4 Comments on “Cuba Gay Travel”

  1. Downside of the embargo: Cubans have been deprived convenient access to
    basic goods we all take for granted. The Upside: Cubans have been deprived
    of crass American commercialism and overdevelopment. : )

  2. my ex is from there and he was such a hottie!! this is such a good video ,
    thank you so much to explain it so well! Can you please advise more on
    where to find the Bimbo cafe or Limbo cafe you have mention?

  3. Thanks, Bimbos is across from the Hotel Nacional near the Malecon or
    Boardwalk, which is also a cruisy area.

  4. The way Cuban authorities treat its citizens is shameful. All GAY people
    wanting to travel to CUBA should research a jail called UMAP.

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