4 Comments on “Cutting aid to Africa won’t help gay rights”

  1. You have been reported by several people on the Net for hate speech. I have
    also submitted your MANY abuses for review by Microsoft, hotmail, google,
    yahoo, and Youtube. Hope they track you down.

  2. To people in the west, the anti-homosexuality bill is absolutely shocking
    and disgraceful. It’s common knowledge in the west that gay people are not
    a threat to society, they do not ‘recruit children’ and although various
    religious groups disagree, homosexuality has been proven time and time
    again to be genetic and unable to be changed. The bill is completely
    unacceptable and the west do not want to contribute to a society engaging
    in such a witch hunt.

  3. Of course cutting aid will help. Everyone knows that half of the aid money
    generally goes into the pockets of corrupt politicians. Cut that off, and
    you necessitate change. Don’t believe this woman. Just as sanctions
    destroyed Apartheid, cutting off aid to bigot states will further the GLBT
    cause in Africa.

  4. @HOMOSDEVILSAGENDA Hmm. Have you spoken to a psychologist lately. You know
    you can, now that your country actually has a national medical care system
    . You don’t sound like any Christian I know. You DO sound like a fascist
    Nazi however.

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