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  1. Norway will be damned if it lets some post-imperialist colonial whelp
    dictate what goes on in the Arctic, when we have arguably more rights to
    the Arctic than any other single nation on Earth. Still, we believe the
    Arctic belongs to no single nation but to several. 

  2. Absolutely, there will come a point where natural resources are so scarce
    the treaty to prohibit ownership or excavation of oil in The north pole
    (which contains 25% of the worlds oil) will become a battleground. Best
    start training for arctic warfare America…

  3. So if the northwest passage is normally considered sovereign to Canada why
    is the United states and other countries claiming it’s international? 

  4. +Michael Carney
    I’m not a Canadian. Lol, you think it’s only Canadians who feel that this
    is wrong? XD
    Dude, the whole world feels threatened by America. The countries of the
    world only respect you because they’re afraid of you. Trust me, I’ve been
    to many countries and all the people feel the same way about America.

  5. Why fight over this land? You know what would end 90% of the wars not only
    happening now but in the future? A renewable fuel source. Why not try to
    create a new renewable energy that can be grown and manufactured anywhere.
    We could make a new fuel that could go directly into existing vehicles with
    no modification. Energy independence for all would decrease negative
    interaction and very real disputes in turn ending the perpetual war status
    of earth.

  6. if we want it we will take it, what you going to do but protest.
    We treat you like you treat your natives. we sent the Mexicans as scouts


  8. Greedy Americans, they never learn. Their thirst for resources will
    ultimately lead to their doom. Mark my words, those days arnt very far.

  9. @michael carney If things where to escalate to the brink of war, Canada
    would be better of telling the US to go to hell and align with China. The
    US is done. It has been eaten from the inside out by the Bankers and their
    corrupt puppet government. The US is in a controlled downward spiral of
    which it will never recover. The US dollar is on its last leg. China will
    most likely hold the new world currency standard. As for the US military
    might, it is done. We have been at war for over ten years straight. Most of
    the gear is either worn out or obsolete. The country doesn’t have the funds
    to replace all of this. Plus the soldiers are realizing what it really
    means to be a soldier for the US. They fight in wars that benefit only the
    Banking elite only to come home and be labeled as potential terrorist by
    their own government. The same government that is giving bonuses to doctors
    that label veterans with some sort of metal disorder so that they will not
    be able to obtain or own any firearms. Just look at the way the US
    government targeted and attacked the veterans during the shutdown last
    year. I agree that Canada most likely would not be able to stand on their
    own or against the US in a fight. But the days of America running shit are
    coming to an abrubt end. If you do your research you will find that America
    has been a corporation and not a Republic for several decades. Who do you
    think owns most of the shares now? China, Russia, and many other countries.
    Just look into how the US has given China US land rights because of the
    debt we own them. This has all been by design. This is why you are seeing
    many Americans waking up and trying to push against the current government
    in an effort to restore the Republic and it’s people. To retake from the
    Bankers what is theirs by natural birth. But the USA that you are speaking
    of is done. And any interest that the US may have in the artic is NOT for
    the greater good of the world as you may think. It is solely for greed.
    Wake up. In case you are curious, I am an American. 

  10. Thats what wars always were about. Ressources. Always ressources. You must
    be very naive to believe that they are fought for humanity or to bring
    peace or democracy or even for revenge.

  11. What if the US sails a aircraft carrier right through it. Is Canada going
    to sink it? LOL Bushs face at 15:13 about sums that up…

  12. The Northwest Passage – while some still disbelieve the humankind’s impact
    on global climate, others are already trying to take advantage of it…

  13. “The Northwest Passage is not an issue between the U.S. and Canada, it’s
    between Canada and the world” says the american ambassador.
    Sure… also, the Amazon Rainforest is not brazilian, Patagonia is not
    argentinian, the Urals are not russian, and the Great Wall is not chinese.
    Maybe we should discuss with americans the sovereignity over the Grand
    Canyon, Disneyworld and Time Square, what about that?

  14. Funny how Journeyman has never done any negative doc. on Australia; but
    won’t stop trying to portray the states in bad light. Well it’s like the
    geeky kid always hating on the jock who gets all the chicks in high sch.
    Guess who’s the geek. HAHAHAHA!

  15. FUCK harper. The only time he cares about Inuit people is when he can use
    them to “claim” sovereignty for his own political gain. Didn’t see him
    caring when he scrapped archaeological research into Norse trade with the
    Inuit’s ancestors, the Thule. He embraces Inuit history which supports his
    vision of British Canada and ignores that which indicates an earlier
    Scandinavian presence. Disgusts me along with his politicization and
    restriction of government scientists to only publish findings which support
    his agenda.


  17. what kind of crab or fisheries are in those waters? who cares bout oil or
    fuel! Use it for substainable fishing.!!!

  18. Could Arctic Resources Ignite a War? The Arctic Cold War (2007): The
    Arctic’s melting ice has opened up the area’s vast natural resources to the
    Arctic powers, which could result in tensions leading to war

    According to a new report, global warming is likely to trigger a dangerous
    contest between Russia and the West for the Arctic’s vast mineral resources.
    As the Arctic warms up; “major corporations are waking up to the fact there
    is going to be tremendous economic opportunity”, explains Prof Huebert.
    Canada, Russia, Denmark and Norway all have claims to the Arctic seabed,
    where vast mineral reserves are thought to lie. There’s concern that this
    scramble for resources could spiral out of control. “The worst case
    scenario is one of a regional area where hostilities are the norm and
    co-operation the exception”, warns Huebert.
    ABC Australia – Ref. 3679

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  19. our enviromentalists love to exagerate and prevent us from seeing scources
    that can pay off a huge amount of debt and thegovernment lisences to them
    and doesnt look at what we need to pay off. Instead the government cuts the
    military budget so much we might as well be invaded by fucking nigeria.

  20. Easements are always a problem better to work out disputes before people
    start using the passage then it is too late.

  21. The US Canadian border has generally been quiet. I’m sure US will screw
    that up too. I’m proud to be American, not proud of our gov. 

  22. The whole Earth is going to die. Why blame only America when it is
    everyone’s fault?

  23. haha Canadian military is gonna stand up to the American military?

  24. Arctic seabed is an extension of my cock so is the other side of the
    moon.(just in case) and I claim whatever is there.
    Fuck you all!! fucking politicians and “law makers”

  25. typical fucking Americans(USA) wanting everything for themselves, both
    resources and power

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