21 Comments on “Corey Holcomb says Gay Rights not like Black Civil Rights struggle”

  1. Im a straight White dude I didn’t agree with the gay shit, but all the
    other stuff is just Raw truth.

  2. “People have taken their foot off the gay people, so now they’ve grown so
    bold that they want to justify having a fetish! To be man on man” People
    have taken their foot off of the black black people,so now they want to

  3. no one one should be victimized for being gay, they should be allowed to be
    married, but just dont promote being gay as above being heterosexual and
    try and scientifically justify the lifestyle.

  4. but according to natural law it should not be promoted above
    heterosexuality, as in the law of polarity exists thru out the universe, u
    can put two north pole magnets together, u cant put two south pole magnets
    together, the must be opposite poles to connect

  5. How does magnetism have anything to do with the topic at hand? You can’t
    “promote” homosexuality, you’re born gay. That’s like promoting have brown
    eyes or blonde hair.

  6. Where they were worked from sun up to sun down in mine shafts, I’m talking
    thousands of brothers being shipped to worked in mine shafts, breathing
    toxic fumes in their lungs and then collapsing to their deaths, drinking
    filthy water because no breaks were given, even beaten to death by
    overseers for not working fast enough . And this is after they ambolished
    slavery in the south this went on until the early 1900’s

  7. And what many ppl don’t know, that after slavery was so called ambolished,
    that because white ppl didn’t want give up free work from us slaves, that
    in the south they orchestrated laws that put our men in jail for petty
    crimes, and they sentenced to years on a chain gang

  8. I hate being black, not because of my skin, but because of “black
    interest.” People see my skin and assume I have “black interest” on top of
    other racial stereotypes that created by the white man. Intolerance is a
    white mans ideal, but I just listened to black men say that being
    discriminated against is not the same as being discriminated against. You
    can’t help liking men or women any more than you can help liking anything
    you like. How dare anyone want EQUALITY FOR ALL PEOPLE.

  9. Black civil rights are very similar to gay civil rights. To think otherwise
    is IGNORANT!

  10. you are so right on that- homosexuality and heterosexuality is nothing more
    than a sexuality.

  11. wow did not know that, we assume on abolish-on everyone walked off the
    plantation, but thinking about it the slave mindset woulda meant that peeps
    would want to keep the chains on.

  12. To hell with homosexuality. Where were they when blacks were going through
    torture from the Arabs and Europeans? In America, as soon as the civil
    rights that many blacks died by lynchings, they came holding hands with
    blacks. Is it not the same faggot pedophile bastards who raped young slave
    black boys during the slave days.

  13. Part 4- History has shown that Blacks/ other people of color have walked
    through stores with other watching them/ being harassed. History has shown
    that Blacks/other people of color do have to worry about being lynched/
    spit on/ etc. (Even though Religion is a characteristic/preference/choice
    that people can change/alter/etc, it is still a recipient of special
    rights/protections afforded to race/age/ethnicity (characteristics that
    people cannot change/is not a choice/not a behavior/etc)].

  14. I think there were more referring to the Black Civil Rights Movement. After
    slavery was abolished but blacks were still segregated. Don’t act like
    there hasn’t been serious injustice towards gays. There have been and are
    still ongoing mass killings of homosexuals overseas.

  15. Sure, someone can try to hide their sexuality, that doesn’t mean they won’t
    get caught and punished. Still today in countries like Iran and Uganda,
    among others, you can and will be executed for any homosexual conduct. Even
    in first world countries like america, there are still laws infringing the
    rights of those innocent citizens. Since when was being black considered
    criminal? Until 2003 if you were gay, you were considered, by definition, a
    criminal in some states.

  16. Not anything close to what Blacks had to deal with, they can hide your
    sexuality but we can’t hide our Color…HUGE DIFFERENCE!

  17. These brothers are right. Obama is a weak coconut who the White people
    chose to promote all these faggots. A half-breed who would do everything
    for them and deceive blacks. Obama is not black. He is a biracial
    deception. Obama is a clear reminder of what happened centuries ago in
    Northern Africa. How these mulatto offspring betrayed Africans.

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