6 Comments on “Cruz Slams GOP Leadership Over Debt Ceiling Show Vote – The Real Story”

  1. Senator Ted Cruz Slams GOP Leadership Over Debt Ceiling Show Vote – The
    Real Story
    Cruz: “I Don’t Want To Throw Any Republican Under The Bus”
    CPAC Welcomes Gay-Rights Groups For The First Time In Years

  2. we?as americans speak for your self,you are not we you are just 1
    person,and if the repub,s wanna embrace the gay community this will be the
    straw that breaks the camels back,this will boost the tea party to insane
    numbers now,good show establishment,this just shows that the democrats run
    both parties and don’t care if they destroy the repub party,they were just
    pretend competion anyway

  3. This is in response to the Leader of GOProud leaving the GOP a few months
    ago. He blamed bigotry as the reason he was leaving the party.

  4. hes not driving the bus off the cliff,hes letting the repub,s who are
    closet democrats,have the bus,he has a brand NEW bus,an (American made bus
    this time

  5. ted cruz is on fire,i hope they don’t blow up his plane or
    something,everytime a patriotic public official challenges the
    establishment they assassinate them,and he sure is rocking the boat

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