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  1. You seem pretty fucked up to me… I don’t get why you are trying to force
    your ideas on people. If people don’t want to be “fixed” that’s none of
    your business. Seeing things through your terms, god created a man and a
    woman for procreation purposes, it’s still valid for gays. You should be
    thanking us, really, with the overpopulation and so many orphans, we’re
    making the world a favor by not having kids and adopting orphan children.

  2. I don’t believe in Gay Rights. The same way I don’t believe in Woman’s
    Rights & Latino Rights. There is only one type of right and that is
    Individual Liberty. This liberty was given to us by our Creator and our
    Founding Fathers when they established the Constitution. The problem with
    America today is that we see people belonging to certain groups & that each
    group deserves certain rights. I am not part of the LGBT, I am Patriot who
    is fighting to practice the 1st Amendment & I happen to be gay.

  3. you actually managed to say nothing in the most exasperated and prejudiced
    manner possible! do not quote the bible, or claim that your god who you
    simultaneously claim as created all living things on this planet and all
    knowing and all seeing, wanted me to be anything more or less than exactly
    who I am. I am Gay, and it is natural and beautiful, deal with it

  4. How can a man stick his penis in something as disgusting as a vagina? is
    that what you call love? you fail to realise that what you think is
    ‘supposed’ to be is merely social norms, hardly anyone fits the social norm
    anymore because we are all different! How can it happen? well it happens
    all the time to millions of people because its a natural process.

  5. actually deep down in my heart I have always thought of my lifestyle as
    nothing more than natural and beautiful, I love being gay, you clearly
    should try it… these attacks at us just make me think you have something
    to hide

  6. a lot like the powerful video made by ryan james yezak. but you made it
    your own. still powerful a message.

  7. @maue1969 There’s nothing to do with correct or not. Reality is,
    homosexuality is as natural as mortality.

  8. @maue1969 Use your brain! A man does NOT need to see another man as a woman
    to fall in love! Is that all you can figure? How cant they have anal sex
    when heterosecual people and animals can!?

  9. And all over the world there is someone prying not to be gay if its wrong
    and there has been people that have asked to be changed. And if we grow up
    in world that doesn’t support gays then why would we chose to be? Because
    that’s what your making it sound like. Many things are a sin & EVERYONE
    sins and no sin is above another. So everyone is just as guilty.

  10. the devil has blinded the reasoning of humans to the level that man have
    changed their natural given behavior to be men. what is wrong, they call it
    right. homosexuality is just another sin as lying, stealing, adultery, etc.
    people in their sinful nature is in their nature to defend their sin and
    find excuses for. Homosexuality just as any other sin is a choice. we
    either choose to do right or wrong. no one borns in the wrong body, but
    rather in a sinful carnal body able to do evil if chose to.

  11. @xgaygreg that’s great for you but what makes love a sin when the bilble
    talks nothing but love and it seems strange to me that God who is love
    would suddenly hate a form of it. All Christians that say Homosexuality is
    a sin is basically saying God is a lier and a hypocrit which I don’t
    believe nor will I accept love is sinful.

  12. I feel sorry for people who spend so much time spreading hate we only have
    one life we should cherish it and not waste it a way on nonces.

  13. homosexuality is just another sinful behavior…God did not create sin nor
    approves of it. do not lie to yourself, God will judge sin and the
    sinners…read the Bible and see what God, the God who created you says
    about sin and sinners. know God and you will see the reality of your
    life…man by nature is sinfull and destine to go to hell for eternity. God
    created male and female for a reason. Only God can open up your
    understanding and make you understand and see the sin in you…u r blind.

  14. Your argument just collapsed on itself, you said God created all things and
    puts everything in order, then clearly gays were apart of his ‘plan’
    because like you said he created and did everything…. so realy… you
    should accept us because thats what ‘God’ did!

  15. it’s not a mental illness, it’s a deterioration of the mind due to the
    sinful nature of the flesh. Only God can fix the wickedness of men, it is a
    spiritual decadence that only a spiritual being can deal with, and that is
    the God of the Bible. The one who created the creature can better it or
    destroy it. God created a man and a woman for a reason, otherwise you would
    not exist. even animals know the purples of male and female. Only Jesus
    Christ, the God of the Bible can transform the soul of men

  16. People who think that being gay is a mental illness are stupid. Same with
    people who think that its someone’s choice to be gay……….

  17. @gaygreg, I grew up in church I grew up around people that call people tags
    as a insult and I grew up thinking being gay was wrong. I prayed to got
    every time I went to that alter “if being gay is wrong then change me help
    me change” but here I am I’m gay and I’m not changing. I still fear that I
    may go to hell and I still pry to god asking if being gay is not something
    you support then Chang me… Maybe that’s your walk with god but I don’t
    agree with you. That’s your mind set.

  18. i think that america is a free country and has the generally correct
    opinion that homosexuals deserve the same rights as the average joe. and it
    should be frowned upon when discrimination occurs. how ever, i am a bible
    beleiver and i think not only is it wrong, it is an abomination to god when
    a man sleeps with a man, i do not look down on those who choose that path,
    i respect them for being human, but i think it is wrong “no man is above
    the law, and no man is below it”

  19. i do not have to deal with it – God is the one who deals with us all. all i
    doing is sharing the word of the God of the Bible whom created all things
    and have placed all things in order. However, we have gone our own ways and
    defiled the commandments of God. He is the creator, the sustainer, the
    provider…He will put all back in order. You know deep in your heart that
    there is something not right with your lifestyle. we all have our dark
    side…that’s where God comes in and transforms us.

  20. but i am fixed already…that’s why I am sharing this with you so you can
    also be changed to image of the straight man. whether gays deny the reality
    of who they are, that does not make it correct. think about it!! use your
    brain – how is it that a man can see another man as a man supposed to see a
    woman? that is some kind of blindness in their eyes to call that good when
    it really is so wicked. how can man stick his penis in another man’s butt
    hole? is that what you call love?

  21. The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a
    man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the
    Lord thy God. Deuteronomy 22:5

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