is
    in the selfish recognition that as a community, we all benefit and become

    I want LGBT Ugandan couples to come and be married in New Zealand because
    they want to experience the beauty of my country, rather than because they
    are not welcomed in their own homes. Please do not drive your daughters and
    sons to me with fear and hatred, instead let them come freely, as valued
    and respected fellow human beings and proud Ugandans

    Respectfully yours,
    Leron H. Gittens-Arnold´╗┐

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