Dance for Gay Rights

Craig and Kent dance for gay rights. Craig Deuchar as The Gay Kent Smith as The Straight Choreographer – Kirsty Malone Videographer – Zuke Smith P.A. – Haley…

12 Comments on “Dance for Gay Rights”

  1. @zuketunes It appears as if the days when a man of power and influence like
    that of the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, have left with him, and irrevocably
    so!! Yeah!!!!! And Boys, Bobby Griffiths’ (Prayers for Bobby) old
    lover/boyfriend “Blaine” here is both grateful, and would be more than
    proud to call you both “Friend and Ally”! Ti Amo Entrambi Molto Per Questo!
    (I Luvs Ya Both Lots For This) Tuo Nuovo Amico Per Sempre! (Your New Friend
    Always) Blaine

  2. @hitchtom Ciao! Such cynicism doesn’t become you my friend, it’s far too
    reminiscent of the “Old Castro or Greenwich Village”! Blaine

  3. @zuketunes Ciao Uomini Belli e Dolci! (Greetings You Handsome Sweet Men) I
    cannot tell you Guys/Boys how moving it is for me to see a joyful act of
    love and, the “Embrace” of your queer (lgbtq) brothers and sisters in such
    a way! It is such a wonderful departure from the mood of our society, when
    I was a young “Out Boy” many years ago, that it simply leaves me

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