14 Comments on “Corrupt Russia Wastes $50 Billion On Sochi Olympics”

  1. Cool! Now do a “Corrupt US wastes $$$$$ on murdering people abroad for
    coporate profits.”
    Russia has an exuse, its Russia.

  2. 1st, you provide NO support for your accusations but what is much more
    important; this is what you consider “corruption” in Russia and is your
    IMPORTANT and SIGNIFICANT NEWS of the day! Pathetic ! If you really
    want to report on REAL CORRUPTION today being thrown blatantly right in
    citizens’ faces, report on the US gov’t. You could run an article every day
    for the next year and still have unlimited material left over.

  3. The moneys gone to Putins swiss bank accnt and to that Heroin kingpin! So
    very glad they sold Alaska!

  4. Many toilets throughout he world, even ‘normal’ looking sit-down and flush
    operated ones, require you to throw your used toilet tissue into a trash
    can. It’s very common in S America and SE Asia. The internal and city
    plumbing systems are not designed to handle that type of waste. The lack of
    privacy though…. that’s a definite lol.

  5. Talking shit about your communist comrades in mother russia will get you
    life in the gulag boys.

  6. Can you imagine the daily conversations 2 bloated men would have sitting
    side by side on dem sickles? Stuff like, dem bluberries? Looks kinda corny!
    What color is this really! Too funny!

  7. There are toilets like that with no privacy in America too. They’re pretty
    common actually. 

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