22 Comments on “Cory Booker Speaks Out On Gay Rumors | The Rubin Report”

  1. Wow what a presumptuous statement,”we’ll that’s why Kevin Spacey”. How
    about he hasn’t “come out” because its none of your fucking business. Do we
    ask “straight” people who and how many people they’ve had sex with. I can’t
    stand the term come out. It’s offensive as hell.

  2. Who cares???Are you serious??I don’t care,most on my side don’t care ..but
    there are a whole lot of Murcans who “care” All right.Dont worry about
    that..and they are the dangerous people.Booker is a good guy and a fine
    politician (an oxymoron ) but if he has ambitions that would kill them
    stone dead.So we can all be very liberal

  3. Um, lots of people–the ones who try to prevent gay people from having
    equal rights, equal marriage, who want to make gay sex illegal.

  4. I watched a documentary on Cory Booker a few years ago in a Poli Sci class.
    I always thought he was an incredible guy.

  5. It’s no ones business how you live your life as long as you aren’t directly
    harming others. You can’t ask for equality and then have a ticker tape
    parade every time someone says they prefer dick…wtf?

  6. success always draws some type of critical depiction. to focus on this
    persons gender (regardless of what it is) and not follow the real issues
    only confirms how shallow, insecure and how easily people are intimidated
    by wit, intelligence, good looks and accolades. soar Cory soar.

  7. this reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where they say, “not that there is
    anything wrong with that”

  8. I don’t care if Cory Booker is gay or straight. That doesn’t change my
    opinion of him. I’m voting for Steve Lonegan for Senate because he
    represents my values and has a much stronger resume than Cory Booker. Steve
    Lonegan for Senate!

  9. It shouldn’t matter. I could care less if he is gay (and I’m not saying he
    is at all). Where he stands on the issues matters much more to me. I would
    feel differently if he had an anti-gay platform, which he doesn’t. I don’t
    think people should come out just because others want them to; it’s a
    personal decision. But in the meantime, do no harm. Don’t sleep with men in
    private and rail against gays in public.

  10. I have always had an issue with people saying that a guy is gay if he’s 40
    and not married. I have friends in their 40s who are dating or in a
    relationship but not married. My mom got married for the first time and
    she’s 46. What if Cory hasn’t found the right person? Isn’t that what
    people who are pro-marriage tell single people like me? What a weird double

  11. It’s so strange people really give a damn if a politician is gay or
    not…it doesn’t change their morals or policies.

  12. The people who say “who cares” are being naive. There are still 37 states
    that don’t allow gay marraige, there are many states you can be fired for
    being gay, there are a lot of people who ride around the streets and beat
    up gay people–it matters.

  13. It should not matter which gender you like. Of all the things a politician
    do that matters. This is the silliest and will remain silly.

  14. I usually take it a compliment. You think I’m in good shape, well groomed,
    and have good style? Thanks!

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